Fact sheet of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights

The following is from the fact sheet of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, 100 Maryland Ave. N.E., Suite 307, Washington, D.C. 20002

* The Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR) is a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of Protestant, Jewish, and other faith groups committed to the preservation of our religious liberty as it relates to reproductive freedom.

* RCAR was formed by ten denominations and faith groups in 1973 as a response to efforts aimed at overturning the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Most of our denominations and faith groups have held pro-choice positions for a number of years -- and worked for the reform of restrictive state laws prior to 1973. RCAR is currently comprised of 35 denominations and faith groups who have adopted pro-choice positions.

* Because each denomination and faith group represented in RCAR approaches reproductive rights issues -- particularly the issue of abortion -- from the unique perspective of its own theology, members hold widely varying viewpoints as to when abortion is morally justified. It is exactly this plurality of beliefs which leads us to the conviction that the abortion decision must remain with the individual, to be made on the basis of conscience and personal principles, free from government interference.

* We hold in high respect the value of potential human life and do not take the issue of abortion lightly. We view women as responsible moral decision makers, capable of choosing the most suitable option when faced with a problem pregnancy. We encourage women to make these choices in consultation with their families, their clergy, and their doctors.

* RCAR works to preserve reproductive and religious freedom through four programs: state affiliate, communications, women of color partnership, and legislative.

* We believe that our role within the pro-choice movement is CRITICAL AND UNIQUE. As the only national pro-choice organization comprised of diverse faith groups, it is RCAR's role to respond to the religiously-based arguments of the opposition. Within our member faith groups alone, we have the potential for reaching millions of people and mobilizing the to action.

Kim Storment to Steve Crager (quoted)

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