To our letter-carrier about $camitology propaganda (NoScieno)

From time to time you might have noticed that a fair amount of mail from the Scientology Organization appears. Probably, if you thought about it at all, you concluded that Scientologists live here. That is most definitely NOT the case. Decades ago a member of our family enrolled on one of Scientology's classes but left, greatly upset and dissatisfied, before finishing it. We had had enough of Scientology to form our opinion that it is a deceptive and manipulative organization that uses the "religion angle" to avoid paying taxes on its considerable income.

Depite several requests, our name was never removed from the Scientology mailing lists. We decided it wasn't worth the bother of pursuing it, and if they wanted to waste their money printing and mailing literature to someone who wasn't interested in it that was fine with us, especially since they had refused to honor their promise of "money cheerfully refunded if not satisfied."

That's where things stood for many years. We had heard about various scandals involving Scientology from media reports and articles, but had not looked at very many independent evaluations and in- depth criticisms until the last few years. Some of what we have recently learned is nothing short of horrifying.

Not long ago I stopped to chat with my neighbor after getting the mail. He caught sight of the Scientology literature in my hand, and a flicker of distress and anxiety crossed his face, as if thinking, "THEY are Scientologists?!" I picked up on it at once, saying, "What -- this?" gesturing with the mailings. I reassured him at once that we were not Scientologists and told him of our unpleasant experience with it so long ago. He was visibly relieved.

As we have a good reputation in this community that we desire to maintain, and as the harmful nature of Scientology as a destructive cult is becoming far more widely known, we wish to make it clear to any and all aquaintances that we are not associated with nor do we support Scientology. Quite the reverse.

For more information, see the Internet website, or any of a number of Scientology-critical books:

_Messiah or Madman_, Bent Corydon;

_A Piece of Blue Sky_, Jon Atack (hard to find);

_Bare-faced Messiah_, Russell Miller (U.S. ed. censored by Scientology).

Yours truly,

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