post 26: more on therese

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: post 26: more on therese
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:14:30 -0800
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Dir I and R
(Flag staff ethics section)
Virginia McClaughry
Solo Nots auditor
cc: virginia’s ethics file
cc: therese blum ao1

High Crime Report
Therese Blum-AO1 auditor

During the session on approximately December 18th (mentioned also in a crime report on Therese), I was pointing out that Rtc’s 6 month security check line is in violation of 2 HCOB’s C/S Series 73RB, and Confessionals and the Non-Interference Zone, because it sets up sec-checking of pre-ots regardless of whether they are doing well and making case gain or not. Therese let me know that I would not be able to solo if I did not do Rtc’s line.I said that KSW is senior, and if that means I am not allowed to solo, so be it.

Therese responded with “you’re not going to solo because of a few words out of some HCOB’s?, and then “which one is a bigger overt, not applying the few words out of some HCOBs when there are lots of references on sec-checking, or not soloing?

The statement “because of a few words out of some HCOB’s” is a high crime.

High crimes that cover it are:

1. violation of KSW points 1-10

2. violation of point 10 of Tech Degrades

The above statement is also written by Therese in one of her KR’s on me.

Virginia Mcclaughry
Solo Nots Auditor