Fast Food That Belongs in the Crapper

A great many people eat McDonald's food. Damned if I can figure out why. It's crap. Pure crap. It should be flushed down the toilet, but one would need a toxic waste disposal permit for that. The hamburgers are loaded with fat, with pre-chewed meat and bread--- one can tear it apart with one's fingers. The food is loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. The french fries are coated with a sugar spray before deep-frying (to give them a golden color), as are the french-fries in most other fast-food stores (and the kind one may buy in the frozen foods section at the grocery store.)

The atmosphere at McDonald's is obnoxious, plastic, inhuman, cold, and impersonal. It has no soul, just as the food lacks, well, everything. One doesn't go to McDonald's to enjoy a meal: one goes to get eating over with so one may do something more important--- like picking lint out of one's belly button. One hurries in and out, rushing to stuff one's gut with crap that is quick and easy--- one does not savor, enjoy, and linger over McDonald's food. McDonald's is no fun. It is not spicy; it is not tasty; it is not to be enjoyed. It's as bland, blank, and as tasteless as sand.

On the Shy David scale of from one star to six, I think McDonald's earns one star (if the scale went to zero, they'd get a zero).

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