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[The  following  is "A Personal Perspective"  by a counselor  who  has  been
working  with  adult survivors who were ritually abused as  children.    The
Editor asked her to put more pertinent observations down in writing so  that
they could be shared with FILE 18  NEWSLETTER readers.  This is not intended
to  be  an  exhaustive  study  of ritualized  abuse  cases,   but  rather  a
continuation  of  training  material  to keep the 'worst  case  scenario  of
satanic crimes' before you.]

A  definition  of  the ADULT SURVIVOR is one who was a.)   born  into  satan
worship  or black witchcraft;   b.)  reared as a child (obtained by whatever
means)   by  a coven during the formative ages of 0-6   yrs.;   or,  c.)   a
voluntary member of a coven.

When screening persons as potential survivors,  consider the following lists
of  characteristics.    Two or more should be verifiable in  the  legitimate
adult survivor:   a.)  migraine headaches,  b.) abdominal pain,  c.)  eating
disorders,  d.) overweight,  e.) liver or adrenal malfunctions,  f.) vaginal
and/or rectal scarring,   g.)  collapsed rectal wall,   h.)  digestive tract
irregularity,    i.)  missing uterus or sterilized,   j.)   blood  chemistry
imbalance,   k.)  right-side epilepsy,  l.)  urinary tract invections,   m.)
nipples missing,   or, n.)  preference for soft drinks.   In addition to the
physical characteristics, there are also psychological characteristics:  a.)
fear,  b.) sexual or chemical dependency,   c.)  low self-esteem,  d.) guilt
and/or depression,   e.)  anger or hatred,   f.)  suicidal tendencies,   g.)
self-injury or mutilation,  h.) blackouts,  i.) childhood amnesia,  j.) high
intelligence level,   k.) an over-achiever,  l.)  black-and-white (bi-polar)
thinking,    m.)  god  phobic,    n.)   seeming  multiple  personalities  or
disassociative dysfunction disorder,  or, o.) fixation with or references to
satan or demons.

The  perpetrators  leave  tell-tale evidence on the body of  the  ritualized
abuse  victim.   These signs last for a lifetime and can be pertinent to the
knowledgeabe investigator.  They include:  a.)  Brands or Tattoos of satanic
or  coven  symbols (found inside the hairlines,   on the  neck/shoulder,  on
hands/palms/fingers, on back/buttocks, on breasts/chest, or, inside the lips
of  the vagina/on the genitals);   b.)  Scars (from rope burns on wrists  or
abdomen,  from cuts inside the thighs or on the sides of the neck,  and from
scourge  or  whip marks on back/buttocks and/or upper backside  of  thighs);
and,  c.)  Missing Digits (usually a little finger,  often on the left hand,
or,   a  left-hand ring finger at the center knuckle,  or missing toes,   or
missing  toes and fingers due to thin wire restraints used to immobilize the
person during rituals.)

Bizarre as this may sound,  those in mental health, counseling,  or pastoral
counseling  fields  must confront multiple personalities manifesting  in  an
individual  adult survivor.   There may be some confusion with the  Multiple
Personality Disorder and how it relates to the survivor.   In some cases you
have the following:  a.) multiple personalities,  b.)  demons manifesting as
multiple personalities  (Editor's Note:   Rebecca Brown,  M. D.,  in her new
book  PREPARE FOR WAR,  Chick Publications,  maintains that every  "multiple
personality" manifested in a ritualized abuse survivor is, in fact, a demon.
The  very  purpose for the bizarre rituals,  she says,  is to  implant  such
entities into the abuse victim.   She cautions therapists and counselors not
to  overlook this fact or fail to deal with it on an  appropriate  spiritual
basis.),  c.) personalities with one or more (not all) being possessed,  d.)
personalities with one or more being a practicing Christian (which is not to
be  confused  with  a  'religious spirit'),    or,   e.)   an  alter-ego  or
disassociative disorder.

Total control of the abused person is the ultimate desired objective of  the
perpetrators.    They utilize brainwashing and indoctrination methods  which
are  'state-of-the-art.'   Use of similar therapeutic techniques by a  well-
meaning clinician can add to the problems the survivor is experiencing.

A.   The E.E.G.   or similar electro-stimuli may be attached to the head  or
other  nerve  endings  for the purpose of breaking  the  will,   encouraging
obedience,  layering  personalities,   and insuring silence  through  threat
B.   Ingestion of animal or human urine, feces, blood,  orgasmic secretions,
or flesh--often mixed with wine or mind-altering drugs--  causes degradation
of the person, lessens his/her inhibitions, causes obedience, and supposedly
increases spiritual power if done in a ritual.
C.   Isolation in closets,  basements,   caskets (with or without a corpse),
cages,  isolation houses,  or any dark,  restraining area tends to break the
will, foster obedience, and reinforce a 'no-absolutes' condition (often they
are isolated even when they perform willingly.)
D.  Drugs such as belladonna, heroin, LSD, methamphetimines,  and others are
applied  to  lessen inhibitions,  cause obedience,  create confusion and  an
inability  to  correctly discern reality,  and foster a dependency upon  the
coven for regular drug supplies.
E.   Forced Participation in Sexual Revels,  both hetero-  and homosexual in
nature,   including all possible combinations of perversions with  children,
adults, and animals, creates humiliation, degradation, sexual gratification,
destroys  normal  bonding,   and supposedly increases spiritual  power,  and
appeases the coven's god(s).
F.    Starvation  and protein deprivation quickly foster  obedience,   cause
confusion,   and make the mind more susceptible to outside  suggestions  and
G.    Forced  Participation in Ritual Sacrifices,  including  murder  and/or
mutilation of children/adults/animals, may occur in mock rituals or be real.
These  snare the victim in a web of guilt,  instill the fear that they might
be the next sacrificial victim, degrade, traumatize, and gain control.
H.  Grave Robbery from cemetaries, mausoleums, graves, etc., occur to obtain
specific  body  parts or bones for rituals,  to obtain valuables,  to  prove
commaraderie within the group,  to cast spells and gain spiritual power,  or
to  work "magick."    An initiate may be required to spend a 24  hr.  period
buried in a grave with a corpse or have sex with a corpse.   This  degrades,
produces guilt,  traumatizes,  is used to punish disobedience,  or can be  a
'test of strength or worthiness to be a coven member.'
I.   Bonding to a 'Friend' is used if the victim is resistant,  inhibited or
fearful.   The 'friend' is there to encourage or rescue, gaining trust,  and
exercising coercion to get compliance.   If that tactic fails,  the 'friend'
does the old 'pull the rug out from under them'  technique and turns on  the
victim,  thus causing distrust,  confusion,  futility,  self-reliance,   and
contributing to the atmosphere of 'no-absolutes.'
J.   Pins and Needles are inserted into the vagina, penis,  rectum or inside
the  foreskin  of  the penis.   Other targets for these fine  pins  are  the
eyelids, ears, eardrums, nose, or other nerve endings.  E.E.G., E.K.G.,  and
electro-oriental-style  acupuncture-type  needles  are  used,   as  well  as
hypodermic or transfusion-type needles.  Pain caused by insertion is used to
punish.   The needles have utilitarian uses,  too,  such as:   injections of
drugs or truth serum, transfusions, mock operations, or actual operations in
the drugged state,  including sterilizations, abortions, and abortion ritual
sacrifices.    Pins  and  needles seem to be used  to  layer  personalities,
program  future  dates and actions,  and deal with names (to  remember,   to
forget, to kill later.)
K.    Kidnappings  of babies-through-adults (especially of Christians)   are
accomplished  with forced participation of the abuse victims.   Kidnaps  are
done for sales, slavery, indoctrination, and human sacrifices (either by the
home  group  or  exported to other groups.)   The kidnaps are  for  whoever,
whenever  commanded,  and however they can be accomplished.   The  kidnapped
victim is held in a safe place or holding house until the coven or  procurer
picks  him/her  up.   Often the abuse survivor is forced to  'babysit'   the
kidnap  victim...this  causes  a lot of trauma and guilt because  the  abuse
survivor  knows  the  fate of the kidnapped person.   This  scenario  forces
obedience,  guilt,  and humiliation,  but brings coven praise and more power
within the coven.
L.    A  "Black  Hole Experience"   seems common to  most  ritualized  abuse
survivors  in one form or another.   It may be used to enforce discipline or
punish.  Generally, the "Black Hole Experience" consists of: being suspended
head first into a dark pit which contains human/animal parts,  blood,  rats,
snakes,  spiders,  etc.  This lasts for up to 24 hours or even longer.   The
more severe the need for punishment or control, the worse the experience is.
Sometimes  the  pit is filled with the mutilated body parts and blood  of  a
close friend of the survivor, perhaps someone who the survivor was forced to
help  kill.   Left in this putrefying "stuff"  for 24  hrs.  up to 2  weeks,
without food, in total darkness...the "Black Hole"  is often one of the most
difficult for the survivor to work through.
M.   The Re-Birth Ritual (not to be confused with the Black Hole Experience)
is usually performed during childhood, but can be done for adults.  A  large
animal  (cow)   or  human's abdominal cavity is opened.    The  initiate  is
inserted  inside the cavity and left until the end of the ritual,  at  which
time he/she is pulled out as a form of 'birthing from death.'   The initiate
is usually covered by the entrails and blood of the 'birth host' and wallows
around  until pulled out by the High Priest.   This is satan's equivalent of
the Christian 'born again' experience.
N.    Marriage  to the Beast/Satan Ceremonies are actual wedding  ceremonies
which include conjured demons and satan himself present.  Satan may manifest
himself through the High Priest, a black man, in some 'form', or as himself.
In whichever form, there is a sexual act which consumates the marriage.  The
sex  act  is  very  painful and usually this ceremony occurs  on  the  fifth
birthday of the female child victim.  This child is usually being groomed as
a High Priestess (Bride of Satan)  and will rule the coven at a future time.
A  Bride of Satan may not actively participate in coven worship  for  years,

but  at the time the High Priest is dying,  he must pass his powe on to  his
successor, or soul-mate.
O.    Brainwashing Techniques often include certain letters of the alphabet,
numbers  and seemingly nonsensical rhymes.   The most obvious letter is  "F"
because it is the sixth letter of the alphabet.   The numbers "6"  or "666",
the  Biblical number of the Beast,  are important.   Numbers  most  commonly
used  are multiples of "6";  or,  "7"  for perfection;  "9",  the number  of
Christ;   "13"  for luck;  or "18"  which is the sum of the  numbers  "666".
Birthdates and dates set in the future may "key"  the survivor to return  to
the coven or commit a predetermined act.  Sing-songs, backward writings, and
rhymes are memory programming "keys" to control future behavior.

The adult survivor may have anxiety attacks or experience panic when certain
familiar smells or activities are encountered.  These things trigger painful
and disturbing memories.   Such things as digging in the dirt,  sawing wood,
and using gardening utensils may be triggers.   Kitchen smells,  sights,  or
sounds often bring back the past.   Animals which were used in rituals or as
instruments of abuse include dogs (esp.  Dobermans, Rottweilers,  Pit Bulls,
and Shepherds),  wolves, cats, goats, pigs, owls, pigeons, sparrows,  hawks,
blackbirds,   and  doves.    Obviously,   Black  Widow  and  other  spiders,
cockroaches,  rats,  mice,  snakes and lizards may hold bad connotations for
the survivor.   Candles of various colors, mortuaries, mausoleums,  closets,
basements,  indoor theaters,  churches,  hospitals,  or any dark,  isolated,
restraining place may hold dark fears,  too.  Unfortunately,  satanists come
in all shapes and sizes;  doctors, nurses, policemen, clergymen, judges, and
other professionals may create panic.

It  is important to note that the First Amendment of the U.S.   Constitution
protects  the right to worship freely.   The statements in this  perspective
are  not  to offend or condemn anyone's beliefs or choice of worship.    The
only  intent is to expose the criminal activity involved in some,  not  all,
worship of satan or other dieties.

Det.  W.  E.  Callister,  McCook PD's Major Crimes Team,  came across a case
which  tested  his discernment and intuitive judgement.   In  September,   a
female runaway rolled into McCook on the bus and proceeded to tell a tale so
bizarre  that  it could have been believable!    After  thorough  background
checking,   Callister  and  his co-workers broke the story  of  Sandra  Dawn
Hilbert,  WFA 23,  4-28-64.   She had posed as Anastasia Illyanna Novischik,
15,   a   runaway from Denver due to her pending initiation into  a  satanic
ritual  group.    She called the National Runaway Hotline from McCook,   was
picked  up,   and initially handled as an abandoned child,  then  an  abused
child.   When the facts became known,   Sandra AKA Anastasia was booked  for
felony criminal mischief, false reporting, and criminal impersonation.

Det.   Callister  wanted  to warn other departments  about  this  convincing
prevaricator  who,  it seems,  is an aspiring author.   She had  handwritten
notes  among  her  belongings  which told a story  in  novel  form  about  a
character named Anastasia.   Perhaps she was 'living her story'  in order to
get  a first-hand perspective.   However,  the chilling and detailed account
she  told to investigators while pretending to be Anastasia  was  consistent
with many of the reports we have printed about actual satanic and witchcraft
rituals.   She described grisly sacrifices of babies, cannibalism,  sex with
children,  smearing and drinking blood,  and anointing with urine and  feces
during adult-child satanic rituals.  What investigator wouldn't prick up his
hears  when  hearing statements such as these?   But Callister  finally  saw
through the charade and exposed the lies.

If  you have been perplexed with similar cases,  Det.  Callister can  supply
more  details and photos.   Think of the 'crow'  he and his department would
have  had  to eat if they had made premature public  statements  about  this
case.   We do not know if this contrived story was Sandra's alone, or if she
was  a  cleverly-rehearsed  plant to destroy the credibility  of  the  local
authorities.  As in all cult/occult crime cases,  it is better to err on the
conservative side than to be too publicly liberal with information.  (Refer:
McCook PD Case #870651)

The Editor appreciates Plano,  Texas, PD's Ofc. Pat Wertheim, a  Crime Scene
Investigator,   who is trying to compile training and reference material for
processing  ritual and cult/occult crime scenes.   In our continuing efforts
to  train  the  first responders to correctly  identify  and  document  non-
traditional  motivation crimes,  we believe that C.S.I.'s are a key link  in
the chain of facts.   As Pat said in his letter,  "...I suspect most techs.,
especially those in small and medium sized departments, seldom, if ever, see
a ritual crime.   If one does occur,  then they do not recognize it as such,
and consequently miss important evidence..."

If  you  have  experience  in  even one  hands-on  cult/occult  crime  scene
investigation,  please contact Pat.   If you have,  or know of,  good occult
crime  scene clues training or descriptive materials,  forward them to  Pat.
He  is  trying to gather such materials and will work on compiling them  for
the use of us all.   Contact:  Ofc. Pat Wertheim,  Plano PD,  909  14th St.,
Plano, Texas, 75074, 214-578-7209.

On Tuesday, October 13, 1987, the NOBLESVILLE DAILY LEDGER (Indiana) carried
a   short  news  item  about  several  grave  robberies  in  the  Hendrick's
County/Plainfield,  Indiana area.  H.C.S.O. Lt.  Stephen Golden is quoted as
saying that the "...practice is common among members of satanic cults.  This
type  of crime is a new area of law enforcement  investigation...Because  it
doesn't happen every day, we're having to start from scratch to find out why
(the  graves  were robbed.)   Apparently this kind of activity is common  in
satanic cults."

Thanks to Lt. Nick Campbell, Noblesville PD, for the article.  Hopefully, as
we self-educate more and more law enforcement personnel,  we can start out a
little  farther ahead in such investigations.   The robberies in such  close
proximity  to  the  #1  satanic holiday  (Halloween)   may  be  significant.
However,   there should be a lot more intelligence gathering and  background
investigation before we jump to conclusions...right?

During the past two weeks,  officers from across the country have  contacted
me  about several recovered bodies.   Since all of these investigations  are
on-going,  I will not identify the locations.   However,  if you recognize a
similarity  or  want to  talk to the investigating  officers,   contact  the
Editor and I will give referral information.

Body   #1:   An unidentified male killed by six gunshots--three in the  left
side,  two in the back,  and one in the cheek of the face.   On his forehead
was  a "quarter-sized,  whitish-brown pottery-like substance."    Are  these
factors significant to any of you?

Body  #2:   A 29 yoa male found decapitated and dumped on rural ground.  His
identity  has  been determined by local authorities who are still seeking  a
motive.  Unknown if cult/occult factors were involved.

Body  #3:   A  teenage female satanic coven member found floating in a lake.
Her  hands were tied behind her back with her bra.   She bore a fairly fresh
pentagram  tattoo on one ankle,  was believed to have been trying to quit  a
local  coven,  and died from multiple stab-wounds to the throat on Halloween
night.  Perhaps the motive is a little TOO obvious in this case (?).

In  edition  87-4  of the FILE 18  NEWSLETTER we reprinted excerpts from  an
article  about  witchcraft   and   satanism  which  was  published  in   the
WARNKE MINISTRIES NEWSLETTER.    The conclusion of this article appeared  in
their 3rd.  Quarter 1987  Newsletter.   Because we promised to continue this
informative it is:

"In  the  last issue...we briefly examined satanism and witchcraft,   noting
some differences between them in their religious beliefs and the common  use
of  "magical  technology."    For witches there are  also  the  designations
"black"  and "white."   A  white witch is one who supposedly uses magic  for
helpful,  beneficial purposes and a black witch is one who employs magic for
selfishness or destruction.   It is necessary to remember that God does  not

hate white magick any less than black;  all forms of witchcraft are  equally
condemned in Deuteronomy 18 and several other places in Scripture.   Some of
the  reasons  become  apparent when one examines  the  basic  principles  of
witchcraft.   They can be expressed in different ways,   but one of the most
common is the Witches' Pyramid--imagination, will, faith, and secrecy.

Imagination  refers  to  the ability to visualize a magical goal;   this  is
important  to  a  witch or satanist for two reasons.   Neither  witches  nor
satanists  appeal to a "higher"  power in the same way that  Christians  do;
they look to themselves to determine what they want to happen rather than to
a diety to see what he (or she)  may want.   Obviously,  then,  the magician
must have a goal or end result in mind.   The second reason is that emotions
are believed to be the "fuel"  for the spell,  and the greater the emotional
build-up and release,  the greater likelihood of success.   It is  therefore
vital  for a person working magic to be able to visualize the result and  to
get  sufficiently  emotional  about it.   This is a key  factor  in  rituals
performed by witches as well as satanists.  THE SATANIC BIBLE,  for example,
recommends the use of objects, drawings, or even smells and sounds as an aid
to imagining the result coming to pass.

The  will  of  a witch or satanist is their determination  to  pursue  their
magical goal until it becomes reality.  Those who have THE SATAN SELLER will
remember  that  Mike [Warnke] often used the phrase "As I will,  so mote  it
be!"   Unlike a Christian who prays "thy will be done," a  witch or satanist
expects  their  will to be done.   This "magical will"  is described in  one
source  as  being similar to the will of a spoiled child in its ignoring  or
rejecting any thought or opposition or resistance.

The third side of the Witches'  Pyramid is faith.   The faith of a witch  or
satanist  is  pointed  in  an entirely different direction than  that  of  a
Christian.   For a satanist there is no higher cause than self; a  witch may
call  on "other gods",  but the intent is more coercion than service.    One
witchcraft manual advocates the "drawing of alignments,"  stating that power
can   be  asked for "because we already made Power of our own..."    another
one tells the novice witch that "...they (the spirits or forces)  are now as
dependent  on  your attentions as you in your spells are on  theirs."    The
faith  of  a witch or satanist,   then,  is not in a "higher power"  but  in
themselves--in their ability to tap into their perceived source of power and
in the potency of their spells or rituals.

Secrecy,   the  fourth side of the pyramid,  is a  practical  consideration.
Witches and satanists believe that power shared is power lost.    Therefore,
if a particular spell is believed to be powerful,  then it would probably be
kept  secret.    It would obviously be no great thing to work a  spell  that
everyone  else could do;  the power would lie in being the only one (or  the
only  group)  that could perform it.   Also,  spells that are cast on  other
people  are  kept secret to minimize the use of counter magic  or  defensive
magic.   There are hundreds of books on the market that claim to reveal vast
amounts of hidden, secret, or "forbidden" knowledge;  even if the claim were
true,  which it often is not, the value of these spells would be lost.   Not
only  would everyone know the spell,  but they would also know how to defend
themselves.    That  is why so many of the serious groups develop their  own
magical technology and keep it secret.

These  four principles are focused on a particular spell or  ritual,   which
serves as a means to build up and release emotions.  THE SATANIC BIBLE calls
ritual "intellectual decompression;"  the various aspects of a group ritual,
such as dancing,  chanting, singing, etc.  serve as a means to transcend the
intellect.   The mind is seen as the source of doubt or anxiety,   which  of
course  undermines imagination,  will,  and faith.   Therefore,  the  ritual
provides a way not only to increase emotions but to bypass the rational part
of the mind.

Viewing   witchcraft  in  this  way  reveals  several  points   of   obvious
disagreement  with  Christianity.    One of the most imortant  is  attitude.
Christians go to the spiritual realm as servants; our prayers are a petition
to God.  God answers our prayers not because He has to, but because He loves
us.   A   witch or satanist goes to the spiritual realm intending  to  force

their  deity to respond or believing that they themselves have all the power
that is necessary.  Such an approach is prideful to say the least.  In fact,
the desire to be god is quite literally the oldest sin in the book.

Romans  1:18-32  is useful in understanding the predicament of occultists in
their disregard of God and His principles.   Verses 19  and 20  tell us that
God's nature and attributes can be seen through creation; in fact, God makes
sure that this is so.  However, as verse 25 says, the ungodly exchange God's
truth  for  a  lie,  and we worship the creation rather  than  the  Creator.
Witches in their worship of nature and cosmic forces and satanists in  their
worship  of self are equally guilty.   As a result of turning away from God,
their  hearts  turn to evil and their minds become  futile.    The  Witches'
Pyramid is actually a trap.

In  the garden the serpent promised Eve that she and Adam could become  like
God, having a knowledge of good and evil.  This was obviously a lie; we have
not  become more like God,  but less so.   We may have a degree of knowledge
about evil, but we have lost the knowledge of good.  One of the main reasons
that  God gave the law to Moses was  to restore some of this knowledge,  and
Jesus  came to fulfill that law and write it on our hearts.  (Hebrews 8:10)
Those who would strive to be god, either directly in the case of a  satanist
or indirectly in the case of a witch, make the same mistake.

A  witch or satanist trusts in his/her own ability to visualize the  magical
goal.    Since  we  are  not infinite like God  is,   this  means  that  the
imagination is limited.  The magician is also forced to trust in his/her own
power, which is obviously finite also.  Since they believe that power shared
is power lost, much of their magical activity is spent in defensive magic or
in trying not to give off energies of one kind or another.  As Christians we
have access to the ultimate power source in God.   We need not depend on our
own ability to visualize, nor does our faith need to be in ourselves.  We do
not have to worry about the amount of power we have;  there is plenty to  go
around.    In fact,  Paul could even boast about his weaknesses,  saying "My
(God's)  grace is sufficient for you,   for power is perfected in weakness."
(II Corinthians 12:9-10).

Certainly there is much more that could be said about magic, witchcraft, and
satanism.    However,   even  this  brief  examination  clearly  shows  that
Christians  have  the victory through Christ.   Truly we can  say  with  the
Apostle John that "greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world."
(I John 4:4)."

Mike  Warnke  has pledged his staff and resources to aid law enforcement  in
any  way  they  can.    He  has already proven to be  an  able  resource  at
cult/occult crime  scenes;   members of his staff have testified  as  expert
witnesses  concerning  occult  crime motivations.    Our  thanks  to  Warnke
Ministries  for this two-part article.   You can personally contact them and
get  on  their  mailing list by writing to  Warnke  Ministries,   Box  1075,
Danville, Ky., 40422.  Their 24-hour hotline number is 1-800-345-0045.

Editor's Note:   My greatest misgiving about working on FILE 18  is that  we
will  give  you  just enough information  to  be  dangerous--to  yourselves.
Occult  crimes and ritual activities carry very real,  VERY HEAVY  spiritual
implications  along  with  the physical ones.   We expect  that  you  noble,
dedicated  officers  will wade right into the middle of such  investigations
without a selfish thought.   However,  you may be battling with forces which
are impervious to your wrist-twists, your batons, or your service firearms--
and they may destroy you.   These things are unseen to most of us,  probably
scoffed  at  or  written  off as Hollywood/overactive  imaginations  by  the
majority.    But,   in our natural state we are helpless to  defend  against
unseen  enemies;   spiritual  training and spiritually effective  tools  are

If you are apprehensive about where you would stand personally in a face-to-
face  confrontation  with ancient evil,  give Mike Warnke a  call...ask  the
call-taker  how  you can be assured of victory.   Or call or  write  to  the
Editor--we'll get you the answers you need.

Somewhere  in this Newsletter is a one-page flyer by David W.  Balsiger  and
Jack Roper (those of you who know a real detective or trained observer,  ask
for  help in finding it...Hint:  it's a different color than the rest of the
newsletter!)   Dave and Jack have independently engaged in years of research
into cult/occult issues,  activities,  and practitioners.   Both have proven
themselves to be organized,  informative, helpful,  and agreeable resources.
The Editor highly recommends either or both men if you are trying to compile
information or track a movement or occultic group.

In  compensation  for our inclusion of this 'advertisement'  in the FILE  18
NEWSLETTER,   Dave  and Jack have donated a significant amount  of  resource
literature  which  will eventually find its way into your  hands--either  by
direct mail or as parts of this publication.   The prime tenet of FILE 18 is
to "Get the Info. Out To You," so you can apply it, build on it, and network
together  locally and regionally.   Roper's and Balsiger's 'tools'  will  be
tremendous helps to you.  Please take advantage of them.

How  many of you can honestly say that your department has assigned even one
person  to actively contact and monitor the various computer Bulletin  Board
Systems  (BBS)   available  to the paedophile,  the  pornographer,   or  the
occultist.  Perhaps some of you do a little 'hacking' at home and would like
to fool around to see what you can come up with.   The following information
came  from an unnamed source,  but is believed to be accurate.   These  BBSs
were  known  to  have been carrying on discussions  pertinent  to  paganism,
magick, freethought, and liberal religion as of January, 1987.

"The Magick Conference, a system of messages echoed between a growing number
of  BBS using Fido BBS sotware running on IBM P/Cs and DECs  throughout  the
USA,  via electronic mail sent to other boards in the dead of the night  via
Ma Bell.   Soon to be updated by a more sophisticated software system called
Opus  with increased security and advanced features.   Some of the principal
nodes thru which various boards rought their messates are:

WEIRDBASE ST. LOUIS, MO. 314-389-9973.
      Run  by  Brad  Hicks  founder of the  Magick  Conference;   discordian

      OTO and Crowley oriented, 24 hr./day, 300/1200.

BAPHONET, NY, NY, 718-499-9277.
      OTO oriented for the East Coast crowd; 300/1200  (local users try 300)
24 hr/day.

The following BBS echo mail thru the Magick Conference:

MEGA KAUI, Hawaii, 800-245-2080, 24 hr., 300/1200.
DAVE'S FIDO, Gardner, Mass., 617-632-1861, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
METATREK FIDO, Toms River, NJ, 201-286-2567, 24 hr., 300/1200.
TERRABOARD, Minneapolis, Mn., 612-721-8967, 24 hr. 300/1200/2400.
SEABOARD, Clifton, NJ, 201-472-8065, 24 hr., 300/1200.
HOUSE ATREIDES, Rowland Hgts., Ca., 818-965-7220, 24 hr., 300/120.
DATA/SFNET, Ottawa, Ont., 613-726-1100, 0800-2000 hrs., Tue-Fri., 300/1200.
PHILOSOPHER'S LOG,  Fullerton, Ca., 714-992-0876, 1800-0700 weekdays, 24 hr.
weekends, 300/1200.
MUSIC TERM #2, Orange, Ca., 714-535-1258, 24 hr., 300/1200.
COMPUTER COACH, Tacoma, Wa., 206-565-1476, 24 hr., 300/1200.
COLLINWOOD, San Jose, Ca., 408-249-6670, 2300-0700, 300/1200/2400.
IBM TECH FIDO, Pepperell, Ma., 617-433-8452, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.

DRIVE LINK, Denver, Co., 303-252-9235, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
WEST HOLLYWOOD BBS, Hollywood, Ca., 818-985-0541, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
LIGHT ARTISTS, N. Hollywood, Ca., 818-985-0541, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
KING JAMES RB, Garden Grove, Ca., 714-537-7355, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
MACHINE-DO, San Pedro, Ca., 213-548-3546, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
CS/B,  College Station, Tx., 409-693-2235, 2300-0600  Sun-Thur.,  2300-0900,
Fri-Sat., 300/1200/2400.
TRADING POST, Detroit, Mi., 313-882-7104, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
P-1 FIDO, Ferndale, Mi., 313-545-1931, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
TONY'S CORNER, Warren, Mi., 313-754-1131, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400.
THE GAME BOARD, Minneapolis, Mn., 612-822-1968, 24 hr., 300/1200/2400."

"Fido  systems are well protected against abusive/obscene callers.   If  any
reader of this file has bad intentions towards them, be forewarned, you will
NOT be tolerated, and TWITTed to nonuser status promptly."

"Predominantly Pagan Boards include:
EARTHRITE  CA,  415-651-9496.   Oldest pagan BBS;  good files,   runs  under
archaic CP/M and VERY slow--using 300 baud.
PAGAN BBS 'PBS'  ,  Hollywood, Ca.,  small board with a sysop for whom Turbo
Lightning  was  invented  (grin),  also running CP/M,  but  with  some  good
material.  Limited access. 818-982-0715."

"This is by NO means a comprehensive list;  many pagan BBS come and go.   If
you  know of other active boards please leave a message for me via  Easyplex
and  I'll  update  this  list ot make it as useful and  current  as  humanly
possible...[signed] Barb CIS # 73047,630."

Any  of you FILE 18  readers who access anything interesting,  please  share
with the Editor.

Although they are probably not an overt 'crime causer', the Editor gets many
inquiries  about  unicorns.   (Rumor has it that Idaho Fish and  Game  sells
Unicorn Tags to some--mostly California--hunters!)   The unicorn in one form
or another has been resiliant throughout various cultures.  Today, we see it
depicted  as a beautiful silver horse-type creature sporting a tapered horn.
However,     according  to   MEDIA SPOTLIGHT's   article,     (THE  UNICORN:
FABLED BEAST OF MYTH AND MAGIC,  1986,  Box 1288,  Costa Mesa,  CA.,  92628-
1288,)    it has been "...Variously described as an ox,  ram,  goat,   bull,
antelope,  wild ass, horse,  rhinoceros,...serpent a
combination  of many of these...)"   Some believe that since the unicorn  is
mentionned    in  modern BIBLES,   it must  certainly be real.      However,
MEDIA SPOTLIGHT'S Albert James Dager notes that the original language of the
BIBLE  was  mistranslated  between Hebrew and Greek in  the  Third  Century.
"Finding  several different references to an animal called the 're'em',  the
Jewish  scholars  were  puzzled...No one was sure exactly what  kind  of  an
animal  it  was,   although from its descriptions they knew  it  was  large,
fierce,  and horned...They...(decided)  to use the term 'monoceros',   later
Latinized  into 'unicornis.'  "   Controversy raged for centuries,  but  the
unicorn  was  finally  "...identified as the giant aurochs,   a  species  of
wild buffalo that became extinct...around 500 B.C...."

"...From  ancient  times...the  Brittish people worshiped  nature,   relying
heavily   upon   the   favor   of  their   gods   for   good   fortune...the
unicorn..[represented]  the  moon...and  played a significant  part  in  the
prevalent sun-worship of the British people.   In British mythology, the sun
was represented as a lion, the moon as a unicorn.   This myth is an integral
part  of British heraldry.."   Note the Royal Arms of England featuring  the
solar lion and the Lunar Unicorn in conflict.

Middle  Ages  moral  tales held that a unicorn could only be captured  by  a
virgin seated alone in the forest under a tree.   "...Details vary, vividly,
from text to text;  in some the unicorn indulges in familiarities remarkable
unsuited  to  virginal  virtue,   and  in others the  virgin  is  a  boy  in
disguise..."     Christianity  forced  these erotic myths  into  its  belief

systems,    casting   the  virgin  as  "...the  Mother  of  God,   and   the
unicorn...[as]...Christ..."   Similarly, the single horn, the huntsman,  the
king's  palace,   etc.,   all assumed religious significance,   if  somewhat

Alchemists believed in the "...therapeutic qualities of its horn..." such as
for  antidotes to poisons.   Pagan lore associated the moon with the  female
aspect of creation,  yet the unicorn was traditionally male.  "...This poses
no  problem to those versed in the eastern mystical concept of the  yin  and
the  yang,   which  views  everything  in  nature  as  intrinsically  linked
together..."    (that is,  good has its bad side and bad has its good side.)
Occult  philosophies  hold  the  intermingling  of  male/female  traits,   a
confusion   of  roles,   as  impersonalization  of  a  personal  god,   etc.
Consistently,   the unicorn has been considered as a symbol of "...power and
sexual prowess.." and/or "...gentleness and is a strange mixture
of  opposites...Carl  Jung in his book,  PSYCHOLOGY AND  ALCHEMY...concluded
that  this  relationship is symbolized by many  variants  embracing  single-
horned  animals,   both real and mythical..."from one point of  view  it  is
penetrating  in shape,  and therefore active and masculine in  significance;
and  from the other,  it is shaped like a receptacle,  which is feminine  in
meaning." "

The New Age Movement has adopted it as a symbol.   This movement is  founded
on   strong  eastern  mysticism  footings,   encompassing  "...the   women's
liberation  and  gay rights movements...worship of nature...casting  off  of
Biblical           morality...[re-adoption]          of           witchcraft
techniques...[including]...occult      healing,      holism...visualization,
regression,   rebirthing,  etc....The androgynous unicorn has been merely  a
foreshadowing   of   the  uni-sex  mentality...[and]...acceptance   of   the
homosexual  and  lesbian lifestyles...Thus we see that the unicorn  is,   in
reality,  the symbol of a future conqueror [Horus--believed by New Agers  to
personify the world conqueror overcoming by gentility] who will bring  peace
to the earth.   Who is this but the anti-Christ (the little horn that  rises
in  the midst of the ten horns in Daniel's vision (Daniel 7:8)  for whom the
world waits, unaware of his true nature?...")

I hope this glimpse at one of MEDIA SPOTLIGHT's research articles will  give
you  a flavor o the accuracy and documentation the author incorporates  into
his  topics.    You can write to this organization for a list  of  available
articles which cover a variety of cult/occult topics.  Ask for a free sample
to review.

A.     ARVADA,  CO., DET.  WALT PARSONS notes that the symbol for the Ananda
Marga  WorldWide  is a six-pointed star with a small swastica in the  lower-
center  of the interior hexagon.   The Ananda Marga has a HQ in  the  Denver
area and in Toronto,  Canada.  The worldwide leader R.P. Sakar is in jail in
India.    "Crimson  Dawn,"  the group's guidebook,   calls  for  seeing  the
"...blood of American cops to run in the street..."  Jim McCarthy, Sanctuary
Institute, Boulder, Co.,  teaches that the Ananda Marga is militant and they
believe   members   are  the  only  people  qualified  to   manage   nuclear
weapons...the problem is they don't have them, want them,  and will probably
try  to get ours.   Members wear necklaces with the star logo.   Their  full
uniform is orange (or saffron) turbans, pantaloons, and shirts.

B.      SAN  JOSE,   CA.,   STEVE  BELECKY,   sent  two  articles  from  the
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS.    An Anglican priest in Australia  exorcised  demons
from  a  small-town  jail  in Yarrabah with the help of  the  nation's  only
Aboriginal  Anglican  Bishop.   The local police approved after many of  the
town's inhabitants said that evil spirits had caused suicides in the jail.

A  call-in teen party line in San Francisco promoted an upcoming  conference
for  Satanists,  occultist and other occultists.   The party line call  also
included this promo., "...And if you're into black magic,  why not try (213)
976-CULT?"    The teen "CHAT"  lines offer the opportunity for the caller to
speak  with an operator (i.e.  for referrals and personalized service!)   or

"...other  callers  on such subjects as Satanism,   witchcraft  and  spells,
demonology,  communication with the dead,  sorcery,  astrology,   tarot card
reading for three minutes, said Connie Stephenson, A CULT line operator, Los
Angeles  homemaker,   mother,  and self-proclaimed  witch..."    Such  phone
services  are available in California and 10-15  other states.    Teen  CHAT
services  do not openly advertise the CULT line connectons,  so check  yours

C.     BAKERSFIELD,  CA.,  LAUREL STRATFORD,  sent some information from the
BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, Oct. 1, 1986,  linking animal killings to satanism.
Mutilated lambs and bowls of blood were found near a Bakersfield-area ritual
altar site last year.  Disemboweled sheep were found more recently, as was a
tortured  and dying dog.   Humane Society officers are investigating.    The
hearts,   eyes,    and  other  body  parts  were  removed  from  the  lambs,
"...definitely not done by marauding dogs..."

CALIFORNIAN  columnist Thomas Elias drew the conclusion on Sept.  8,   1986,
that  satanism was thriving in California.   He listed numerous examples  of
cult-motivation  crimes currently under investigation.   Elias noted that  a
recent   meeting   of   Detectives   from  seven   Western   states   agreed
"...[to]...deny  it  [Satanism]  as  a  factor in  crimes  in  the  hope  of
discouraging  copycats.   Consistent with that,  police and prosecutors  are
hesitant to label devil-worship as a motive behind any crime..."  The Editor
strongly  disagrees with that conclusion.    Satanists and 'wannabe's'  know
exactly   what  their  lusts  and  interests  are...they'll  commit   crimes
regardless  of official police pronouncements.   After all,  they  hold  the
police  in  utmost contempt.   We don't want to be premature,  but when  the
facts are in, let's call it like it is in media reports;  just make sure you
can corroborate what you say or imply.

D.     ALBUQUERQUE, NM, PD, SGT.  PAUL JASLER found the following classified
ad. in the JOURNAL: "...Attention: Alchemists, witches, wizards, occultists,
and parapsychologists, party every Sunday, Count Hurle Pelicancry,  POB 992,
Alb., NM, 87102."

He also alerted the Editor to the practice of 'Curanderism'  which was  once
seen  as  a  part  of Spanish culture  and  as  dealing  with  superstition.
Curanderism uses herbs,  rituals, and summoning of spirits to heal the sick,
it  is  actively  employed by the New Mexico  Coalition  of  Sexual  Assault
Programs,  Inc.,  as a technique for treating the victims of sexual assault.
Boy,  just what a rape or molestation victim needs,  a  demonic 'friend'  to
help out!   This technique is apparently gaining professional recognition in
the area, but should be recognized for what it is.

E.       DECATUR,    GA.,    (GA.    SHERIFF'S   ASSOC.),    Donna    Burns.
THE ATLANTA JOURNAL reported on Sept. 6, 1987,  that jurors recommended life
imprisonment  without  parole  for  19   year  old  Cayce  Moore.    He  was
"...convicted  in  the  murder  of a Ragland  convenience  store  clerk  who
attorneys  said  was  killed  during  a fantasy  game...Moore  and  his  co-
defendents,  Scott Davis, 19, and Chris White, 16,  were heavily involved in
the role-playing games of "Dungeons and Dragons"  and "Top Secret" when they
robbed the convenience store where Mrs.  Macon worked..."  Macon was shot to
death during the robbery.   (Score one more for the 'harmless'  fantasy role
playing games!)

F.     FRANKLIN PARK,  ILL., PD, DET.  BRUCE WALSTAD,  found a flyer for the
"Witches League for Public Awareness,"  Box 8736, Salem, Mass.,  01971-8736.
In part, "...[it] an anti-defamation organization...founded in Salem in
May   of   1987    by  Laurie  Cabot,   the  "Official   Witch   of   Salem,
Mass."...[to]...inform the public about what Witches do and do not do..."  A
list  of ten Do'  and Don't's of Witches is interesting,  such as  the  term
"warlock"  which does not mean a male witch.  A  male witch is a 'witch;'  a
warlock  is a term meaning 'traitor'  and was used by the Christian  church.
Witches  also  prefer  modern transportation to broomstick  travel,   citing
convenience and comfort!

G.     CHEEKTOWAGA,  NY, PD, CAPT. FRED NETZEL,  snipped an article from the
Sept. 3, 1987, BUFFALO NEWS, titled "7 Held in Ritual at Witch Grave."   The
seven  arrestees were charged after they allegedly "...reveled at the  grave
of  a witch and a warlock,  and then burned a nearby house to the ground..."
near Berne.  (Burne??) Arson-3rd. and Burglary-2nd.  took some of the 'rev.'
out of the reveling,  it seems.   (I'm sorry,  Fred,  I  have a weakness for
puns!  The Ed.)

H.      WEST  OSSIPPEE,  NH,  STATE POLICE,  TPR.  ED  GIROUX,   noted  that
THE NEW HAMPSHIRE SUNDAY NEWS,  Sept.  27, 1987,  carried an article about a
witchcraft-like ritual used by two women to try to 'exorcise'  demons out of
Ossippee House, a home for the retarded, in Center Ossippee.  The two women,
employees of the home,  were censured by the state director of mental health
for imposing their religious views ('white witchcraft')  on the residents of
the center.  The 'white witches' used their craft to try to rid the house of
the evil brought in by a temporary male laborer earlier in the summer.   The
man  made statements indicating that he wanted to do some kind of witchcraft
rituals  in  the  house.   He generally acted  wierd  and  many  unexplained
phenomena  occured  around  him.   These things prompted the  two  women  to
"...sprinkle  herbs on all the window sills in the home.   They sprayed some
form of fluid through the home.  They put papers...(containing the Square of
Saturn,   wrapped in red yard with a clove of garlic attached) each  of
the client's rooms, hidden in inconspicuous places.  Papers were placed over
doorways and behind a picture hanging in the dining room.  They carried on a
verbal ritual while placing the above-mentioned materials..."   A  complaint
letter from another employee initiated the investigation.


Inv.  Lucian Howard, D.A.'s Office, Box 458, Guntersville, Ala., 35976, said
that  this  Society was operating in Marshall County during the  mid-1970's.
Howard  worked a murder investigation involving the group and said "Needless
to say,  I  had quite a struggle with the investigation due to disbelief  by
others  and lack of knowledge concerning the occult."   He has accumulated a
great deal of background information concerning this cult and says that many
of  the  priests of this coven have relocated to different sections  of  the
U.S.    He  offers  his help and information to  anyone  tracking  or  doing
research on the Children of Light Society.

13.     ADAM WALSH CHILD RESOURCE CENTER.    Gary Eppler has volunteered the
A.W.C.R.C.   to  act  as a clearing house in the  Southern  California  area
concerning  any calls regarding abduction and/or abuse by cults of  children
when  the victims feel reluctant to report to the proper authorities.    The
Center is dedicated to reducing the problems of child abuse,  child neglect,
child  exploitation,  and missing children.   The Center estimates that over
one million children are missing in the U.S.  each year.   Most are runaways
and return home.   Some are taken by non-custodial parents.  Some are throw-
aways.   The remainder are kidnapped by strangers.   The National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children in Washington, D.C., states that the children
at  greatest risk of stranger abduction are between the ages of 11  and  15.
The  lures used most often were:   assistance for directions,   promises  of
gifts,  and rides.   36% of runaways run from physical or sexual abuse;  44%
from  other severe long term problems.   Under-reporting by the  police  and
varying  criteria  make missing child statistics unreliable.    However,  it
doesn't  take  a statistician to understand that a kid on the  street  in  a
strange city is 'fresh meat'  to any number of perverts and cultists.   Some
are never heard from again.

Contact the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center at 770 City Dr.-S., Suite 3100,
Orange, Ca., 92668, 714-740-2660.

On 10-15-87,  Sharon Larson, Arvada PD, sent the following TWX ref:  Satanic
Activity.  "Possible Satanic Activity.  Request info.  or similar incidents:
found in lobby of a church was a brass box/urn (4  1/2"  x 5 1/4" x 8  1/2")
containing what appears to be ashes.   The box/urn was found in a planter in
the  main lobby of the church (no forced entry)  with rope tied  around  the

box/urn.   The name plate (Mae E. Jackson, 1891-1962)  had been {unreadable}
upside down.   Any reports of thefts/vandalism from graveyards,  etc.  or of
similar activity, please contact Det. Walt Parsons, 303-431-3062."

Last  issue  we requested information on this tape  concerning  abortion  in
America  and  the  possible  link to  ancient  witchcraft  and  the  occult.
C.C.I.N.,   Inc.,   has subsequently obtained a copy of the  tape  and  have
reviewed it.   The first third of the 80  minute VHS tape deals with  modern
clinical  techniques and rationale for abortions.   It is graphic and  shows
actual  operations  and the dismembered parts of  aborted  babies...not  for
young  audiences!    The final 2/3  places abortion,  or  the  sacrifice  of
children  before  idols (sch as of self,  convenience,  etc.)   in  a  well-
researched  Biblical  and  historical perspective.   The  logic  and  visual
treatment  are compelling.   The tape appears to be worthwhile at $40,   via
Contact America,  Box 37777, Washington, D.C., 20013,  800-962-2962.   It is
the  first discussion about a possible witchcraft-abortion linkage of  which
we have become aware,  and, of course,  it comes from a strong anti-abortion

The  ORLANDO  SENTINAL,  August 15,  1987,  carried an article  about  state
restrictions  on Santeria churches wanting to incorporate ritual  sacrifices
of  animals  in worship services.   These practices are  integral  to  their
beliefs,   but violate cruelty statues and the public's capacity to  accept.
"...With  deep  roots  in  the Carribean and  Latin  America,   Santeria  is
widespread in Dade County, which is 43 percent Hispanic.  Officials estimate
more than 50,000  people dabble in the religion in Dade, and that 10,000 are
serious followers..."

"...Animal  carcassses  routinely  are  found under  trees  at  Dade  County
cemeteries,  on doorsteps, or at crime scenes.   They are meant as offerings
to  gods...[Ernesto  Pichardo]...(founder  of  an open  Santeria  Church  in
Hialeah   called   the  Church  of  Lukami  Babalu   Aye)   intent   on
institutionalizing  Santeria  and  on practicing it openly in  a  designated
chapel..."Once you institutionalize you can begin to recognize or minimalize
or do away with the problems occuring in the community..." (Pichardo said.)"

The  Florida Attorney General has held that animal sacrifices are  unlawful,
however.    A   FLORIDA  TODAY article on July  14,   1987,   reported  from
Tallahassee that the advisory opinion requested by the Hialeah City  Council
stated,   in  part:    "...laws may not restrict religious  beliefs,   [but]
religious practices may be subject to governmental regulation under  certain
circumstances..."    These  include  cases where the  practices  "...pose  a
serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of...citizens..."  Florida
state  law  prohibits  sacrificial animal slaughter except for  the  primary
purpose of food consumption,  such as Kosher slaughtering, done humanely for
the purpose of consumption.

On August 17, 1987, the Hialeah Santeria church held its first open service,
but without animal sacrifices.  Lawsuits against the state are contemplated.
It  is almost certain that animal sacrifices still remain a common  practice
in  the area,  but at night or behind closed doors,  instead of in  an  open
meeting place.  Thanks to Lt. C.E. Leek, Palm Bay PD, for the articles.

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     Occult-related crimes in America are increasing rapidly.  Most law
enforcement agencies are unfamiliar with occult-related crime scene

     To aid police agencies in solving occult-related crimes, the
following investigative tools are now available:

*  _INVESTIGATIVE TOOLS By David W. Balsiger_

   * _Occult-Satanism Activity Profile_.  A 16-page form to profile
individuals or organizations involved in occult-related crimes and
other occultic activities.  Profiles 1,000 items.  Single set - $9.95.
Four sets for $19.95.  Shipping-Handling $2.50.

   * _Witchcraft/Satanism Ritual Calendar_.  This 1988 ritual calendar
profiles 120 witchcraft/satanism ritual dates.  $11.95.  Shipping-
Handling $1.50.

   * _Occult-Related Homicide Clues_.  Lists 30 specific occult-related
clues to look for at a homicide scene, plus occult-related items to
list in a search warrant and items to look for at any occult ritual
site.  $9.95.  Shipping-Handling $2.

   * _The Satan Seller_.  A book about Mike Warnke, a satanist high
priest turned Christian as told to co-author Balsiger.  Warnke reveals
the demonic forces behind the most deadly occult religion in the world.
$3.95.  Shipping-Handling $1.50.

*  _TRAINING TOOLS By Jack Roper_

   * _Analyzing Occult Activity Supplement_.  A resource publication
containing items to look for during occult investigations, a list of
120 authoritative reference books on occultism-satanism, paraphernalia
shops, media videos, police occult experts, sources for training
materials, and an index to 600 occult-satanism news analysis articles.
$9.95.  Shipping-Handling $2.50.

   * _Occult Investigation Slide Training Series_.  Fifty unique training
slides with script that teach occult crime investigation.  $99.95.
Shipping-Handling $3.50.

     Send check or money order.  Prices subject to change without
notice.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

     Professional consultation, training seminars, and speaking
engagements are offered by the Balsiger-Roper team.

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