Computer Jokes

How can you tell if a person with a flat tire at the side of the
highway is a DEC repairman?
He's the one that is changing all four tires to find the flat.

What's the difference between a Macintosh and Etch-a-Sketch?
You don't have to shake a Macintosh to clear the screen.

Is it true that everybody who sells computers used to sell used cars?
No, 23% used to sell Florida real estate.

What's the message bordello owners most fear from the IRS computer?
Syntax error.

What's the fastest way to become a computer industry expert?
Bankrupt a computer company.

What's the fastest way to become a rich and famous computer industry expert?
Bankrupt two computer companies.

What's the hackers official farewell slogan?
The source be with you.

What's the official software manager's motto?
If one woman can make a baby in 9 months, then nine women can make one in
one month.

What do you call software that does everything it's supposed to?
A miracle.