Give a guy a break: give him a lift

Hitchhiking: To travel by soliciting free rides along a road. Often called "Thumbing a ride," since the would-be hitchhiker sticks out his or her thumb and points it in the general direction he or she wishes to travel. All the traveler needs is time, a thumb, and a nice person with a car heading in the desired direction. There was an excellent Country & Western song, two decades or so ago, called "Riding My Thumb to Mexico," that I often remember when I see hitchhikers on the road.

Give a guy a ride, if you can. After all, the next hitchhiker you encounter may be YOURSELF, in need of a ride.

I have been a hitchhiker a few times, and I have picked up scores of hitchhikers. I'd like to make some suggestions, below, about hitchhiking. By all means accept or ignore them, as is your predilection. Your opinions will differ.

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