The amazing adventures of Eugene Ingram, COS investigator

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Sgt. Eugene M. Ingram was dismissed in April, 1981 from the Los Angeles Police Force by Chief Daryl F. Gates for misconduct, allegedly running a house of prostitution with his business partner Robert Ward, and also providing a suspected cocaine dealer with confidential police information and firearms in advance of a police raid.

A five count indictment returned in January 1981 accused Ingram and Ward of acting as pimps for two prostitutes. It claimed that by threats and violence the two men caused the women "to become trapped in a house of prostitution catering primarily to Asian men."

Ingram alone was charged with warning the wife of Rocco Rasone, a suspected cocaine dealer, on November 7, 1979 that "a bust was going down and to clean the house out." Fasone allegedly talked with Ingram three times in the following three weeks to learn the statuts of the narcotics investigation, reportedly called a police officer to find out the progress of the investigation. Fasone and his wife Donna were granted immunity from prosecution and were among the 22 witnesses called by the deputy district attorney in a three-day hearing that led to the indictment.

Ingram later claimed to be wounded by a sniper in Elysian Park near the Police Academy in 1980 during the investigation of the allegations, but later it was determined by a police review board that Ingram had inflicted the injury himself. Ingram had been with the police force for 14 years, and was fired as a result of an inquiry by the Police Board of Rights, although a later criminal trial did not result in a criminal prosecution.

Ingram was born in 1948, and joined the LAPD in 1968.

Eugene M. Ingram and his wife Regine A. Ingram own a house at 5854 Freeman Avenue, La Crescenta, California 91214. They bought the house in December 1992 for $460,000. In 1998, the assessed land value was $212,077 and the improvement value was $296,910, for a total $508,987 assessed value. The house was built in 1991, has four bedrooms and four baths. It has central air conditioning and a building of 3041 square feet on a lot of 7998 square feet. Although the land is zoned single family residential LCR171/2, Ingram uses his house as his office. In 1997, the total assessed value was $489,225 ($203,843 for the land and $285,382 for the improvements). In 1996, the total assessed value was $479,634. In 1995, the total assessed value was $474,370. In 1994, the total assessed value was $474,370.

Oddly enough, the same address has been used by Fortunee Asher and Charlotte Fiscus, two women who live there as joint-tenants and who have sold property at 756 North Ridgewood Place, Los Angeles, California 90038. Maybe Freeman Avenue is a duplex, but more likely Asher and Fiscus sold the house to the Ingrams. Fortunee’s husband or ex-husband is named Robert Asher.

They owned a house at 436 Orange Grove Avenue, (Grand View Terrace Lots 107 and 108) San Fernando, California 91340, which they first recorded on April 17, 1991 and conveyed on April 27, 1995 to Ronald V. Patterson and Armando Gonzalez in lieu of foreclosure on the property. The document number in Los Angeles County is 95-0695308. The 1995 assessed land value was $59,060.

Regine Ingram, who lived at 845 West Avenue 37th, Los Angeles, California 90065, had a civil judgement imposed upon here of $1040 entered against her by State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company on March 2, 1993, which was released on June 23, 1994.

Regine Ingram sued Daniel Mark Scott and Sophia Scott in Los Angeles Central Court on October 15, 1992. In this suit, the names Regine Martine Ingram, Rena Martine Ingram came up, and also the names Rex Robert Ingram and Rio Eugene Ingram.



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