Mistress Darkness
Poem © Copyright 1996 Ingvild Gregersen

Mistress Darkness
Oil on Canvas - 36" x 24"
© Copyright 1992 Jonathon Earl Bowser

Her cloak of shadows around her shoulders
Her curves, pure invitations to every man's mind
Her face of beauty, a mask to hide
Such blinding maliciousness and hate entwined

She dwells in the deepest darkness
but to human eyes she seems so light
Her words are sweet and seducing
yet taken from the depths of night

What does she feel this black angel of cruelty
when she takes away the mind
Of the strongest man kneeling at her feet
as he faces pure evil from what seemed so kind

What pleasure does she possibly find
this beauty and this horrible beast
When she darkens the soul beneath her
and with her words, insanity and pain are released

What savaged soul made by her
is not haunted by the memories her doings possess
Shivering, pale lips forms the hated name in fear
For the dread of Mistress Darkness