BEGIN posting of documents related to my story

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: BEGIN posting of documents related to my story
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:32:14 -0800
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Note to all,

Please excuse the order, they will not be necessarily by date at first. Also first all documents I have computerized will be posted, then following that will be various responses etc from church staff.

I will then organize all these on our web page, in time sequence.

It will be of interest to some to see exactly how church staff respond internally when presented with evidence, as well as other public who were one's "friends".


---intro to first post: Background on Bill.

Bill Rhodes or William Elliot Rhodes, is my ex-husband. We have two children together. Bill is not supporting either of his children, in their college efforts, this despite the fact that he has a large inheritance from his father' JUDGE William Rhodes's estate. (As I recall-his father was a district court judge for half the state of Colorado at one time).

Bill is on OT VII, and must be disconnected from his children, as they are connected to me, or he will not be allowed to continue on Solo Nots. (he can't "handle" them to be in agreement with him-so this is why he is disconnected) Bill lives in Clearwater, Florida, mere blocks from the Sandcastle. Bill is the only child in his family that is a member of the Church of Scientology. As far as I last knew, Bill works sometimes as an independent insurance adjuster, for especially disaster type situations, (working with large insurance companies).Prior to that he worked for David Morse and Associates, with my husband Mike here in Spokane, under Pat Dougherty. (the same Pat Dougherty of David Morse and Associates who is being currently sued for religious discrimination). Bill knew about the references I had found, (which will be obvious as you see some of the posts I am currently starting), and after doing his own "independent study" (whilst under pressure from ethics-AND having been taken off the level for essentially listening to my "black pr" LOL), he decided that sec checking "can't hurt", and that it was better to stay auditing on the level, as the most important thing. (this per several conversations Bill and I had) As far as I am concerned, (which I also told him to his face), he chickened out. Needless to say, his children do not have much respect for a father who does not wish to help his children beyond the legal adult age (ie: age of 18) simply because it will affect his standing with "the church".

---start of first post, a report from Bill Rhodes

IJC 5/27/99 -- Bill Rhodes



Virginia McClaughry

Greg Barnes
Debra Barnes

Comm Ev

Virginia Asked me to write up specifics of an event of which I was part. Apparently she, Greg & Debra are being accused of meeting together and planning to start a black PR campaign about sec check of OTs. I met at Greg’s house with Virginia et. al. on 10/3/98. There was no mention at that time of starting a black pr campaign. There was discussion on the possibility of an LRH reference being violated and the need to apply KSW to it. Some discussion occurred about the ramifications whether the bulletin in question was being violated and what it would mean and so on. But there was no communication suggesting that there was anything wrong with sec checking in general or that they should get the word out about this bulletin. Nor was there any communication to the effect that all the OTs should avoid coming to Flag because RTC is running the level wrong. Rather the intention was to straighten out what appeared to LRH tech not being correctly applied. There was communication to the effect how beneficial sec checking was.

Bill Rhodes