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I liked it so much, this page was stolen from this WWW site.

Organisations / Publications

Various interesting sites

Link sites

Good starting points for finding atheism-related sites

Useful links detailing the scientific viewpoint

Creationism/Geology/Flood related

Mother Teresa

What good did all those donations do? Make up your own mind...

Good hard-disk space wasted by theists

This quote from ChristianAnswers just about sums up what is wrong with Creation Science :
"Whatever the answer, faith in the revealed Word of the Creator is the only reasonable starting point for all such inquiry."

Anyone who thinks that Fundamentalists don't have a sense of humour should check out these cartoons.

(It's true. They don't have a sense of humour.)
As an antidote, try Mirage's hilarious Jack Chick Parody site - I guaruntee you will roll around laughing, with your legs waving in the air.

Info on various religions

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