Why Scientology calls its critics "Nazi's"
By Kim Baker

A long time ago, in 1994, I first discovered this newsgroup (a.r.s.), when I was a Scientologist. It was still fairly new then, and I remember us Scientologists being in a major "flap" about it - people freely and unrestrainedly criticizing Scientology, and Hubbard, and, heaven forbid, *Suppressive persons* were being *listened to*. Something had to be done about it.

I remember discussing it with some Scientologists, and some of them were in direct contact with OSA Int about it. (At that stage, I was not). And the thing that struck me was that the message we eventually got, very disappointingly, was that a "handling" for a.r.s. was in progress, and that we should not worry about it, as the critics were just a "few Nazis on the Net, attacking Jews". "Just think of them as Nazis, and get on with just going up the Bridge," was the injunction. I was not satified with that, although many others were. I said to them, "But these people are not *Nazis*, for god's sake, they're normal people, ARC-broken and angry people, but they're not Nazis.". I mean, come on!

In retrospect, I look back at that, and understand the insiduousness of it. By immediately slapping the label "Nazi" on to people just criticizing Scientology, it was a way of demonising critics, and a way of making them in to hateful people. Of course, other means of trying to deal with this a.r.s thing were embarked upon: rmgroup, spam plans, and some good old "dirty needle drills", deliberately provoking and manufacturing hate in people to try and give solidity to the "Nazi" label ensued, still goes on today. But for people who are Scientologists, the label "Nazi" explained and washed away any point that the critics had, it was a truly superb way of justifying a continued barrier towards REAL communication with the critics.

However, that just is for the people IN Scientology - information control, keeping their members repulsed by any notion of inter-acting with critics. The label "Nazi", especially when there is a SYSTEMATIC and CONCERTED effort to attach this lable to, in Scientology's eyes, KEY players in this conflict against them, has a definite agenda.

Scientology regularly surveys the most hot "buttons" in the world, and a fairly universal repulsion exists for Nazis. The United States in particular is especially vigilent about tracking and monitoring Nazi activities, and the Federal Government devotes considerable resources to this aspect. My guess is that Nazis, and neo-nazis are a fairly repulsive minority in the world, over-all, but the very nature of their mind-set is cause for regular monitoring and surveillance. Because the German government has SEEN and STUDIED, intensely, the similarities in mind-set, organisation, socio-political structure, authoritarianism, the RPF, the practice of "knowledge reports", the practice of "never defend, always attack", and so on, between Scientology and National Socialism, they are intensely concerned about this organisation called Scientology.

Now, the continued, frantic impulse to Black PR major players by attempting to attach the label "Nazi" to them, manufacturing of documents, distorting and twisting of issues to attempt to reflect this, and the repetition, repetition, repetition of the "Nazi" label suggest to me, in Scientology terminology, that they are "giving their own item", or, in English - the German government is definitely onto something - onto something that Scientology *desparately* wants to distract from, by trying to get the label "Nazi" OFF Scientology, and get major players into a position of having to defend themselves continually against the "Nazi" label - successful deflecting and diverting of attention.

I have met and spoken to many, many critics in my time - most of them, ex-members. I have never yet encountered a "Nazi", personally, among them. I speculate that Scientology follows Hitler's advice, from "Mein Kampf": "If you repeat an idea often enough, people will believe it. Repetition, repetition, repetition".

And frankly, I find this whole thing to be the poorest taste, a completely crass insult to the suffering of those Jews who were victims of the Holocaust - the continued exploitation of a human tragedy, by the Church of Scientology, JUST in order to attempt to "Black-PR"/discredit its critics.... they reveal themselves, better than any of us could.

Kim Baker

Scientology persist in labelling their critics "Nazis." What better way to engage the interest of the Federal Government of the USA than to go them and say: "We have reason to believe [Person X] is a Nazi"? Depending how gullible/misinformed the Feds are, they might actually go after someone so identified......

The German government, I know, has the avoidance of *any possibility* of a repetition of the Holocaust as an on-going high priority. Who better than them to know what the pitfalls are?

We tend to immediately think, upon hearing the word "Nazi", of the Holocaust, the wholesale slaughter of Jews. But there was MUCH more to Nazism than that. Hitler did not exactly step into power, and announce that he was going to implement genocide on the Jewish population. No, it took him YEARS to gain acceptance, and the devotion of the German people BEFORE he introduced his true agenda. I believe that the German government, after intense study, have detected an unmistakable similarity in the way that the Church of Scientology is organised, and the way the National Socialist Party was organised. Enough to make them VERY concerned about this organisation called the Church of Scientology.

I'm just thinking of my own experience: I remember clearly the system, in Scientology, of "Knowledge Reports", or "KRs", as they were internally called. Every Scientologist is compelled to report *anyone* seen to be violating policy - children reported on parents, spouses were to report on each other - how similar to Hitler's Youth Brigade, where children turned their parents in to the Gestapo (Sea Org) for correction (ethics handling) of any perceived misloyalty. That's just one aspect where I can see a similarity in the socio- political organisational structure. "Gotta be ON-POLICY, or I'll KR you to Ethics!"

And, Nazism also had a relation to pseudo-science, and the occult.

From: Waite, Robert G.L. - "The psychopathic god : Adolf Hitler", New York, Da Capo Press, 199, p. 155:

"Drexler was an adjunct memember of the Thule Society, the most influential of the many racist anti-semetic groups spawned in Munich during the immediate post-war period. Outwardly it called itself a literary and scholarly circle....the Thule society also established secret arms depots to fight "subversion and treason" and distributed scurrilous anti-Semitic literature....members in Bavaria included many of Hitler's later supporters. Hitler himself was often a guest of the society. The actual German Worker's Party - which was to become the mighty Nazi movement - was established by Drexler and Harrer on 5 January 1919".
This is what the *current* German government is unshakable on avoiding, these were all factors that led to the existence of Nazi Germany.

I don't know, I can't help it, but I keep seeing Scientology agents distributing leaflets in the neighbourhoods of critics, hate literature, specifically designed to generate hatred of those critics, from a mass of people. Get a mass of people to hate a person, and that would be enough to shut them up, eh?. That is the objective and intention of BLACK propaganda, get the person isolated, despised, villified, and that'll finish them. Set them up, or manipluate the events, but above all costs, get them HATED, get them to trigger the "reactive" smell of *danger* in people, get people to hate and fear them *passionately*. That ought to do it, eh?

Sometimes, it actually works. Not always, but it has. Does our present society *really* consider this an acceptable way of for an organisation to conduct themselves, I wonder?

Or, I keep thinking of the now albeit VERY stretched Office of Special Affairs which exists solely "to remove counter-intention from the environment"......if anything, I see the *critics* being treated by SCIENTOLOGY, a "party", like "Jews", according to these criteria. Scientology is *demonizing* its critics by labelling them "Nazi", when by the full definition of the word, this is quite simply, false.

Hubbard, in the Science of Survival, recommended that people "below 2.0 on the tone scale be disposed of quietly, and without sorrow." People below 2.0 = demonized other = Jew. When we give ourselves the right to decide who lives, and who dies, based on our own biased perception of whether they're good or bad, THEN we have a barbarism. Then we have Nazism. And if we are to understand Hubbard's words in that paragraph, we have Scientology.

I wouldn't be thinking / speculating like this if Scientology did not use the word "Nazi" to try and Black-PR its critics so *frequently* and *systematically*. It certainly gets one thinking........... do any other ex-members find, from their experience, a similarity/parallel between the some of the practices of Church of Scientology and Nazism?

Kim Baker

Scientology claims its critics are hateful "Nazis". It struck me that Hubbard, and the organisation of the Church of Scientology have a *massive* MU (misunderstood word) on the word "criticise".

Hatred is a primal emotion, destructive and not necessarily logically founded. It is quite normal to criticise, in normal daily discourse, rationally, without hating. In fact, if you equate "critic" with "hater", then you could say that the entire academic community are engaged in hatred, since critical dialogue is the essence of academia. The equation of "critic" and "hater"/"Nazi" is a ludicrous and banal tactic for anyone to resort to, but perhaps this is what "Study Tech" results in - a wild inability to "duplicate" the English language.......

Kim Baker

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