FactNet litigation update - Scientology's desperation shows again!

February 25, 1998

Scientology has now filed not 1, but 3 reply briefs in a desperate effort to stop Factnet's motion to Stay all Proceedings until the California Appellate Court rules on the highly relevant Wollersheim Amended Judgment collection.

Scientology's position is so weak in the Factnet case that it appears their biggest misplaced hope is they are going to run Factnet out of money and never have to go to trial--- therefore all the effort, time and cost to fight our motion to stay all proceedings. Scientology legal actions are those of cowards who know they are in deep trouble and want to avoid a fair fight in court by all means...

Factnet will live up to its acronym Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. It will not go to trial to just defend itself. It will ask the court at trial to remove all public and legal recognition of the copyright protection that Scientology doesn't own and remove any remaining copyright protection because of Scientology's misuse of copyrights for civil and religious censorship.

We have posted much more on Scientology's copyright fraud on the reorganized Factnet web site. Enjoy the new declaration on the "funny" Hubbard signatures on the asset transfers. After you have reviewed these you will know why Scientology has dared not file any new copyright lawsuits even though there stuff is still all over the net. See:

  • http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/hubsign.html
  • http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/fraud1.htm
  • http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/fraud2.htm
  • http://www.factnet.org/declrvy.html
  • http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/newsbrief6.htm
  • http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/newsbrief.htm Lawrence Wollersheim
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