Bomb Threats forged by the "Church" of Scientology

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Subject: Re: Bomb Threats Forged Against Church

Arnie Lerma wrote in message <7emms6$>...

> Bomb Threats forged by the Church of Scientology
> Documents of the United States District Court, District of
> Columbia, Washington, DC 20001. Criminal Case Number 78-401.
> United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember, and
> Morris Budlong. These letters were sent by the Church of
> Scientology to itself. These were made to look as though they
> had been sent by Paulette Cooper. Both letters had been typed on
> her typewriter on paper which had her fingerprints on it.
> No OTS in Scientology!!
> Arnie Lerma

Something to keep in mind, thats for sure. The cult has framed people, murdered, committed treason and espianage, both in the pubic govt and private sectors, large scale..... all in attempts to ruin its critics and gain more domination and control...... in this fight one must keep personally clean to minimize any point of attack by the cult. The cult is definitetly gearing up its destructive apparatus to new levels. First the treat to all critics on the now defunct A and E board. followed by Public posting dead agent material on critics and trash stealing.

The problem for the cult, is that the damage it can cause any single critic, on average, is minimal in the larger picture...... even the loss of a client, or another tax audit does not change things much, ...yes a pain in the ass, but on the larger scale not much. The cult trys to instill fear, and shudder the critics into silence.

This tactic has not worked at all though.....when the cult first start attacking the netizens, there were just 3 or 4 major critics....and 3 or 4 one man pickets a year...that was in1995.

Now there are hundreds of significant critics, with web pages, thousands of lurkers, and hundreds of lawsuits, and over 400 pickets a year........many with 5 or 10 people showing up, and clearwater picket with 60 people, banners pulled by a plane, and 16 city busses with xenu's address driving around town.....

One has to say the cults intimidation tactics have not worked too well..

What the cult misses is that humanity, in the age of the internet, bans together to fight a pariah, and the cult of scientology has made itself a pariah.... for every critic it can cost a weeks pay, or that is shuddered into silence, there will be 10 new critics, all fresh and interested, and a bit wiser, and bit less targetable.....willing to step in, and forward the agenda of truth and justice.

And for every 10 new vocal critics, there will be generated a 100 or a thousand lurkers who silently lend their support........ and for every lurker there spreads more innoculation against the cult world wide....... and this makes recruiting more and more difficult, it makes maintaining its agents in the government and private sector more diffiucult.

I am an engineer, I plot statistics on things.... plotting the curve from 5 to 200 major critics over the last 5 years, we see an exponential increase in critics and exposure of the cult.

At this rate there could theoretically be 40,000 hard core critics of the cult in 2004....of course that number will probably never be reached, as the cult will probably not be around that long.

The cult has declined in gross income from its rip off services about 30% in the last 5 years, but lets say only 20% to be conservative... that curve too is getting steeper each day....extrapolating that curve we get a decline of about 70% of gross income by 2004......... now thats if the current trends are sustainable......if the cult continues to provoke exposure of its regrettable activities by attacking people.... and considering that it can find and afford to hire enough criminals and thugs to carry out the attacks on critics.... thats where the cult runs into a problem, a need to hire more and more thugs, pay off more and more judges and politicians, and with income dropping below these cost levels....its unsustainable

its a problem for the criminal cult.... with not enough money to hire enough thugs.

But we have extenuating circumstances: As the cult of scientology connections are realized, and politicians are forced to disconnect, prosecutions will become more effective.... already in Canada, Spain, France, Germany, and Greece...the governments are going after the scientologists banning them from positions in government and prosecuting them for their crimes.... soon the United States will follow, and then the power base will collapse.... I do not see the year 2004 arriving with any semblence of the criminal cult in tact.

In the meantime though, I am looking for a brief period, the next year or two, when the cult will in its death throws, and very dangerous, with nothing left to loose, it will be striking out visciously........

fortunately, there are so many critics now, that the cults resourses are thinned out, and the police are used to getting false reports, and attempts from the cult to set people up, so that tactic is not working well for the cult anymore.....As the IRS gets even more of these same false reports, and begins checking them out it will find more of the following:

1. The average critic owes little if any taxes.

2. The cult is into tax fraud big time, and has been for decades....and will murder to hide it, and the money laundering that goes on.....there are billions of dollars involved..... Congress is quite interested in that.

We may be witnessing the final last desperate acts of the cult, in an attempt to turn the tables that has decimated recruiting, and that have cut income by 30% over the last few years...... on that trend, cult income will fall below expenses in another year or two, and with new recruits at a trickle, and its existing agents in business and govt outed, the cult of scientology will loose its leverage in the courts...... as lawsuits are settled against the cult, there will be a flood of new lawsuits, and no way for the cult to pay off or control the courts, and the cult will loose these law suits.

That will be the end of the stinking cult of Scientology (tm).

If the cult would like to accelerate the program, all it has to do is target me or my business, cost me one single client, and I will have the time to publish a CD, with narative of the various critical web site material, burn about 90 copies, and take it around to the various civic and church groups in my area......(using a laptop and a screen / sound projector that can be rented anywhere)....

Parents will want to buy the CD for their kids, and the kids will want to burn their own copies and sell em to their friends...... we won't becopyrighting the material.

Then of course, that CD can be sold for $5 to fund more and more and more CD's in fact a whole series of CD;s..... one for all ages and interests..........we will of course include the most entertaining critical web sites for the first CD, starting with the one about xenu and the java applet airplane flying towards the viewer. ...very nice!

The cults new upside plans?

I feel the movie, Battlefield Earth, currently being made in Canada, will generate a lot of interest in scientology, because it is being set up to do that...... even if the cult only gets 1/10 of 1% of the movie goers hooked on the cult brainwash, it will extend the cult life span significantly, and bring in a few hundred million dollars, maybe enough to pay for the movie.....and could end up funding the cults thugs, lawyers, whores and killers, to levels mentioned earlier in this post....although there may not that many criminals, slease balls, and killers available for hire..... an issue that remains to be seen.......and this of course is the cults expansion plan......

Maybe they will add to their criminal training package (posted to the net) , how the cult trains its staff to spy and commit espianage, and steal documents.... maybe they will add technology on how to poison people, or stick an icepick in their ear...its the logical extension, and well in line with what has gone on in the past.

CD roms as described above, entertainingly and humorously done, and appealing to the cults favorite age groups, kids and young adults, will limit the results of the Battlefield Earth tactic dramatically.

Murdering me, or any of my friends, will assure that 90 other critics immediately take up the challenge....... and that will generate 90,000 newly educated and enraged critics almost overnight.....and then the stinking cult will need to hire 20,000 more ex cons, thugs and private eyes to maintain LRH policy "...and of course destroy them utterly if possible" LRon Hubbard writing policy on how to handle critics.

Personally I think the cult will be quite an interesting place with all those extra thugs, assholes, attorneys, pschotics and killers on staff....even in 1985 it was a total would sure be interesting to be a fly on the wall now.

We will need to rent porta potties for the pickets, hot dog and cotton candy vendors will show up, CD's will be sold...... the pickets will be quite a civic event.

At that point, and it will happen just about that fast, the cult will become an *offshore pariah....... clustered on the Freewinds, sailing around trying to find a port that will let them buy fuel..... trying to buy an island they can hole up on...(I understand that effort is underway now).

Oh yes, and the cults front groups, and those using its criminally founded management policy, like Alstate Insurance, to mention just one. .....currently not being picketed...or broadly exposed. .... will get some exceedingly broad public exposure...... contrary to LRH 'discovery', it will *not be good for business......there are roughly 150 million people in various religions in the United States alone that will boycott anything discovered to be founded on the blood drinking, Charlie Manson type, satanist agenda.....and Hubbard of course was a leading proponent, and very well connected in these circles.....The Son of Sam, Berkowitz, had cult of scientology connections as well, so did Kenneth Bianchi, one of the hillside stranglers.

If the cult keeps up publishing lies, distortions and dead agent material on its critics.......the front groups, and cultie run businesses, espianage agents, and corporate spies, will get the recognition they need as well.

Best Regards, Phil Scott

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