Lurky. Whatya gonna do, boy?

From: Roland <>

Lurky. Whatya gonna do, boy? I mean when you get to OT III.

I believe you might not be far off Clear after reading a few of your recent posts. You are probably co-auditing your way there but you know how bad the auditing is. Tssk, tssk. So out-tech. You think if you had the money you would get "professional" auditing and get really fantastic gains fast and rocket up the Bridge to Clear. Well let me assure you of one thing. I tried just that after being promised that the tech at St. Hill UK was 100% standard and there was a Class XII C/S overlooking everything. The Sea Org guy I was talking to "guaranteed" me that I would get more gains per hour of auditing than I had ever had in Scientology put together. He was adamant about it and so I paid up and went. But when I got there I had a tired old disinterested auditor who was visibly falsifying the session TA. That I could see him doing it should give you a clue as to his level of ability. He was see-sawing the tone arm back and forth to clock up TA that wasn't being cut in session. This went on session after session with my TA soaring. I think he thought the process must have gone flat at some point when my TA rose to 6 because the needle didn't even tick any more. Hardly surprising. This man was a "professional" auditor and I was paying $200 per hour for this punishment. And it wasn't just me. There were plenty of PCs in the HGC seating area who looked even more beat up than I did. So if I were you, Lurky, I wouldn't waste my time with "professional" auditing below Clear. Save that mess for the Sunshine Rundown.

And what about when you go Clear? Do you know what that entails? Do you think you'll suddenly feel like your head has gone clear, your perceptions sharper and you find you can remember anything that ever happened in your life? Do you believe that, Lurky? You must know plenty of Clears. Do you know any with perfect recall? That's what Hubbard claimed in the Dianetics book, you know. Immunity from colds and flu as well. And for a member of staff or any Scientologist to say otherwise is a "technical degrade", is it not? An ethics offense that can get you Declared and kicked out of your "Church". Well do you think the Clears you know have perfect recall? Are they immune to colds and flu. Can they solve chess problems in a fraction of the time us wogs can? Will you answer that one? I doubt it. So what will going Clear be like?

I'll tell you Lurky. It's a non-event. It is realizing that you mocked up your own reactive mind. Pretty silly because before you went into Scientology you didn't know you had one and then you spent years learning that you has one until all doubt about it was gone and you learnt how to erase it from the 100% standard tech of L. Ron Hubbard. And then, after all that, your only qualification for going Clear is to realize you mocked it up. I have read the bulletin they keep under lock and key at all Class V orgs and above. It doesn't mention perfect recall. It doesn't mention immunity from colds and flu. It doesn't mention the speed of thought or intelligence. It doesn't say your TA must sit bang on 3. It doesn't say a person will have a clear head and increased perception. It just talks about a person realized that they were mocking up their reactive mind.

But hell, what does it matter? It's the OT levels you are looking forward to. But do you think you will be an ethical enough person to get through your OT preparations. You had best come clean on all your past-life misdemeanors. Oh, Lurky, you weren't a sherrif in the Wild West were you? Quicker on the draw than anyone. You just didn't give them a chance, Lurky! You just didn't give them a chance! Oh, Lurky, you weren't an evil space-pirate who used to shoot innocent people with your blaster/ray-gun/phaser, were you? Oh, Lurky, did you really nuke that planet and all those poor people? Millions of innocent men, women, children and even babies? You had better confess it all, Lurky. Get it off your case or you won't be deemed ethical enough to do your OT levels. If you have evil tendencies like that then, because you are basically good, you won't allow yourself to have OT powers. So write it all up, Lurky, and give it all to your C/S. Get it off your thetan chest, man! You've got to be ethically squeaky clean. You will maybe have to prove you are very ethical by giving the odd $10,000 or two to some scheme to put LRH tech in schools. And when you have done that and paid up and done your OT preparations you will be ready to jump onto those levels that you know are the ones for you. Your leap into Eternity.

And what awaits you on the OT levels?

Well there's OT I, if you think a walk around town to spot things will improve your case. And for a mere $2000 or so.

There's OT II where you audit out the "dichotomies" like the Black/White Sphere and the Dancing Woman. Oh those naughty Implanters messing up the MEST universe! Lucky for them that the explorer and scientist L. Ron Hubbard found this all out and invented auditing so you can be released from the effects and become super-powerful thetans again.

Then there's OT III. Oh, Lurky. Just think of the excitement! You will finally get to see the big secret of this sector of the galaxy that makes true civilization impossible. This will be the crowning moment of *all* your lives, not just this one. There you will be at an Advanced Org. You have just handed over your $5000 or so to take this momentous step on the Bridge and learn this great secret that none but the adventurer and nuclear physicist L. Ron Hubbard had discovered for thousands of years. You will be escorted into a room that is more like a safe. There will be TV cameras on you. There will be a safe in the room. Someone will unlock that safe and bring you over the OT III materials. You will be escorted to a seat where you can open the course materials and start reading. Yes, that greatest secret of this galaxy opens slowly in front of you. You begin to read the greatest secret of this part of the galaxy. The reason for all the ills of the world that L. Ron Hubbard, bold adventurer, poet, philosopher and scientist, risked his life for to retrive for the benefit of all mankind.

How does it go now?

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