Neo-Nazis and the War Against Women's Reproductive Freedom

"Neo-Nazis and the War Against Women's Reproductive Freedom" is the name of a 52 page booklet produced by Anti-Racist Action, the Jewish Feminist Anti-Fascist League and Arm The Spirit, three radical Toronto groups involved in different aspects of the anti-fascist struggle.

This booklet includes brief descriptions of reproductive unfreedom under the Third Reich, of various anti-choice groups with links to the far-right (OR, Rescue America, Human Life Int'l, Advocates for Life Ministeries, Missionaries to the Preborn, Campaign Life Coalition, REAL Women, the Heritage Front and the Northern Foundation); an excerpt from Tom Burfghardt's "Low Intensity Warfare" booklet; an article by former Aryan Nations organizer Floyd Cochran, an "Interview" with the Army of God; an article on abortion from a disabled women's perspective; Kristin Andrew's article on HLI; and an excerpt from "Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust".

The booklet probably has little that people on this list don't already have in their files, with the exception perhaps of stuff on Canadian groups and women in the Holocaust. However, it brings a lot of things together nicely, and as such is a pretty good resource document to give to people who want a complete but not incredibly indepth overview the relationship between the neo-nazi movement and the anti-choice movement.

It's available for $2 from Anti-Racist Action, POB 664, Stn. C, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6J 3S1.

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