Personal Computer Search Engine

From: rgonnet

You can save a lot of time for you and other arsers when they need some piece of your data, but not knowing in which one you could find it.

Probably some of you have this powerful piece of software and use it since long... but it's really very valuable to find out something in your folders (sometimes you have tens of thousands of those files...)

When you are looking for something into 30 or more millions words occuring in your HD's documents, you can be really puzzled; so, if you can take a moment and go to:

you'll find there a very powerful tool - 7,6MOs, which is a PERSONAL SEARCH ENGINE : once you've build up the index, you can use it exactly and faster than any search engines of the web, on you personal computer's files.

This can be evidently very useful when you have to send someone else a reference or a text, but have forgotten where it is.

I'm very enthousiastic about this: more than once, i've abandoned launching a reference i knew I had on my computer because I was unable to find it ! (Hey, Tilman, I imagine you have one since long, because you were so well organized to give references when needed...)


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