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Tank Police

Can a diminutive tank, armed with armor-peircing shells and commanded by an impulsive, brash young woman named Leona, curb urban terrorism? Or will she cause more damage than the terrorists? Most definately the former: Leona kicks ass in Tank Police, going to any (and all!) extremes to enfore the law, uphold justice, and punish evil. Some may believe that a tank is a bit less than subtle for crime fighting, but Leona finds it the perfect tool: slaming through residences and blasting perpetrator when they flee into the kitchen, is all in a day's work for Leona. When she's not beating the coffee maker to death for being too slow, or yelling up someone's nose, she's in her beloved tank, stroking and patting it affectionately.
From the video tape carton:
Kobe, Japan--- 2100 CE: Urban terrorism in Japan is out of control. Newport City and its law enforcement agencies begin to surrender to inner-city crime. The Tank Police are assigned to restore order, but their ruthless methods in combating crime only create more destruction and chaos.

RealAudio(tm) of Tank Police's ending theme song. "Just Fall In Love (A Million Times During This Heartrending Night)." Lyrics by Mika Morioka. Sung by Ayako Udagowa. Starts with Leona yelling "Fire!" The quality is crappy, but I've no idea how to make a RealAudio(tm) sound better--- I wonder if it's even possible. (But the .WAV file is eleven megabytes large! It's RealAudio(tm) or nothing.) The song is in Japanese.

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