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Introduction: High Mesa Electronic Publishing was established in 1985 as Computer Techniques. Our very first publication in electronic format was C_Tech News a weekly newsletter. In 1988, HMEP introduced the first electronic magazines available in IBM .EXE file format. This was followed by a full color magazine in 1989. In 1988, HMEP published one of the first full length electronic novels. This novel was made available as Shareware and distributed via world wide computer networks. In 1989, another first was accomplished by HMEP. The introduction of a fully encrypted novel that was unreadable except by using HMEP READ.EXE. While this did not guarantee security against the work being stolen, or given to others, it did make it difficult to simply copy the work from one format to another.

It is our point of view that authors are our mainstay. Without authors we would have nothing to publish. We vow to work with new unpublished authors, and to guarantee we will exceed royalties offered by any conventional publisher. In many instances we will be prepared to offer authors in excess of 25% royalty from sales of their work. In addition if a particular work does not suit our needs, we will provide the names of possible electronic publishers who might be interested in the work.

High Mesa Electronic Publishing is involved in the electronic publishing of NOVEL length material, articles, short stories, and other works that might fit our needs.

QUERIES: It is preferable to have a query letter from new authors. This will allow us to determine if the work will fit our needs. If you have an INTERNET account, your query letter may be submitted to (hmep@zialink.com) or (jake@zialink.com). If you have access to any one of the thousands of FidoNet BBS's around the world, you may address your query to HMEP at one of the listed Fidonet addresses. If your query is sent via one of these means you should receive a reply within a few days. Queries should contain:

1. A brief summary of the book, short story, or article. It is generally accepted that a couple of paragraphs will provide this information.

2. If the work is non-fiction, provide a detail of your experience in the field or with the subject matter.

3. A sample chapter, preferably the first chapter, in some cases part of the first and last may provide the information needed.

4. An outline or synopsis of any complete manuscript. A detailed chapter by chapter is the style often provided.

5. If you are previously published a listing of your credits. However they are not necessary for your work to be considered.

6. If you submit by US Mail, include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). If you use INTERNET or FidoNet the cost of the SASE may be saved.

If you us US Mail, please allow at least three weeks for your query to be reviewed by the editor.

Package Review: If your query fits into our editorial needs, you will receive notification via the most direct means. You should be prepared to submit your package upon receipt.

The WORK or Manuscript: Once we receive your work, it will be extensively reviewed by the editorial staff to determine suitability for publication.

When your work or manuscript is accepted, you will be notified by the contract department. This can be a lengthy process, or it can be nothing more than your simply signing the agreement. When the agreement has been finalized and signed you will be provided with one (1) copy that is to be signed by you. This copy MUST be returned to HMEP and once it is received it will be signed by the Publisher and a copy will be returned to you.

PUBLISHED WORK: It is true that some works will never be published. However, HMEP will work toward a goal that will eventually allow every writer to publish their work. Once the work is published, if you are a NEW writer, you can say your career has begun. If you are an established writer, you might say 'You have moved on to the next step of publishing.'

HIGH MESA ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING--P.O. Box 550, Los Lunas, NM 87031. INTERNET: HMEP@zialink.com. Phone: 1-505-865-5936, BBS: FidoNet 1:301/1, 1:301/301, 1:301/1000. DATA: 1-505-865-8385,1-505-865-4082: Publisher: N.L. (Jake) Hargrove, Editor: N.L. (Jake) Hargrove, Associate Editor: Alan Jason Stoner.

Publishes electronic original and reprints. Pays 10-30% on wholesale price. Published and average of 1-2 months after acceptance. Simultaneous submissions OK. Reports in two weeks on queries, 1-2 months on manuscripts.

FICTION: Any genre accepted. Specifically seeking Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Western or picture books. Query or complete manuscript in electronic format accepted.

NON-FICTION: Any genre accepted. How to's, are accepted immediately.

SUBMISSIONS: Manuscripts will be accepted in either electronic format or hard copy. A small fee may be charged for scanning into electronic format. Electronic submissions MUST be in ASCII. If you have the need to support underling or italics, please use the standard _underline_, and *italics*.

SHORT STORY DISK: Any genre, needs 15-20 short stories per issue. Publishes when disk requirements are met. Pays a minimum of 1/2 cent per word, within 90 days of publication.

ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING NEWS: Articles about electronic publishing, writers quidelines for electronic magazines, listing of electronic publishers, will consider news about other media publishing. Pays a minimum of 1/2 cent per word, UPON ACCEPTANCE. Presently published the last month of each calendar quarter (Mar,June,Sept,Dec). May go monthly in 1995.

NOVEL-ON-DISK: The very first Novels-on-Disk were published in 1988. HMEP will accept any genre for consideration, and will discuss electronic publishing with the author. NOD's are normally published within 30 days of acceptance, and are made available via Mail Order Sales only. Payment ranges from 10-30% of the wholesale price of the disk minus shipping / mailing cost. The wholesale price is established by the price HMEP may sell the disk to distributors or customers. Individual disk sales will be at retail prices and authors may receive additional royalty based on these sales.

HELPFUL HINTS: You should spell check and grammar check your work prior to submitting it. Manuscripts that have obviously not been proofed will be rejected without consideration.

P.O. Box 550
Los Lunas, NM 87031

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