''New Age'' rock crap, what's ''good'' for what.

From materials distributed by Lucia's Garden, Houston, Texas

stone:                    Use:

ADVENTURINE: healing (general)--dissolves unhealthy thoughts and reflects
healing ray to aura

AMETHYST:    induces meditation and devotional state, develops inner mind.
tranquilizes and inspires peaceful dreaming. transformational violet ray which
raises and purifes vibrations and helps with addictions and mental disorders,
especially depressions.

AQUAMARINE:  A water stone for cooling and soothing agitations, infections, and
pains--healing to throat chakra.  Improves communication ability and ability to
zero in on the subtle process of impressions that operate on the feeling level.
Can help to induce sleep.

AZURITE:     A third eye opener which stimulates visual images.  Sheds light on
outdated beliefs.  Can Initiate transformations.

BLACK        Stone for those worried about negative environment and
TOURMALINE:  negative  energies.  This stone forms a shield of protection and
deflects discordant or negative thought forms (warding stone)

BLOODSTONE:  Powerful cleanser of the blood and purifying organs.  Associated
with kundalini as it enables body to carry more energy.  Discourages excess
bleeding.  Can encourage favorable outcome in legal disputes. (personally I
regard this last as specious)

CARNELIAN:   A sun stone.  Teaches proper use of personal power.  A grounder
and manifester on physical plane.  A protector,  Good for throat and lung
problems.  Aids in ability to communicate.  Recharges etheric body.

CELESTITE:   Full body elevation.  Clear sightedness on application to Soul
Body (?). Effective with headaches.  A cooling and quieting tincture for pain,
infections, and fevers.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Brings out beauty and wisdom of the inner Goddess.  Inspires
surrender to the divine.  This feminine stone brings peace of mind and heart.

CITRINE:     For congestions, whether mental blocks or in physical plane.  Used
to encourage prosperity.  Unblocks energy flow through lower chakras.

CITRINE:     For blockages of the lower chakras.  Transmutes fear.

GOLDEN:      Shifts level of consciousness to help promote physical and
clairvoyant vision.

DOUBLE       Serves as a bridge or connecting link between any
TERMINATED   two points.  A telepathic aid for most purposes.

EMERALD:     For balancing.  For heart problems, whether physical or emotional.
For hypertension and to help balance blood glucose.  Recommended for use after
ruby or garnet has been used for cancers.

FLOURITE:    Genius stone.  Enhances ability to concentrate.  Attunes mind to
Divine Mind.  Helps to see reality beyond the form.

GARNET:      An energiser which is gentler than ruby.  Also for anemia,
paralysis and cancer.  Ancient Egyptians used this as a protective gem and
symbol of loyalty, passion, and love.

GREEN        It is as if the mind listens to this stone.  It says surrender,
CALCITE:     be at peace, be in balance.  A healer and friend in times of

GREEN       Balances and adds strength to nervous system. Regenerator, bringer
TOURMALINE:  of abundance.  Attunes to that which is most needed.

HERKIMER:    The dreamstone.  Helps promote out of body experiences.  Helpful
at childbirth.  Not to be used while driving or when you need to be alert to
the world

KUNZITE:     Blissful and uplifting.  Opens heart to allow a pure experience of
joy and Christ or Buddha nature.  Enables one to feel loving, loved and

KYANITE:     A vision quest stone.  Cleanses lens of third eye to allow clear
sight.  Absorbs to promote overall balance.

LAPIS:       Cleanses lens of third eye.  Penetrates subconscious blocks.  A
spiritual cleanser.

MALACHITE:   Draws to the surface that which is impeding spiritual growth, so
that work may begin.

MOONSTONE:   Represents the Goddess Energy and the feminine principal.  Soothes
and balances the emotions and brings peace of mind and hormonal equilibrium.
For use with male chauvinism and with female problems.

PHANTOM      (image of a crystal within a crystal)  Many life-
CRYSTAL:     times of learning in these crystals.  Great teachers.

PYRITE:      Strengthens mental capacity. Facilitates higher knowing, opens
mind to exciting possibilities.  Protection and centering.

RECORD :     (small triangle on surface of crystal)
KEEPER       Eons of wisdom and information stored within.

RHODO-       Clears the solar plexus of stored trauma so self-
CHROSITE:    less love and compassion can rise to expression.  Helps one accept
and integrate new information.

SMOKEY       Channels light into the physical.  Grounds one's
QUARTZ:      energy.  gives incentive to change and make manifest.  Dissolves

SODALITE:    Vibrates with the third eye.  Elicits deep thought.  Stills
overreaction to events by enabling one to think.

SUGILITE:    Grounds the etheric violet ray making it more accessible for
healing and release of old habits.  Opens the Third Eye to one's Godliness and
acceptance of the kingdom within.

TIGEREYE:    Stimulates personal courage.  Good for the too "spaced-out" one.
Also good for protection and grounding.