post 45: taking it to COB-gets stopped at RTC local

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: post 45: taking it to COB-gets stopped at RTC local
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:57:47 -0800
Message-ID: <>

COB David Miscaviage (only)
Via RTC Inspector S/C (Marina) 20 November 1998
Virginia McClaughry
Solo Nots Auditor

Dear Sir,

I sent an Orders Query Of to the Senior C/S Fso, re: a destructive order he gave me. (see attached).

He did not approve it. (see attached)

To Recap: The points in question are: 1.HCOPL Eligibility for OT Levels “ Those returning to an AO or FSO for further OT levels after an absence also recieve an OT Elgibility Check and once this is passed a new Eligibility Chit is issued (signed and dated as before by the C/S, minister, and MAA).

2. HCOB C/S Series 73RB “Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by sec-checking or anything else.”

3.HCOB Confessionals and the Non-Interference Zone “A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted.”

The order for me to do an OT Eligibility Confessional every six months is in violation of all three of the above references for the following reasons: 1. The 6 month limit on the length of time my Eligibility is good is an arbitrary, and is not LRH.

2. Sec-Checking in the form of a 6 month Eligibility Confessional is done whether I am running well or not.

I have kept my 4 points of Eligibility in during the years I have been on the level, therefore per HCOPL Eligibility for OT levels I do not need a new Eligibility chit, nor do I need another Eligibility Chit in 6 months.

(please see my Orders Query of for further data on this point)

I am not being allowed to have the materials I need to continue on Solo Nots, unless I agree to completing the OT Eligibility Confessional, and agree to do another OT Eligibility Confessional in 6 months.

To continue to comply with the order regarding doing OT Eligibility Confessionals, while in a Non-Interference Zone is destructive as it is out-KSW. However, I am willing to return in 6 months for any technical correction, and to review the materials.

I need your help to remove the arbitraries and get these references applied 100% standardly.

Please help me to do this.


Virginia McClaughry
Solo Nots Auditor