To the Honorable Ron Packard

I see that you voted "Yes" to that abomination called the "Religious Freedom Constitutional Amendment." This seems utterly reprehensible behavior to me, equal to revoking the First Amendment and wishing to inflict religious tyrany upon those who would rather not be so abused.

Yes, I realize that you voted politically and not rationally, nor even in the best interest of your constituents. I realize there are politically powerful people who would dearly love to inflict their religion upon people's children (in the public schools in the form of "school prayer" and Creationism) and make the USA into a Christian version of Iran, Iraq, and other Taliban tyranies, who would punish you for voting against them.

But did you even consider the consequences of the proposed Amendment would have on stifling and even restricting religious freedom in America?! The proposed Amendment as writen would grant those with political and economic power, and those within the majority, to inflict their occult beliefs upon those who have no interest in them.

The First Amendment has acknowledged each citizen's right to religious freedom since around 1791CE, and it has done JUST FINE. Your voting to revoke that acknowledgement is dispicable of you, and you should be ashamed.

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