Scientology "minister" guns gown lover's spouse

[This is a case documented in Paulette Cooper's "Scandal of Scientology", which I think dates from the late 50s. Once again this is not necessarily connected directly to CoS, but shows their failure to produce "sanity", and in this case apparently demonstrates the abuse of position by a "minister" that had tragic consequences. I would classify it as part of the atmosphere of control, abuse, and psychological pathology that surrounds CoS and occasionally breeds violence.]

In another case, the Reverend William J. Fisk (a Scientology Reverend) was conducting his scientology class in Seattle when Russell Edward Johnson, thirty six, a carpenter and building contractor entered the room. According to the Seattle Times, Fisk shouted "This man is going to shoot me. Go get a cop. Please someone get a cop!" But his plea was too late. With one bullet in his chest, fired by Russell Johnson, the Reverend was dead. During the murder trial it came out that Reverend Fisk, the one who was killed, was not only having an affair with Johnson's wife, but had revealed the fact to Johnson himself, boasting that Johnson's wife was completely under his control. The wife also told her husband that she had been having an affair, and in fact, sued him for divorce on the day before the murder. The wife, a mother of four children, had spent approximately $l,000 on Scientology, and had been going for help with her marital problems. (If anyone is wondering what happened to Johnson afterwards, forget what you read in Anatomy of a Murder. In that book, a husband killed the man who had intercourse with his wife, pleaded "irresistible impulse" and went free. In this case, Johnson pleaded "temporary, insanity" and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.)

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