In Memory of Wilhelm Mack, another victim of the Scientology Cult.

"Relatives found the 37-year old Wilhelm Mack hanged in his garage. With older, dried-up blood in his ears, a blind-fold wrapped around his head and a scarf stuffed into his mouth. The reporter Horand Knaup of Freiburg investigated, that this man from the town of Grossbettlingen had spent (within five weeks) 70,000 DM (~US$40,000) for courses, books and vitamin pills to the Stuttgart Scientology Org. Then he started to wake up and demanded his money back. The reporter quoted from Mack's letter to the Org:
"Now that I've managed to distance myself a little from you, I've realized what I have gotten myself into here.... The auditing and the courses did in reality much more damage to me than they eventually helped. That is why I want to leave now."
Despite the mysterious circumstances of death, no autopsy was peformed and the investigation mysteriously died down. [The investigation was filled] with so many errors that the Stuttgart Ministry of Justice later apologized in an official Letter to the family of Wilhem Mack.

Source: "Der Sektenkonzern", 1993, by Liane v. Billerbeck and Frank Nordhausen, page 124

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