Submission Guidelines. What We're Looking For

The MandyNet Reader accepts article and story submissions on any subject or fictional genre, as well as poetry on any topic. Therefore, it would be easier to tell you what we're not looking for. Please don't send executables, hi-res pictures (like GIFs), and the like. We are always happy to recieve ANSI and ASCII artwork, especially for consideration as a "cover" for the READROOM edition of the magazine! We do not accept stories or articles with strong sexual or "pornographic" scenes or language. The material we present is oriented toward a general adult audience (FCC broadcast guidelines, in regards to language content, are a good general guideline). We do, however, want diversity and wide interest type pieces, with a focus on material for well educated computer literate adults. Our primary target audience is around age 21 to 35, though we don't complain when a piece falls outside those age groups! :)

Basically, we're looking for the best fiction and non-fiction in cyberspace!

How To Send It

We prefer all submissions in electronic format, however we will consider small pieces in hard copy (under 2,500 words). We accept electronic material in ASCII or WordPerfect 5.x format on disk or via modem (see below). Please include two (2) copies of the material on the disk (in case one is bad). There is no limit on word length, however we prefer under 10,000. Longer pieces, novel excerpts, and serials will be considered. Hard copy submissions, up to 1,000 words, should be typed on good white paper, double spaced with one inch margins. We accept work from professional and new writers, and we will work with new writers to help get their material published.

All submissions should include name, mailing address, and phone number. An e-mail address should also be included if applicable. All mailed submissions should include a self-address business SASE, and a mailer with enough return postage if you want the material returned. We can not accept responsibility for lost or damaged submissions.

We accept first North American serial rights or reprint rights for publication in the echozine edition, and reprint rights for reprinting in the READROOM edition. Unfortunately, The MandyNet Reader can not pay for submissions at this time.

Where To Send It

Electronic Submissions

Please route all electronic mail, or send direct during MandyNet CMH, or FidoNet ZMH. Ask your sysop for details. Send articles, stories, and poetry via netmail (up to 16K) or file attach to one of the FTN node numbers listed below:

MandyNet 12:42/42
FidoNet 1:170/612
FunkNet 11:22/102
WhatNet? 160:90/102
HumaNet 250:150/107
Genesis 38:133/402

Internet e-mail submissions are accepted (up to 16K) at:

Or upload directly to The Amanda BBS (11pm to 5am Central Only!) in The MandyNet Reader Special Interest Forum, or The Blue Bayou BBS via personal e-mail file attach to Captain Computer.

       The Amanda BBS                   The Blue Bayou BBS
     11pm to 5am Central                      23hrs
        918-258-7389                      918-275-2206
          2400bps                           14.4kbps

Or send on an IBM formatted diskette in ASCII or WP5.x format to the address listed below.

Hard Copy Submissions

Please send all diskette and hard copy submissions to:

The MandyNet Reader
625 South 6th Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74012


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