How To Obtain Public Records About L. Hubbard

Several persons have asked about the procedure for obtaining records on Mr. Hubbard from the Navy, CIA, Social Security Office, DIA, Interpol, National Security Agency, the Secret Service, Customs Service, the State Department, the Veterans Affairs Dept, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Here is a form letter.


AGENCY ADDRESS [see below for addresses]

RE: FOIA Request

Dear Sir or Madam:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:

one copy of all records concerning Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who was born on March 13, 1911, and who died on January 24, 1986. His social security number was 568-09-9422. [For the Navy Request only: he served in the U.S. Navy from 19XX to 19XX. Please send me a complete copy of his service records.]

Please place this request in the proper fee category. I agree to pay reasonable fees up to $25 without my additional permission.



United States Navy
Attn: Doris M. Lama
CNO n09B30
Room 5E521
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-2000 USA

Central Intelligence Agency
Attn: Lee Strickland
Information & Privacy Office
Washington, DC 20505 USA

Social Security Administration
Attn: Darrell Belvins
Freedom of Information officer
3-A-6 Operations Building
6401 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21235 USA

Defense Intelligence Agency
Attn: Robert P. Richardson
Chief, FOIA Staff, Code PSP/FOIA
Washington, DC 20340-5100 USA

Attn: Yvonne A. Holley
Freedom of Information Act Office
Suite 600 BICN
Washington, DC 20530 USA

National Security Agency
Attn: Gerald Stoudt
Chief, FOIA/PA Branch
Office of Information Policy, N5131
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000 USA

United States Secret Service
Attn: James P. ONeill
FOIA Officer
Liaison Division, Room 720
1800 G. Street NW
Washington, DC 20223 USA

United States Customs Service
Attn: Gwen Contee, FOIA Manager
Paralegal Specialist, ORR
Washington, DC 20229 USA

United States Department of State
Attn: Frank M. Machak
FOIA Coordinator, Room 1239
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520 USA

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Attn: Donald L. Neilson
Director, Information Mgt. Services
810 Vermont Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20420 USA

Immigration & Naturalization Service
Attn: Magda S. Ortiz
FOIA Branch, Room 5240 CAB
Washington, DC 20536 USA

Drug Enforcement Administration
Attn: Thomas H. Wingate
Chief, FOI Section, Room W-6268 LP-2
Washington, DC 20537

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