Punch a Hole In Dough-Boy!

Shoot a near-miss (for you squeamish types)
Shoot Dough-Boy in the head
Shoot Dough-Boy in the heart (not that he has one....)
Shoot Dough-Boy in the chest
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Notes: Select the body area you wish to send your "greeting" to Dough-Boy, and then push the "Send Request" button. This will send e-mail to Shy David, who will eventually add your hole to Newt's picture. Many thousands of homeless people, hungry children, and disabled citizens will appreciate your efforts!

"I looked in on your 'leaded message to Newt Gingrich' board. Is this supposed to be funny? I am most certainly not a fan of Newt Gingrich and I am appalled at the state of affairs in the Republican party, but I do not support the message implicit on that page." -- Aileen Zsenyuk
Shy David Responds:
"It's a phucking JOKE, son! It's a goddamned PARODY, not meant to be taken seriously. In no way is Shy David advocating someone actually shoot Dough-Boy! (Though a pie thrown in Dough-Boy's face would be appropriate.) Believing otherwise is STUPID, and anyone who believes thus needs some serious medication. Shy David has often advocated that someone have sexual intercourse with Barbara Bush (someone has to), but that does not mean he would actually volunteer for this mission of mercy and charity! Nor would he want his friends to volunteer to phuck Ms Bush--- their dicks would rot and fall off. The same spirit of PARODY applies to this page!" --- Shy David

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