"evangelical" and "hypocrite" are synonymous

From: ai307@detroit.freenet.org (Roger F. Hane)

The American Center for Law and Justice has been continuing in its efforts to destroy the separation of church of state. Lately they've been in court to defend local ordinances which prohibit certain activities within a certain radius of a church. So the church decrees what is evil and sinful and forces the government to prohibit those activities within the radius. The government creates a church dictated "sin free zone," infringing on the civil liberties of everyone within that radius.

The people demanding these sin-free bubble zones are the same ones who are railing against the bubble zones around abortion clinics, calling them "speech free zones." The hypocrisy of this situation is blatantly obvious.

Hypocrisy is to be expected from the ACLJ, since it was originated by that hypocritical televangelist Pat Robertson. You can hear him spout hypocrisy on his show "The 700 Club" every day. If a law requires people to do something that he doesn't happen to like, he claims that the bible says that people should obey a higher law than the government and that they should disobey the law. If a law requires people to do something that he favors, he claims that it is right because it is the law, and that the bible says people should obey the government. Pure hypocrisy.

Here's a good example of it. Pat Robertson has attacked government regulations many times on his show, claiming that they hinder private companies far too much. But when a regulation was going through congress that would force cable companies to carry religious channels like Trinity Broadcasting Network, Robertson and the ACLJ fought hard to get the regulation passed, forcing the government to cram religion down the broadcasters' and our throats.

So it seems clear that the words "evangelical" and hypocrite" are synonymous.

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