Spam/UCE-Fighting Resources

We have collected a list of links to sites devoted to spam-fighting and related activities here. This is where to start if you're not sure what all this stuff means!

Background on the TCPA

Boycott Internet Spam The definitive site, with lots of great info and links.

ISP Acceptable Use Policies Sample Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) for ISP's to use.
CIAC Bulletin: I-005c: E-Mail Spamming countermeasures The US government office that alerts the world to virus threats gets serious about Spam.
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Main Site:

Stop Spam FAQ
Abused by e-mail advertising? Here are legitimate and legal ways of doing something about it!

alt.spam FAQ
Retour au menu prÈcÈdent : FakeMail + Spam. (Ces informations sont une compilation des questions les plus frÈquemment...

Spam FAQ or "Figuring out the site the Spam came from"
Spam FAQ or "Figuring out the site the Spam came from" This is the second version, posted December 10th.

State Spam Law site

The Email Abuse FAQ

The Campaign to Stop Junk Email

Promote Responsible Net Commerce

How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers

The Netizen's Guide to Spam, Abuse, and Internet Advertising

The Junk Mail Help Desk

Anti-Spam Site by the editor and publisher of EXPOSURE! Internet Marketing Newsletter

Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming

Stop Unsolicited Mass E-Mail Advertisements!

"Outlaw Junk E-mail Now!"
Discussion of how to combat Spam
Post Spams here
Discuss Usenet Spams
Discuss E-mail Spams
Announcements of Spams cancelled and Spammers bounced
Anything else about Spam

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