Persian Incantation Bowl
The Semetic Museum, Harvard University.
Translation by R. Patai

You are bound and sealed,
     all you demons and devils and liliths,
by that hard and strong,
     mighty and powerful bond with which are tied Sison and Sisin....
The evil Lilith,
     who causes the hearts of men to go astray
     and appears in the dream of the night
     and in the vision of the day,
Who burns and casts down with nightmare,
     attacks and kills children,
     boys an girls.
She is conquered and sealed
     away from the house
     and from the threshold of Bahram-Gushnasp son of Ishtar-Nahid
by the talisman of Metatron,
     the great prince
     who is called the Great Healer of Mercy....
who vanquishes demons and devils,
     black arts and mighty spells
     and keeps them away from the house
     and threshold of Bahram-Gushnasp, son of Ishtar-Nahid.
Amen, Amen, Selah.

Vanquished are the black arts and mighty spells.
Vanquished the bewitching women,
     they, their witchery and their spells,
     their curses and their invocations,
     and kept away from the four walls
         of the house of Bahram-Gushnasp, the son of Ishtar-Hahid.
Vanquished and trampled down are the bewitching women --
     vanquished on earth and vanquished in heaven.
Vanquished are their constellations and stars.
     Bound are the works of their hands.
Amen, Amen, Selah.