Unified Field Theory 'Hawaiian Style'

Unified Field Theory 'Hawaiian Style'

Ancient Hawaiians had a very deep understanding of the nature of 
things and the universe.  One concept they held was that there exists 
an energy form that is the 'mother' of all other energy.  This concept 
is now being pursued by modern scientists under the title of "The 
Unified Field Theory".  If I understand this theory correctly, it is the 
pursuit of a form of energy that is the common denominator of 
gravitational and magnetic energy forms.

It is difficult for me to explain this concept completely,  I am not an 
ancient Hawaiian (or a modern one, for that matter) nor am I an 
expert in this field.  However, I do have some basic knowledge and I 
will give my best attempt at a scientific explanation.

Let us formulate a hypothesis:  There exists an energy such that 
Heat, electricity, and gravity are derivatives of it.  It is the energy 
that keeps us alive and the energy that binds the solar system.  We 
will call this life force 'Mana' (its Hawaiian Term).  I have included 
below an better explanation of Mana by a Ph.D. and Kahuna Kupua 
(Master Shaman).
Excerpt from "Mastering Your Hidden Self" by Serge King:

"Mana is the energy behind all life and a potential source of 
incredible power.  Yet it has been ignored by conservative Western 
Scientists, although discovered time and time again by those more 
daring and open minded.
        Franz Anton Mesmer discovered it in the eighteenth century 
and gave it the name of animal magnetism (not to be confused with 
the same term used by Christian Scientists). As an example of how 
threatening his discovery was, Mesmer's name today is associated 
only with hypnotism, a byproduct of his work with the vital force.
        About fifty years after Mesmer, Baron von Reichenbach 
investigated the claims of this force, proved its existence by many 
experiments, and called it odic force.  In spite of his reputation as the 
inventor of creosote, however, Reichenbach's discovery was ignored 
or scorned by most other scientists of his time.
        Freud suggested existence of this force and called it "libido" and 
a doctor name Abrams investigated its bioelectric characteristics.  
Wilhelm Reich, a protege of Freud's, made discoveries about it, did 
extensive experiments with it, wrote books about it, and invented 
devices to generate it.  The U.S. Government sent him to jail, burned 
his books, and confiscated his devices.  Reichs's name for vital force 
was 'orgone energy'.
        A Frenchman, Bovis, discovered this force in pyramids, and 
later scientists in several Eastern Bloc nations experimented with it 
under the name of 'psychotronic energy'.  Meanwhile, and for 
centuries past, other cultures familiar with this energy have given it 
names like prana, baraka, mungo, ch'i, and ki, to mention a few...."

We can look for its characteristics just by looking at living beings 
such as ourselves.  Specific instances of mana account for body heat 
and body current .  Mana also explains the ability of certain 
individuals to levitate themselves (an anti-gravity effect).  Mana also 
explains the ability of faith healers that are able to extend the 
lifetime of certain bacterial organisms in a controlled lab.  Mana is 
also the energy field that is emitted from pyramids that is able to 
keep egyptian mummies in perfect condition for centuries.

My above explanation is a GREATLY simplified explanation of a 
universal energy form.  Do not be fooled by its obviousness. It is real, 
and can be proved easily.

I look forward to discussion on this topic.