B.A.D.D. stands for Bothered About D & D and other harmful influences on children.

The  following is the introductory letter from B.A.D.D..  It  has 
been  transcribed as accurately as possible.  It did not  contain 
any obivious spelling errors.  (R) has been used to represent the 
registered  trademark symbol, however no credit was given to  the 
trademark holder in the letter.

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P. O. Box 5513
Richmond, Virginia 23220-0513

Many  people  ask  what is B.A.D.D., INC.   B.A.D.D.  stands  for 
Bothered  About D & D and other harmful influences  on  children.  
We  are an organization dedicated to educating the public on  the 
harmful  effects of entertainment violence which is occuring  and 
growing  in our society.  We are concerned with violent forms  of 
entertainment such as:  violent-occult related rock music,  role-
playing  games that utilize occult mythology and the  worship  of 
occult  gods in role playing situations like Dungeons  &  Dragons 
(R), teen satanism involving murder and suicide, and  pornography 
as  it is affecting adolescent behavior and  reshaping  attitudes 
and values in a negative manner.

Our hopes are to be influential in the restoration of respect for 
human life.

The  group was founded in 1983 by Patricia Pulling  of  Richmond, 
Virginia.   Patricia lost a 16 year old son to suicide which  was 
directly related to the game of Dungeons & Dragons (R).   B.A.D.D 
was  incorporated in 1984 and enjoys tax exempt status (509)  (a) 
(1)  & 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi).  We are strictly voluntary  with  no 
paid staff and we are totally funded by private donations.

B.A.D.D serves the informational needs of people nationwide.   We 
supply  law  enforcement, schools,  churches,  doctors,  lawyers, 
psychiatrists, social workers and people from all walks of  life.  
We  have  done hundreds of media presentations ranging  from  "60 
Minutes"  to  Pat Robertson's "700 Club", including  The  Chicago 
Tribune,  USA Today, Newsweek, and many many more.  We have  even 
given media presentations for Canada, Australia, and England.  We 
give seminars and lectures all over the country.

B.A.D.D  also acts as a referral system for people who need  help 
regarding  entertainment  violence issues.  We believe  that  the 
problem  is  not only a lack of information but many  times  mis-
information.  We feel that if we all work together we can improve 
our society for our children.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to  do 
nothing."  Edmund Burke

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Materials List:

#101   A 40 page booklet which gives comparisons from Dungeons  & 
Dragons  (R) manuals to actual books on the occult.  Factual  and 
documented  with  actual  page references.  We ask  for  a  $3.75 
donation  for this booklet.  Yes, I would like this booklet,  no. 
of copies ______Total______

#102  We also have a large booklet which consist of a compilation 
of  newspaper  articles collected across the  United  States  and 
Canada.   We  ask  for a $10.00 donation to  cover  the  cost  of 
postage and copy expense.  Yes, I would like this booklet, no. of 
copies ______Total______

#103   We  have  a 90 minute cassette  tape  which  includes  the 
contents of a presentation given by Patricia Pulling and  Patrick 
Dempsey  "DUNGEONS  & DRAGONS - THE OTHER SIDE".  This  is  a  60 
minutes  lecture with an additional 30 minute interview  with  an 
Ex-Dungeon  Master  in which he discusses reasons that  could  be 
problem  areas  for young people.  We ask for a  $7.50  donation.  
Yes,  I  would  like  this  cassette  tape,  no  of   copies_____ 

#104   A  60  page booklet on WITCHCRAFT  OR  SATANISM???.   This 
booklet  gives  a  brief history of the  occult  including  human 
sacrafices,   definitions,   occult  related   crime,   and   the 
relationship of the adolescent occult fad of the 1980's to  their 
entertainment and to crime.  We ask for a $5.00 donation for this 
booklet     Yes,   I   would   like   this   booklet,    no    of 

#105   WHAT  IS  RITUAL  ABUSE?  This is a  19  page  booklet  to 
introduce the public to an apparent growing problem regarding the 
sexual victimization of young children in a ritualistic  fashion.  
A  $1.50  donation is requested for this booklet.  Yes,  I  would 
like this booklet, no of copies_____Total_____

This  item  is  free  of  charge but  it  is  restricted  to  law 
enforcment  personnel.   In order to obtain this  booklet  please 
request this in wqriting on Department Head stationary.

#107  Dungeons & Dragons brochure.  This item is free of  charge.  
It  is a personal testimony of a young man sentenced to  life  in 
prison for the murder of a friend with whom he played Dungeons  & 
Dragons.   He  tells  how to play the game and  reasons  why  you 
should not play the game.  Yes, I would like this brochure_____

#108   TEEN  DEVIL WORSHIP, A DEADLY FAD?  This item is  free  of 
charge  It  is  a brief introduction into  a  growing  fad  among 
teenagers, with a list of books related to the subject which  may 
prove  helpful for additional research.  Yes, I would  like  this 

#109   To  join  our mailing list we ask an  annual  donation  of 
$12.00.  Yes, place me on your mailing list._____

All  donations  received by B.A.D.D. INC are used  for  the  sole 
purpose of reprinting materials and expenses to operate  B.A.D.D.  
None of our personnel received any compensation and all donations 
are tax deductible.  Thank you for your interest and concerns.

We  also accept VISA and MASTERCARD.  If you wish to  use  either 
VISA or MASTERCARD please fill out the following information:

TYPE OF CARD_____CARD #_____