Heroism on command; senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of "patriotism---" how passonately I hate them!
Pacifism is the losing position. This is because the person of violence instigates violence, of which the pacifist must reply (one cannot "instigate pacifism".) The pacifist has two options when faced with those who are violent: dying or self-defence. Violence requires an answer; pacifism requires endurance or death. This is why the violent allways force the issue and get their way (politics, racism, greed), and the pacifist is left defenseless and the victim.

I find patriotism and nationalism ABHORRANT. Those who would happily go off and kill people only because they are told to fills me with repugnance and disgust. Those who would run off to some foreign country and die because some fat asshole back home told him to deserves castigation, denigration, and condemnation. Anyone who would kill or die just because they are told to, is not fit to live.

If one is going to KILL and DIE, let it be for a reason, not because they are ordered to do so! If you went to Korea or Vietnam because you believed it to be the right thing to do, then I have no quarrel with you; if you went just because you were told you had to go, then I damn you as the monster you are.

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