Enya's Watermark

This page's background MIDI is, of course, Enya's Watermark though I do not know who created the MIDI file. If you are not using Netscape or Internet Explorer, it may not be playing: you might be able to download the file and play it with a WAV player.

The CD is called "Watermark," distributed in 1988 by WEA Records. The artist is "Enya." New Age (rhymes with "Sewage") crystal weenies seem to have claimed Enya as one of their own, but that can be ignored: the music is good, and that's all that counts.

A text of lyrics for the CD may be viewed here. It does not have the translations of the non-English songs, but this text does.

On the Shy David Music Review Scale from one to six stars (six being best), I think this CD deserves four stars.

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