$cientology and Gold Crowns

From: Anonymous

$cientology targets many high-income professionals, but dentists seem to be their specialty. In 1988 dentist Robert Geary, 45, was high-pressured into the cult by Sterling Management, one of many $cientology front groups. $cientology took about $180,000 from him in 5 months. This "church" then called his bank to increase his credit limit and forged his signature on a $20,000 loan application, and wouldn't even account for what he was paying for. He and his wife state that the cult held her hostage for weeks in a cabin and she suffered a nervous breakdown as a result.

Dentist Glover Rowe and his wife were told that their psychological tests showed that unless they signed up for $cientology's expensive counseling, his practice would fail and his wife would someday abuse their child. They left, $23,000 poorer, upon realizing that the impressive knowledge the cult seemed to have about them was due to an eavesdropping bug hidden in their hotel room.

Ex-$cientologist dentist John Finucane stated in an interview on the 2/14/92 "Nightline" ABC News show: "They tried to milk every penny they could out of any asset that I have, whether it's a credit card, whether it's my home, whether it's from a friend, whether it's from family - if I can get ahold of money anywhere, they would like to have that money." Sterling Management persuaded him to join the cult. He states that $cientology charged $8500 to his credit cards without his permission, and that when his wife opposed this they tried to make him "disconnect" (sever his relationship) from her.

Dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and podiatrists are the most frequently targeted, but anyone with high income, or that will work slavishly for almost no pay, will do. Some $cientology front groups preying on high income people are Sterling Management, Singer Consultants, Hollander Management, The Marcus Group, ABLE International, WISE, Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, HealthMed.

Reference: SCIENTOLOGY: THE CULT OF GREED - May 6, 1991 Time Magazine.

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