Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 23:02:48 -0400
From: (Gregg Hagglund)

Today my aging and ill parents were again the victims of a vicious attack by Scientology.

My parents had just returned from a 'last' visit to many elderly and frail relatives and friends who live in the west and BC.

Amongst the pile of mail was an innocuous looking envelope.

Inside that envelope was a vicious, premeditated and emotionally explosive letter from Scientology agent Peter Ramsay.

Despite the fact Scientology has been warned to leave my parents alone, and despite the fact my mothers fear and upset about Scientology was nationally published in the Globe and Mail, Scieno Ramsay sent another terrorist attack, this time via the mail.

This attack, containing completely false and scurrilous information about myself, and apparently based on the extortionate letter sent to Ron Sharp and Alan Barclay, has, *as intended*, devastated my parents emotionally. Further, Mr. Ramsay threatens to spread Scientology oily venomous black propaganda about me thru' out my parents neighborhood, as well as the neighborhood of my brothers family and at the Church my Ottawa Family attends *on communal worship day*.

My family in Ottawa attends and participates in a *real* Church which has one Communal day a week (Sunday) Worship of God and Prayer to God. And it doesn't cost a dime unless you volunteer what you can. They do not rely on selling fake self-help-hidden-Xenu-space-opera-crap, at fixed prices, for income.

Of course, this latest terrorist attack has my parents upset at me more than the evil criminal organisation which concocted it. This is , unhappily, as expected. However, I can forgive my parents for being old and human and predictably afraid and reactive in this manner. [Co$ *does* have decades of training in black propaganda, doesn't it.]

I can even, eventually, forgive Peter Ramsay for being the stupid and foolish tool of the Corrupt and Criminal Cult of Greed and Power that he is.

But I do not know if I will ever forgive Co$ management and its policies of terrorist tactics.

There is a real crime here of Criminal Harrassment. However, my parents must file a complaint. And this is not likely. They are too old and fearful to do this. They are now afraid to answer the door or open the mail. I suppose the ever so unethical Co$ will now begin a phone terror campaign. This will complete the envelope of fear which Co$ is trying to weave around them in order to hurt me and get me to stop the Pickets.

Well, despite the Family upset, I *will* keep picketing!

And letter writing too!

Scientology did not get Charity Status in Canada and is not likely to.

Now I will strip their marriage privilege with only truth and facts.

And then we will see how the Co$ fares after its advertising and promotions are examined under the same conditions and restrictions as any other corporation must.

I have others diligently working on the property tax issue. And still there is the slight matter of Provincial Sales taxes and Federal Tax Fraud to have investigated.

And lastly, there is the spector of the Bonnie Woods Case to haunt the Co$ and Al Buttnor at the Toronto Org. Just how far will Al go? And how much will it cost him and Co$?

Emotionally, Gregg

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