I refer to Ruth Bailey(alias Rebecca Brown) as just Ruth

Since the person this letter was originally addressed to appears
to be a non-participant in the case, I have elected to omit his
name from this file - D.S.

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                         April 2, 1987

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Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,

     Having read your letter to Pastor Worley, I felt led of the Lord
to respond to it, at least in part.  I'm also sending copies of this
letter to Rebecca Brown, Jack Chick, Pastor Worley, and others I feel
might be interested.
     Some random comments and questions that do require thought and/or
1.   In order to avoid confusion, I will refer to the alleged former
witch as Edna.  She has gone by Edna Moses, Edna Bailey, Edna Gnost,
Elaine Moses...why all of the aliases, I do not know.  It could not be
from supposedly hiding from former associates in the craft because she
is exceptionally easy to track and find, no matter where she is.  I
refer to Ruth Bailey(alias Rebecca Brown) as just Ruth.
2.   Why does Ruth keep the title of Doctor when she was barred from
medicine in Indiana? (for prescription boosting)  She has not applied
in any state to be reinstated.  It is a fake title and misleading and
has been only used by her to establish credibility.
3.   To avoid the appearance of evil, why did Edna assume Ruth's last
name?  The explanation by Ruth was that she was going to adopt Edna.
This is so preposterous and ludicrous...that anyone would make such a
comment.  Middle age adopts middle age?  Why do they sleep in the same
bed and have done so almost since they first met?  In most of the
places they live there is adequate bedroom space for separate bedrooms
or at least separate beds.  One need hardly to accuse of lesbianism.
Homosexual marriages are not uncommon and it is not uncommon for
homosexual lovers to assume the last name of their partner.  Ad this to
sleeping together and the appearance of evil is given.  I would say
it's an unhealthy practice for an individual in the ministry of Jesus
4.   The very idea that because an individual ministers for Jesus Christ,
he is of Christ is anti-Biblical.  We know Satan's messengers come on
as Angels of Light.  Don't forget Judas ate with and ministered with
all the others for years, and they were totally taken by them.  He
healed, cast out demons, pointed sinners to Jesus Christ, etc.  Yet,
we're told he was of his father, the Devil.  Just because someone has
won souls to Jesus Christ, such as "Marjoe Gortnor," they are not
necessarily of Christ.
5.   One can only be judged on what they say and do by a singular
standard--the only one on earth to tell the truth from the lie is the
Bible.  The Holy Spirit who inspired it will never go against it.  Many
of the statements of the two women are so far removed from the Bible
that they must be looked at with great suspicion.
6.   Why do neither of the women attend a fundamental church?
7.   Having spoken with Edna personally, she told me, and I have it on
tape, I was crazy for believing the New Testament.
8.   Edna also admitted on the same tape that Ruth lost her license to
practice medicine in Indiana for writing illegal prescriptions.
9.   Why does Ruth, who states on tape, one thing that is absolutely
necessary in the ministry to witches is to get them out of the
spiritual world where they can see things ordinary humans cannot, when
she herself enters into this world frequently and what she sees is
diametrically opposed to the Word of God.  She made the following
statements in the presence of witnesses, "I saw Jesus get up from His
throne (How lucky, just her and Steven!) and He came down to minister
to demons (that's blasphemous) who were being tormented by angels
(since when?) because He felt sorry for them."  Obviously, anyone
making that statement does not know the Bible, is having delusions, or
is trying to impress someone.
     Just for the things I've stated at this point, alone, I would not
believe anything these women have to say, but there's much more---found
in the tapes they put out, and that piece of garbage they call a book.
     The two gals made three sets of tapes before they put one of the
sets on the market.  The first set contradicts the second; and the
second contradicts the third and the first; and the third set
contradicts much of the first and second sets.  I'll not go deeply into
it at this time.  The market tape is full of the questionable, the
impossible, and that which cannot be substantiated.  Most pastors I
know who have listened to the two tapes---men in the ministries for
several years---can survive only one half hour before turning them off.
Most have labeled these women as bogus, still in the occult, trying to
infiltrate a solid fundamental organization and ruin it....Chick
Publications... or simply two adventuresome women trying to make a name
for themselves using Jack, and Jesus Christ.  And still others think
it's done for notoriety or even possibly they're mentally ill.  They're
credibility can be greatly added to if they answer a multitude of
questions which they give stupid reasons why they couldn't and also
state that God told them not to answer.
     Let's just start with the tapes for the fun of it---fun tapes!?!?
Edna labeled herself by her own mouth to be a murderess before and
after the fact.  She admits to ordering twenty murders, then admits to
ordering the attempted murder of a man whose name must be known as he
was admitted to the Indiana hospital when the police found him
unconscious at a Satanic meeting, do not know how, saved his life, took
him to the hospital, they (police) didn't know what had happened to him
because told Ruth, the police let go the only person who survived a
ritualistic murder----the worse case Ruth had seen in her time at the
emergency room of a person being semi-butchered.  I can tell you a cop
or an attorney would have a field day with that.  Murder, by the way,
has no statue of limitations, and there was no police investigation.
     Let's look at Edna a moment if we dare.  She is a primary catch
for the DEA, FBI, CIA, BATF, NSA, DIA, etc.  Pick one!  You ever
notice--you probably have---when the questions start to get tight, she
says, "Father told not to say anything."  "Father???"  Which Father???
He's never referred to in such a way by anyone in the Bible...The
Father, My Father, Our Father, Heavenly Father.  The singular word
"Father" sounds like a familiar spirit....Father, Manchan, Richan,
Charlie Chan!!!  Oh, but it gets better...or worse!
Here is a witch, Edna, who has met governors, congressmen, chiefs of
police across the United States who engage in witchcraft.  She's not
referring to seances, tara cards, but to the down and dirty baby
killing, derelict murders, narcotics killings, sex orgies with both men
and women.  Now, it is her responsibility to point out, name, and
expose these sources of evil, but we find now that God the Father goes
against His Own Word and says not to expose anyone.  Edna is involved
in international "gun-running."  Where's the BATF and the CIA...Where,
When, and Why???
     Edna, bride of Satan, top witch in the United States (maybe even
in the whole world) manages to get out of most of the killing
rituals!?!  The tapes and the book could be taken apart and refuted by
the Bible, not to mention wisdom and plain common sense.
     Just what I have stated to this point alone would be sufficient
reason not to take these women seriously.  The finest Federal
Investigative agencies are not interested about anything the women say.
The DIA on the narcotics; the BATF on weapons; the FBI on interstate
murders; the CIA on international covert deals, have no interest
uniquely when these things are openly declared.  If, for example, I
would have said on a national tape that I've sold narcotics,
international arms, murdered and knew people involved, every
investigator in the United States would immediately run a background
check on me before coming to me to elaborate on these points.  If they
discover within their investigation, I was a "loonie tune," they would
proceed no further.  If they believe there was an iota of truth, I'd be
answering questions of lots of people.
     Ruth and Edna, by going public, have opened themselves to
criticism, hard statements, conclusions, public ridicule which is the
right of anyone to engage in, regarding a person who by their own
comments or actions bring attention to himself.  Liable, slander,
defamation of character cannot be brought against anyone as the
individuals, Edna and Ruth, can no more bring proof of their statements
than others can bring proof of their statements in certain areas.  The
burden of the truth lies on the person who made the original statement
that started the controversy.  The only answer to Edna and Ruth is to
meet the great test---the Bible.
     Nothing they've said is new.  It can be seen on any rented video
regarding the occult, witchcraft, the martial arts, espionage, and a
few assorted monster movies.  Let the Lord be the judge!!!  I've been
able to meet both of the women.  I've seen where they live and where
they have lived.  I've read material regarding their past.  I even read
the tract that the two put out regarding the girl in a church in
witchcraft...how Edna spotted her, and how Edna forgot to tell the girl
after repenting the Biblical way to get saved.  In all this I was not
impressed and I'm still not!
     I do know two gals from Indiana with no place to stay, hardly
anything to their name who came to California in a wreck of a car, met
a fine Christian man, Jack Chick, who has a taste for the unusual and a
heart so soft that he took them in.  I know now that they have good
paying jobs at Chick Publications, national exposure, etc.  "Go West,
young man," said Horace Greeley....where the action is.  He's right.
P.T. Barnum also said something similar.
     The young in Christ, the uninitiated, those intrigued by the
spectacular, those who believe in the "Bump in the night" evil, find
the two women interesting.  Most pastors never invite them back a
second time.  Needless to say, much more is to be said, as a great deal
of time has been spent by many looking into the backgrounds as well as
the story they put out.  The tapes and the book speak for themselves.
     It's my understanding that an attorney for the two has been
brought into the picture.  I was so ordered by what I believe to be a
Christian attorney in Los Angeles supposedly representing the two
women, to cease and desist in any comments regarding them.  My reply to
the attorney was lengthy and strong and I stated I'd be more than happy
to go to court on the matter.  Interesting question would be brought up
and I'd love to hear the answers.
     For anyone asked to speak with Ruth and Edna's attorneys---DO
NOT!!!  You are not obligated.  I would suggest those who criticize
their ministry (if led of the Lord) then to be obedient to the Lord.
If you are summoned to court, contact me.  I'll give you enough
accurate information and insight that will uphold you in any court in
the land.
     It is my hope that a law suit is coming up for me or to another
laboring in the Lord.  As an appeal to Caesar would bring out the truth
and all foolishness would be put to an end in quick order.
     I pray that no one think badly of Jack Chick.  He's labored hard
for Jesus Christ.  Pray for him and for his ministry!  Remember, Ruth
and Edna, have nothing to do with Chick publications.  They work as
hired employees.  Their ministry is their own.  They will answer to the
Lord and to others as all do in the ministry, and must be prepared to
have an answer for all men, not "Father told me not to!"  On a witness
stand that is inacceptable if put in a correct manner.

                              Sincerely in Christ


                              Charles C. Younts
                              Pastor/ Director of Missions

CC:  Roger W. Spaulding
     Pastor Win Worley
     Brother Emmanuel (M.B.I.C.)
     Dr. Peter Ruckman
     Jack T. Chick, Pres. Chick Publ.
     Miss Rebecca Brown