How many humans can Earth support? 60 billion or so, I suppose: ten times what the current population is. This would require radically new technologies, radically new transportation schemes, and radical changes in world politics. Anything less than a completely new human-behavior paradigm would result in massive starvation and a plummet in nearly every individual's standard of living. Who would want to live in such a world?! Not I; not anyone, I imagine.

But the issue of over-population isn't one of how many humans Earth can support. The issue is about how many humans should be supported. Earth does not have unlimited resources, but even if somehow it did, that is no excuse for producing more humans to consume these resources. What would be the point?!

Today, here in the 1990s, tens of thousands of children die every year due to lack of safe drinking water. Infant mortality in North America is rising, perhaps due to toxins in the USA's environment. This suffering and death could be prevented with some education and cheep, effective condoms: prevent births before they become fatalities! This makes sense to any rational, compassionate human being. And yet there are those who believe that unchecked human reproduction is a "good" thing: they actively oppose contraception, as well as information about contraception.


The following information is from
the March / April 1998CE issue of
The Humanist

International Planned Parenthood Federation ---
Western Hemisphere.
902 Broadway
New York, New York

Ties together the forty-five national groups in the Western Hemisphere; gives aid to those organizations in Latin America.

Pathfinder Fund
9 Galen Street
Watertown, MA

Helps fund strategic and pioneering family planning projects.

Association for Voluntary Surgical
79 Madison Avenue
New York, New York

Works to expand world-wide access to voluntary and safe clinic-based contraception.

The Population Institute
107 Second Street North-East
Washington, DC

Educates Congress, the media, and citizens on the seriousness of the population explosion and works towards decreasing birth rates world-wide.

Population Communications International
777 United Nations Plaza
New York, New York

Encourages and assists governments and businesses abroad to develop television and radio drama that encourages family planning.

Imagine A World of Wanted / Nurtured
P.O. Box 1001
San Jacinto, California

Works towards reducing population levels and ensuring quality of life.

Zero Population Growth
1400 16th Street North-West, Suite 320
Washington, DC

Educates government and citizens of the dangers of population growth.

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