The following is the personal account of one of the aggrieved parties, David Garner of Cascade Electronics.

     The following is the personal account of one of the 
aggrieved parties, David Garner of Cascade Electronics.


     I personally met John in August or September of 1987 at a 
meeting of Minneapolis computer users that meets Saturdays for 
lunch. We did some trading of computer hardware with no cash 
involved (trading for equal value) until the end of December 
1987. At that time John stated that he could get 200 floppy disk 
drives for $14.00 each. These were used drives that might need 
repair. I paid for these drives in December of 1987.

     The drives did not arrive and in March of 1988 a refund was 
given to me in the form of a credit. From January to the present 
John has purchased $9640.00 in merchandise from me. I gave P.C. 
Information Exchange checks for a total of $16,684.40 from 
January of 1988 to the present.

     During the first part of April 1988 John stated that he had 
a request for a quote from the Minneapolis Public Library for 20 
AT computers. He said that he had all his money tied up in memory 
chip purchases and that he wanted to purchase the hardware from 
me (Cascade Electronics) and pay me when he got paid by the 
library (NET 30 terms). I supplied the hardware to him between 
the 18 of April and the 25 of April as I received the hardware 
from my suppliers. As part of the bid from the library John said 
that all systems must be installed by May 1 1988. Total value of 
the hardware for the 20 systems was $48,700.00

     In this same time frame John asked if I would want to buy 
some 41256-12 memory chips. I agreed to purchase 3000 chips at 
$6.50 each.  Delivery was to be made by May. 2 at the latest. 
Payment was made for the memory in the form of cash and hardware 
for a total of $19,500.00

     John was at the users group meeting on April 30. He said the 
chips would arrive Monday by Emery. He also said that all 20 
systems were delivered and installed at the library. He also took 
delivery of two XT cases and 2 XT Power Supplies. No payment was 
made. Total value was $170.00

     On Sunday John called Don Seiford and said that he had an 
offer for his house in Boston and had to fly there Sunday but 
would return on monday morning.

     PC Information Exchange was a local and national hub for the 
FIDONET  network. The system went down sometime that Sunday.  
All 8 lines were busy.

     PC Information Exchange was a subscription service supplied 
by John. People were asked to pay $20.00 for the use of his 
bulletin board. John asked for payment by mailing out statements 
to the people that used the PC Information system.

     By May 4 myself, Don Seiford, and Steve Sherwick were 
starting to worry about John. He never let his system go down and 
he had not talked to anyone that we know of. On May 5 Don Seiford 
talked to some people at John's condo unit and they said that 
they last saw John putting his computer hardware into his truck 
on Sunday (May 1)

     On May 5 and 6 The following was determined :

     HONEYWELL (Where John claimed to work) had no record of him. 
This was confirmed with personnel and security.

     The local Airforce base had no record of him. Also no F-14's 
(which he claimed to fly) are stationed here.

     The Minneapolis Public Library was contacted and reported,      
the library system is in the process of purchasing the hardware 
that was sold to John.  PC Information Exchange was asked to 
quote on the hardware but had not responded. The P.O. for the 
library system hardware had not been issued as of May 6,1988.

     On checking John's Condo no one had seen John since Sunday      
April 30 1988.

     John also sold 15,000 memory chips to another Minneapolis 
distributor. They paid 15% down on the order with delivery 
promised by May 2, 1988.  No delivery was made. John also 
purchased about $5,000.00 of hardware from the same company on 
Friday April 29 1988. The check was returned marked insufficient 
funds. Total loss to that company is about $20,000. A report has 
been made to the Eden Prairie, MN. Police Dept.  (Case #88005145)

     It was also noted that John applied a trailer hitch to his 
truck April 23. Later investigation confirmed he had acquired a 
trailer to carry considerable goods.



If you have information concerning this subject or would care to 
call in confidence please call the above number collect after 5 
P.M. Central Time. Specify to the operator that the subject of 
the call is the John Aleshe affair. 

Police report filed on May 9 1988 with the Goodhue County Sheriff


The following are serial numbers of some of the stolen hardware:

     Monitors: Color EGA
          MODEL PB1431EG  (PACKARD BELL)
               SN 80300770    80300773
                  80300778    80301094
                  80300771    80300752
                  80300789    80301106
                  80301195    80300758
                  80300780    80301096
                  80300767    80301182
          MODEL MBM4175  (GOLD STAR)
               SN 70602265    70602618
                  70602763    70602635
               SN 7202  0212  1797  2715
                  8674  6599  5915  2425
                  0957  9599  7126  0322
                  7886  6591  7858

          MODEL MF353B  (MITSUBISHI 3.5" FLOPPY)
               SN 8941-8950 AND 7821-7830

          MODEL MF504B  (MITSUBISHI 5" 1.2 FLOPPY)
               SN 6021-6030 AND 6081-6090