Letters to the Editor. Copyright -- or wrong?

Letters to the Editor

Copyright -- or wrong?

Thanks for Janelle Brown's article about abuse of the DMCA. The courts have recognized the importance of anonymity in protecting free speech, especially against vindictive and powerful organizations. Critics of Scientology are understandably protective of their anonymity: Scientology representatives have picketed the homes of critics, contacted their employers to try to get them fired, and even harassed their parents. I began picketing Scientology under a pseudonym. It only took Scientology two and a half months to "out" me with my real name on alt.religion.scientology; two months after that they began picketing my home.

The DMCA needs to be amended to provide greater protection to those who wish to speak out without fear of this kind of retribution.

-- Kristi Wachter

There are many of us out here who have been subjected to the harassment tactics of the "Church" of Scientology. In my case I lost my job when CAN (the Cult Awareness Network) was forced into bankruptcy following an extensive campaign of legal and other harassment. A number of Internet contributors have been forced into bankruptcy from Scientology's legal harassment. The real outrage is that the "Church" of Scientology is using tax-exempt money to intimidate, harass and bankrupt people all over this country and beyond.

-- Jim Beebe
Northbrook, Ill.
July 28, 1999

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