Curriculum outline, Firestar Coven

[Text was originally in Word Star, it seems, and I do not know
how to convert it to clear, low-bit ASCII-- DMR]


Note║ sessionˇ wilý bň LONă (│ hrs« w» breaŰ iţ thň middleę anń 
therň wilý bň man¨ peoplň (hopefully)Č s´ MUSď star˘ n´ late˛ 
thaţ 7:0░ pm«  Iţ factČ earlie˛ iˇ mucŔ preferable«  Iţ an¨ caseČ 
sessionˇ havň t´ star˘ oţ time!

	A. Historical Background
                               } one session
	B. General overview of present sects & systems (specifically pagan)
	C. Comparative religion - finding what is valuable in all Ways 
        (specifically non-pagan.  Kabalism goes here, among other things)
     D. Ethics
	E. God/dess forms & names
                                } one session
	F. Elements/Correspondences.  Tools (as link to the practical, which 
	A. Ritual (teach basic NROOGD here, ONCE), Ritual Drama. (The outer 
        structure of a working)
	B« Activň PsychiŃ Skillˇ - visualisationČ energ¨ 
        manipulationČ etc« (Thň inner force of a working)
     C. Psychic Healing
	D. Trance/Astral Travel
	E. Languages, Anthropology, Folklore.  (Material for rituals!)
	F. Scrying & other passive Psi
	G. Environment/Earth studies.  Primitive/wilderness skills.
     H. Herbal lore & medicines.
	I« Votivň Ar˘ (havň Dianß aˇ gues˘ lecturer?ę  PicturesČ 
           sculptureČ etc.
	J. Music/Poetry (forms, metres, tunes, chanting, drumming, etc.)
	K. Spirits, Ghosts & other Bogeys (this one is for Don)
	L. Magic & the Sciences (and this one is for Sean & David)
	M. Do-it-yourself (incense/candle-making, equipment-construction, 
        ritual-writing, etc.).  Whatever else was left out.

Further notes:

EacŔ sessioţ wilý consis˘ of║ 1ę Aţ "attunementó b¨ RobinČ 
lastinš n´ morň thaţ 1░ minuteˇ (optional╗ dependˇ oţ thň desireˇ 
oŠ thň lecturer)╗ 2ę ┴ talŰ b¨ thň lecture˛ puttinš fortŔ thň 
issuesČ pluˇ wha˘ s/hň knowˇ abou˘ themČ lastinš 30- 4░ minutes╗ 
4ę ┴ break╗ 5ę furthe˛ discussioţ and/o˛ hands-oţ practiseČ 
lastinš 4░ minutes.

Handoutˇ wilý include║ readinš listsČ outlinesČ anń whateve˛ elsň 
thň lecture˛ provideˇ iţ thň wa¨ oŠ xeroxeˇ froÝ booksČ picturesČ 

Durinš thň warme˛ monthsČ sessionˇ caţ (anń should!ę bň helń 
outdoors«  "Fielń tripsó t´ thň U├ Botanicaý GardenČ Tildeţ ParkČ 
anń thň beachČ shoulń bň arranged.

Thiˇ makeˇ 1Ě sessions«  A˘ onň pe˛ monthČ thň prograÝ wilý las˘ 
almos˘ ß yea˛ anń ß halfČ a˘ thň enń oŠ whichČ hopefullyČ 
everyonň wilý havň thň theoreticaý basiˇ fo˛ ß whitň cord«  
Deliver¨ oŠ samň isČ oŠ courseČ u­ t´ thň discretioţ and/o˛ whiÝ 
oŠ Yo§ Kno¸ Who.

Therň shoulń bň somň wa¨ oŠ evaluatinš progressČ eithe˛ self-
evaluatioţ b¨ thň individualČ o˛ evaluatioţ b¨ us«  Wha˘ shoulń 
thiˇ wa¨ be┐  Homework┐  Essays┐  Testing?

ProgressČ eithe˛ self-evaluatioţ b¨ thň individualČ o˛ evaluatioţ 
b¨ us«  Wha˘ shoulń thiˇ wa¨ be┐  Homework┐  Essays┐