Son of Sam Killings and Scientology

[This is rather speculative, but suggests curious links between CoS and several notorious murderers. I don't know if there has ever been any followup on the alleged connections with John Lennon's killer (Mark David Chapman?) and the "preppy killer". All in all I think it shows that CoS tends to attract sociopaths and the mentally unstable, who may go on to do terrible things as in the Godeika case in Portland. REPOST with original author's signature at end]

Maury Terry in The Ultimate Evil gives an excellent account of the Satanic cult that Berkowitz was involved with. David Berkowitz is known as the Son of Sam slayer because he claimed that Sam Carr's dog (his neighbor) told him to murder. In Terry's book you learn that not only did Berkowitz have on his possession the phone number to Flag Headquarters in Clearwater, but also that Sam Carr actually had two sons John and Michael Carr. Terry makes a case that John and Michael were also tied in to Berkowitz's Satanic cult. Michael Carr was also a high-level Scientology official. Both John and Michael died under mysterious circumstances after Berkowitz was captured. Michael Carr died in a mysterious automobile accident. The parallels with allegations of the Cynthia Kiser assissanation plan are striking. I think a police officer who was investigating the Satanic cult in Minot, North Dakota died in a car tampering accident, too.

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