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Are YOU full
of dead space

Are YOU full of dead

The "Church" of Scientology* says you are. That is after you have handed over about $50,000 to them to reach this privileged secret level. They reveal to you that you are full of the souls of dead space aliens who were brought to Earth, 75 million years ago, by an evil galactic ruler named Xenu in an attempt to solve galactic overpopulation . Trillions of aliens were supposedly frozen in a mixture of alcohol and glycol and flown across space, from neighboring solar systems, in DC-8 identical space-planes. They were then stacked around volcanoes on Earth and nuked with H-bombs, after which their souls clustered together and now infest our bodies as "body thetans"

$440 per hour to exorcise
your dead space-aliens

The cost for ridding yourself of these "body thetans" is $440 per hour, according to a recent price-list. And since you are supposed to have about 2,500 of them then this could take a hundred hours or more. Another $50,000 or so to this insane cult that calls itself a "Church". After ridding themselves of these imaginary space-aliens, the deluded and out-of-pocket practitioners hope to gain supernatural powers. If not, they can always pay $1100 per hour for what is called the "L Rundowns". Another $100,000 or so to the cult, and still no supernatural powers, of course.

Who started this

Scientology was the invention of L. Ron Hubbard, a pulp science-fiction writer who told his fellow authors that if a person wanted to get rich they should start their own religion. He did just that. He turned his puerile science-fiction fantasies into a religion and at last made the money he couldn't make from writing. A great deal of money, in fact. When he died, his fortune was estimated at around 400 million dollars. Scientology did not die with Hubbard, though. Others were quick to take over the leadership of this "Church" and its vast income.

Why do people get
involved in it?

Almost nobody would get involved with Scientology if they knew what awaited them with regards to these dead space-alien "body thetans". People are sucked in through lies and deceit. Normally, it all starts with a 200 question personality test. This is then used to indicate flaws and failings in their character and they are pressured into doing a Dianetics* course to cure these failings. In this way, "Churches" of Scientology masquerade as a non-denominational group improving peoples minds and abilities in order to help create a better world. When the person attends their first course, however, they undergo a form of semi-hypnotic regression therapy called "auditing". This causes a temporary feeling of elation that seems to be addictive, since after that, some people will spend all the money they have or can borrow to buy more and increasingly expensive "auditing".

$360,000 for spiritual

To do all the courses in Scientology and to receive all the auditing needed to reach a supposed higher spiritual level costs about $360,000. Some people have actually paid this amount, spending all their money, selling their cars and their homes, borrowing to the maximum extent possible, raiding their business finances and even cashing in trust funds left to their children to feed their addiction to this "auditing". They believe they will reach an exalted spiritual state where they can leave their bodies at will and create events just by intending them. By then, their minds are so deranged they will not think to check on the claims made by Hubbard himself about this state.

Hubbard goes to Venus

Hubbard once boasted that he had transported himself to the planet Venus -- where he was nearly run over by a freight locomotive. A made-up claim by critics, perhaps? No, you can actually hear him say it if you have a connection to the Internet and a soundcard. There is a soundfile of this at . That Scientologists believe this, as well as other absurd claims of Hubbard's, must prove beyond doubt that they have been mentally damaged through their involvement with this cult.

If you can't afford

If people don't have the $360,000 to spare to feed their addiction to Scientology "auditing" then they can always join staff. There they will be bullied by the cult and forced to work ever harder for an insulting $30 per week. While they are doing this they are pressured into doing courses costing tens of thousands of dollars. If they try to leave then they are expected to pay for these courses. They are financial prisoners -- slaves to the cult. They won't be given much in the way of the "auditing" they craved, though. But then there is always the elite corps of Scientology called the Sea Org where they sign a billion year contract and work for one hundred hours a week, again for $30 per week. Many young and idealistic people join this group because they are tricked into thinking that Scientology is helping to create a better world and that their help is needed. Again, they won't get much in the way of the "auditing" they crave. Children born into this organization (if they escape the cult's strict policy on aborting pregnancies) will be housed in appalling conditions, improperly cared for and fed until they are old enough to work for the cult for the same slave-like conditions.

Is your family safe?

If you think your family and loved ones are safe from this cult, then think again. The cult has front groups that conceal their connection to Scientology. They will enroll a person and only when they feel the person is hooked will they reveal the connection. This "Church" and its front groups have left a trail of lost fortunes and broken families in their wake. The trick they use when their spouse, partner or relations raise concern about their involvement in the cult is to convince the person that those trying to get them out of the cult are concealing crimes against them. They tell them that Scientology can make them more able and can find things out about other peoples crimes. So if their spouse or partner is critical of Scientology then they must be covering up their cheating on them or suchlike and don't want them to find out. This has caused many once happy families or relationships to break up. What you think is your happy relationship or stable marriage could one day be torn apart by this cult in a matter of minutes.

What you can do

The first thing you could do is to show this flyer to your friends, family and loved ones to make sure they are aware of the danger from this cult. This is a public domain document so you are free to copy it without restriction. You can either make photocopies or you can download a fresh copy from the Internet. This flyer is located at where you can download a Word 6 copy in either US Letter or A4 format. There is a great deal of information about this cult on the Internet. Recommended critical sites are and . Protests against this dangerous cult take place on a frequent basis in various parts of the world. The newsgroup alt.religion.scientology will have information on these events. The more people who are involved in actively opposing this cult, the fewer lives will be ruined by it.

*Scientology and Dianetics are trademarks of the Religious Technology Center. This document is not connected to that organization in any way.

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