A One-Page Expose' of Lilith's Dual Aspects

Testament Of Solomon
Jewish Encyclopaedia, Page 43ff, Translation by C.C. McCown
"And what seemed to be a woman--- from her face--- came to me, veiling her body and her limbs with the hair that she had loosened. And I, Solomon, said to the demon: Who are you? She said: And who are you, and why do you wish to know what I am? But if you wish to know this, then go into the royal chambers, wash your hands, seat yourself on your throne again and ask me. Then will you learn, o king, who I am.

"After I, Solomon, had done these things and had seated myself on my throne, I asked her and said: Who are you? She replied: Men call me Obyzouth ("Bloodsucker"--- sd). I do not sleep by night but go round the whole world and visit women in childbed. When I see the hour approaching, I take my place and when I spot an opportune moment, I strangle the child. If I fail, then I withdraw to another Place, because I cannot pass even one single night without success... For I have nothing else to do but kill children, make their ears deaf, cause harm to their eyes, shut their mouths fast, befuddle their senses and torment their bodies.

"When I, Solomon, heard this, I said to her: Tell me, evil spirit, by which angel may you be rendered harmless? She said to me; By the angel Apharoph ("Raphael" the archangel--- sd). And when women give birth, they should write my name on a piece of paper, and I will flee that place."

Zohar I 148a/b
Translation by Siegmund Hurwitz
"She (Lilith) adorns herself with all kinds of decorations, like an amorous woman. She stands at the en- trance to roads and paths, in order to seduce men. She seizes the fool who approaches her, kisses him and fills him with a wine whose dregs contain snake venom. As soon as he has drunk this, he starts to follow her. When she sees that he has deserted the way of truth to follow, her, she takes off all that she originally put on for this fool. Her adornments for seducing men are her beautifully-dressed hair, red as a rose, her cheeks, white and red, her ears hung with chains from Egypt and her neck hung with all the jewels of the East. Her mouth is (tiny) like a narrow doorway, a graceful ornament, her tongue is sharp as a sword, her words soft as oil. Her lips are red as a rose, sweet with all the sweetness of the world. She is dressed in crimson, adorned with all the jewels in the world, with 39 pieces of jewelry. Those fools, who come to her and drink this wine, commit fornication with her. And what does she do then? She leaves the fool alone, sleeping in his bed, while she ascends into the heights (heaven). There, she gives a bad report of him. Then, she obtains permission to descend again. When the fool awakes, he assumes that he can take his pleasure with her, as before. She, however, removes her jewelry and turns into a powerful figure. She faces him, clothed in a fiery dress of flames. She arouses terror and causes body and soul to tremble. Her eyes are huge, in her hand is a sharp sword, from which bitter drops fall. She kills him (with this) and casts him into the very center of hell."