From: tech_support@vei.net

> Mr. Rice,
> I have responded to you many times,

You have "responded" twice to eleven complaints. I'm not impressed.

> but you choose to ignore that fact!

The first reply, after seven complaints, stated "We/I though that was fixed." The other reply stated "I don't see any problem," even though the NNTP server is issuing timing error NAK resets. Just how is one to view these messages other than YOUR IGNORING my complaints?

> We are have problems from the news servers, it has been an on
> going issue.

That is =YOUR= problem. I am paying for services VEI promised to provide BUT HAVE NOT.

> we do not guarantee that you will never get busy signals,

Then the animated GIF on your home page should not say otherwise!

> but we do try our best to see that you dont.

Your "best" has not been good enough ever since I subscribed. All I get from you, WHEN YOU BOTHER TO REPLY, are EXCUSES.

> If you are unhappy with our service,

What "service?" Technical support has been non-existant!

> you are free to go elsewhere!

I am in the process of finding another ISP. Hopefully one whos tech support do not give me shit when I complain about server errors and non-existant NNTP server access.

> But for 14.95 and for all that you get you'll be hard pressed
> to find better.

That's your excuse for shitty "service?" Since it is two or three dollars a month cheeper than other ISPs, you feel justified to ignore your customers' complaints and not provide the services (NNTP) that were agreed to?

Furthermore, if I had want[ed] shit from an ISP I would have gone with AOL. Since there are dozens of internet providers in my area (and no doubt this is the case with millions of other people), Virtual Enterprises, Inc. is fucking themselves over for:

1) Having incompetent technical support who not only appear to not know what they are doing but IGNORE customer complaints

2) Failed to provide services contracted and agreed upon

3) Have a tech support person, when he or she FINALLY replies to complaints, offer only excuses and the suggestion that if one does not like the shitty "services" one may go elsewhere

If I had behaved in such a manner, I would not only be ashamed, but would have no ethical complaint when my boss fired me for such gross incompetence and lack of professionalism.
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423-899-5515 (FAX) 423-490-0205

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