post 52: comm with warren mcshane's wife

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: post 52: comm with warren mcshane's wife
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 22:21:47 -0800
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What is it with these guys and having their wives do the "dirty work" --- just noticed that. LOL


2 March, 1999

Marcy McShane
Tech Reports Off Asst.
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite #1105
Los Angeles, California 90028-5111

Dear Marcy,

Thank you for your letter concerning the reports I wrote to RTRC. I appreciate your taking the time to read my reports, as well as the references mentioned therein.

Per C/S Series 73RB, the part that covers when the C/S adjudicates the need for sec-checking states: “Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else. However, when a pre-OT is stalled or moving slowly, any of the actions listed below, as appropriate, can be ordered by a qualified C/S....”

Per HCOPL INVESTIGATORY PROCEDURE “In auditing when one reviews or “corrects” a case that is running well, one has trouble. It is made trouble.”

“When justice goes astray (as it usually does) the things that have occurred are: 1. Use of justice for some other purpose than public safety (such as maintaining a privileged group or indulging a fixed idea) or 2. Investigatory procedure.”

“Whatever the motive for investigation, the action itself is conducted by sequences.”

“If one is incapable mentally of tracing a series of events or actions, one cannot investigate.”

“Altered sequence is a primary block to investigation.”

Per your letter, you stated 1. “What I see is that the very references you say are being violated, are the references that apply as to why you should get the security check” and 2. “ if you were really doing well and moving, you would be in session.” These statements are altered sequence.

The correct sequence is 1. I am moving well on Solo Nots 2. I get sec-checked 3. in the middle of the sec check, I say that doing this sec check is an overt because it violates C/S C/S Series 73RB. 4. I refuse to continue to violate C/S Series 73RB. 5.I receive Method 2 wordclearing and False Data stripping on C/S Series 73RB, CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE, by the Senior Qual Sec-Checker Flag. 6. I apply and complete The How To Defeat Verbal Tech Checklist. 7. I continue to not violate C/S Series 73RB, and CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE. 8. My Eligibility gets suspended unjustly. 9. I take “Maximum Recourse” and write it up to Int terminals. 10. I request a Board of Review, which is presently underway.

What I am seeking to do is apply the HCOB’s C/S Series 73RB, and CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE exactly as LRH states they should be.

Your help would be appreciated in ensuring that HCOB’s C/S Series 73RB, and CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE, get applied exactly as stated by LRH, so that I can get back onto, and complete Solo NOTs.


cc: Mr. Marina Pezzotti, RTC Inspector Sandcastle
Senior C/S Int
RTRC Director, Senior C/S Int Office
Tech Reports Officer, Senior C/S Int Office
Senior C/S Fso
D/Senior C/S Fso