Dream Forge, Inc.,
6400 Baltimore National Pike, # 201
Baltimore, MD 21228-3915
Modem: (410) 437-3463 (data to 28.8baud)

Publisher: Dave Bealer
Managing Editor: Rick Arnold


Monthly e-magazine for a thinking and literate readership, 95% freelance written. Will work with new and underpublished writers. Publishes ms average of 1-2 months after acceptance. Takes first serial rights, will accept one time rights on reprints. Pays approximately 30 days after publication. Submit seasonal material 2 months in advance. "Looking for stories with a positive message, even if the message is hidden deep within the fabric of the work." Preferred length 1,000 to 2,000 words, fiction 2,000 to 3,000. Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE or download as DF_GUIDE.TXT. Sample e-copy and guidelines on dos disk for $1.75 with SAS(M)ailer.

METHOD OF SUBMISSION: Send your ASCII ms by data Modem to: DREAM FORGE BBS, (410) 437-3463 to Sysop; file attach to FIDO address 1:261/1129; or INTERNET address: dforge@clark.net, or Via mail on a DOS disk: uncompressed, pure ASCII, with two copies of the ms on the disk, e.g. MYSTUFF1.DBC, MYSTUFF2.DBC. Where mystuff1 is the file name and .DBC the extension consisting of your initials. Include a short Bio with your submission, e.g. ALLANPOE.BIO; 5 TO 10 lines with a 70 column maximum. If you're submitting on paper, it had best be short, very good, and expect a much longer processing time.

IMPORTANT: Include an e-mail contact address, or BBS number for e-mail along with your home phone (contact hours), and postal address. All manuscripts will be considered disposable, unless you provide RETURN mailer and sufficient postage.

NONFICTION: Humor, satire, essays, reviews, Op-ed, and political commentary from 1000-4000 words. Pays $10-$100, plus profit sharing.

FICTION: Short stories most any genre from 1000-6000 words, longer works will be serialized, or considered for e-novel(la); accepts humorous short-shorts under 1,000. Pays $10-$100, plus profit sharing.

POETRY: Any style and length will pay: $2-$20, plus profit sharing.

DREAM FORGE shares profits with authors; where 10% of profits, from specific revenues, are paid on a pro-rated basis as a bonus to the authors from the issue in which the authors' work appears. Details of the profit sharing are contained in the authors' contract.

If you are an overly successful author, you may decline payment, and your funds will be donated to targeted non-profit agencies which DREAM FORGE, Inc. supports: Reading Is Fundamental, Laubach Literacy International, and Literacy Volunteers of America. ***

"There's no fiction as imaginative as that seen on the nightly news."

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