Organizations against minority religions

  Listed below are the names of some of the people whom I have come in contact
  with during my research who are the most outspoken on the subject of
  Witchcraft, the Occult, and the New Age Movement.  In the case of authors, I
  have listed the names of some of their best known books, so that you can
  read them if you wish.  You should.  They range from folks who think we're
  outright demon worshipers to those who know full well the difference between
  Wicca and neo-Paganism and Satanism.  This list is by NO means complete.  If
  you know of others that should be added to this list, please send me their
  names.  If ANY of the people on this list are appearing in your town, it would
  probably be in your best interest to go and hear what they have to say.
  Likewise, if they are appearing on a T.V. or radio show in your area, watch
  and listen.  Tape the show if possible.  I would be interested in tapes or
  transcripts of anything these people have to say.

  Not all of these people are "enemies".  Many of them are simply concerned
  with the problems that teens and others are having in the world these days.
  All of them can give us invaluable information and insights into how a
  substantial segment of the population is thinking and reacting to us and
  others like us, and to some they may THINK are like us.  Write to some of
  these folks and request their literature.

  Don't be paranoid, be informed! Blessed Be.
  Rowan Moonstone, P.O. Box 21058 OKC, OK 73120.

  1. Reginald Alev +
     Cult Awareness Network
     P O Box 608370
     Chicago, IL  60625
     (312) 675-7788

     Director of C.A.N. which maintains extensive files on many groups which
  could be considered "cults".  Their mailing packet on Satanism and
  Witchcraft is mainly articles on Satanism, with one small article on the
  Helms amendment concerning Wicca.

  2. Jacob Aranza *

       Primarily concerned with "backward masking"in rock and country music.

  3. Linda Archer *
     P O Box 818
     Euless, TX  76039

     Founder of In His Palm Ministries in Euless, Tex.  Claims to be a former
  Witch.  Is preparing a new book on her testimony just in time for Halloween
  1987.  No title as of yet.

  4. David Balsinger
     Writeway Literary Associates
     P O Box 10428
     Costa Mesa, CA  92627

     Co-authored "The Satan Seller" with Mike Warnke. Has published an
  "Occult-Satanism Activity Profile" for police officers.

  5. Rebecca Brown + *
     Freedom Ministries
     Box 4009
     Bear Valley Rd.
     Victorville, CA  92392

     Author of "He Came to Set the Captives Free" offered through Chick
  Publications.  Claims to have helped a girl raised to be the "Bride of
  Satan" escape from Witchcraft and Satanism.

  6. Roger Burt
     President of Christian Counseling Services
     P O Box 713
     Van Nuys, CA  91408
     (818) 780-7500

     Very Anti-Witch, and anti-pagan.  (see Wierdbase File Crimes.txt)

  7. Lance Collins (aka John Todd) *

     This man supposedly spoke in 1977 at a church and told the audience all
  about his involvment with Witchcraft and Satanism. He subscribes to the
  worldwide conspiracy of the Illuminatti theory. The transcript of this talk
  is making the rounds through underground means within the Christian
  community right now. For a transcript of this talk, consult file area 4 on
  WierdBase computer BBS in St. Louis, at (314) 389-9973.

  8. Constance Cumby *
     Pointe Publictions
     22317 Kelly Rd.
     E. Detroit, MI  48021
     (313) 391-2906

     Author of "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" and "A Planned Deception: The
  Staging of a New Age Messiah".  Primarily denounces the "New Age Movement",
  but includes Wicca in with that.  The only one so far that I have seen talk
  about Circle Network News.  New book expected out in Fall 1987.

  9. Ed Decker *
     Free The Masons Ministries
     P O Box 1077
     Issaquah, WA  98027

     Author of "The Godmakers".   Concerned primarily with the occultic roots
  of Freemasonry and Mormonism.

  10. Sgt. Randall Emon
      Baldwin Park Police Dept.
      14403 E. Pacific Ave.
      Baldwin Park, CA  91706
      (818) 960-1955

      Has written the "Occult Criminal Investigation" manual for his dept.
  VERY fundamentalist Christian.  Course state accredited.

  11. Dr. Dale Griffis, Ph.D +
      Chief of Police
      P O Box 309
      Tiffin, OH  44883

      Retired policeman who does research on cult and occult related crimes.
  Author of "A Law enforcement Primer on Cults". Appeared on the 20/20 show on
  Satanism.  Now teaching seminars to law enforcement officials on the
  subject.  Material is advertised in Eagle Forum's newsletter.  Brief
  correspondence seems to indicate that he is well aware of the difference
  between Wicca and Satanism.

  12. Kathleen Hayes *
      Director of the National Research Institute
      3095-D S. Peoria St.
      Aurora, CO  80014
      (303) 745-7707

      Very outspoken opponent of Witchcraft, occultism, paganism,etc.

  13. Gayland Hurst *
      4600 Bonham Ave.
      Odessa, TX  79762
      (915) 367-6645

      Professor in Odessa, Texas who speaks on Satanism and cults.
  Specializes in Santeria.

  14.Dave Hunt *

     Author of "The Seduction of Christianity", contends that Witchcraft and
  occultism have crept into Christian worship practices.

  15. Lt. Larry Jones +
      222 N. Latah St.
      Boise, ID  83706

      Editor of "File 18" newsletter for police about "cult and occult crime".
  VERY anti-Pagan.  File 18 is available to police and "qualified" civilians

  16. Bob Larson +
      P O Box 36A
      Denver, CO  80236

      Christian talk show host seen on Oprah Winfrey show with Laurie Cabot,
  VERY anti Pagan.

  17. Hal Lindsay *
      P O Box 4000
      Palos Verdes, CA  90274

      Author of "Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth", hosts the
  weekly talk show "Weekends With Hal Lindsay". Anti-Witchcraft, anti-Pagan,

  18. Rosmery Loyacano
      P O Box 303
      Larkspur, CO  80118
      (303) 681-xxxx

      Colo Director of Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons.  Her son committed
  suicide in what she claims was a D&D related incident.  Speaks about the
  dangers of getting involved with occultic role playing games.

  19. Paul Lund
      P O Box 15000
      Santa Ana, CA  92075

      Founder of Eagle's Nest Ministries in Calif.  Author of a pamphlet
  entitled "Witchcraft or....".  Stated goal is to drive"all cults" back
  underground.  (see WierdBase, Waverly.txt)

  20. Marlon Maddoux *
      P O Box 30
      Dallas, TX  75221
      (800) 351-1212

      Author of "America Betrayed" and host of "Point of View" Christian daily
  radio talk show. Believes that the media are very biased in favor of"Secular
  Humanists" and the "liberal leftists".

  21. Joseph Marques +
      Lawrence, MA

      Former "Satanic High Priest" who appeared with Larson and Laurie Cabot
  on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  His "testimony" sounds like he took it verbatim
  from the underground transcript by Collins.

  22. Johanna Michaelson * +
      Palos Verdes Community Church
      25550 Hawthorne #210
      Torrance, CA  90505

      Author of "The Beautiful Side of Evil".  Sister in law of Hal Lindsey.
  She sometimes subs for him on his weekend talk show; can be seen a lot on
  TBN with him.  Surprisingly enough, she is very knowledgable about Wicca and
  readily admits that it is not the same as Satanism.  She opposes Wicca on
  theological grounds.  New book on children and occultism expected out in
  Fall 1987 - Working Title "Like Lambs to the Slaughter".

  23. Dr. Robert Morey

      Author of "Reincarnation and the Christian" primarily opposed to
  reincarnation and other tenets of "Eastern Mysticism".

  24. Mario Murillo

      This man was mentioned to me by Linda Archer in a personal letter.  She
  referenced him along with Bob Larson as being knowledgable on Wicca.  I have
  no address for him and have not heard anyone else refer to him.

  25. Bob North
      P O Box 700293
      San Antonio, TX  78270

      Listed in the Exodus Newsletter, Jan, 1988 as teaching a class on
  "Drugs: an Introduction to Satanism" at the Exodus Seminar '87.

  26. Irene Park *
      13206 Drayton Drive
      Spring Hills, FL  34609

      Claims to be "The Witch that Switched".  Gives interviews on many
  Christian TV and radio shows.  Video tape of one of her appearances
  available from the Forum for $15.00.

  27. Dr A. Herbert Peterson
      United States Citizens' Commission
        on Crime & Narcotics
      P O Box 1092
      South Orange, NJ  07009

      Associated with Survival Associates, which publishes a directory of "over
  3,000 occultic and Satanic groups in the US and Canada".  Quoted in May '88
  issue of "Police and Security News" as saying kidnapping and sacrificial
  murder, rape, sodomy, corpse theft, forced homosexuality, animal sacrifice,
  unlawful burial and more crimes too heinous to describe were part of
  Witchcraft and related pagan religious lore.

  28. Phil Phillips *
      P O Box 354
      Rockwall, TX  75087
      (214) 722-2140

      Author of "Turmoil in the Toybox" and "Halloween and Satanism".
  Primarily concerned with occultism in children's toys and TV shows such as
  Smurfs, Care Bears, He Man, Thundercats, etc.  New book on Satanism and
  Halloween published Fall 1987.

  29. Winkey Pratney *

      Author of "Devil Take the Youngest", claims that Witchcraft is linked
      in with white slavery, child pornography,and kidnapping.

  30. Pat Pulling *
      P O Box 5513
      Richmond, VA  23220
      (804) 883-6747

      Director of the Virginia Branch of Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons,
  whose son committed suicide in what she sees as a result of being involved
  with fantasy role playing games.   Lately she's been denouncing Witchcraft
  along with those games.  BADD also hosts seminars on "occult crime" in
  Richmond, VA.

  31. Jerry Reider
      P O Box 700293
      San Antonio, TX  78270

      Member of Exodus, listed in their Feb. 1987 Newsletter as "former
  Satanist priest...married to a high priestess, and his baby daughter was
  killed in Satanism."

  32. Jack Roper
      P O Box 1659
      Milwaukee, WI

      Founder of CARIS. Has written training materials for police on "occult
  and cult related crime".  Sometimes collaborates with David Balsinger, who
  helped write the "Satan Seller" with Mike Warnke.

  33. Tom Sanguinet

      Former High Priest with Gavin Frost's "School of Wicca".  Now a
  Christian minister who claims to be a former Satanic High Priest. Works with
  various ministries to denounce occultism.  Helped write the CARIS "Open
  Letter to the Magickal Community".  Taught a seminar on "The Christian's
  Approach Toward the Occult" for the Exodus 1987 Fall Workshop.  Tapes of
  this lecture available from Dayspring Ministries, 4803 El Presidio, San
  Antonio, TX  78233.

  34. Bill Schnoebelen (aka Christopher Syn)
      Free The Masons Ministries
      P O Box 1077
      Issaquah, WA  98027

      Former Alexandrian High Priest who now denounces Wicca and Freemasonry.
  Has put together a presentation entitled "Joseph Smith and the Temple of
  Doom" dealing with Mormons.

  35. F. Legarde Smith

      Author of "Out on a Broken Limb", an attempted refutation of Shirley
  McLaine's "Out on a Limb".

  36. Samantha Smith *
      21870 Cabrini Blvd.
      Golden, CO  80401

      Denver area woman who works with anti New Age Movement there. She
  recently spoke about the fact that they had uncovered a computer network in
  the Denver area called D.A.W.N.(Denver Area Wiccan Network) and claimed that
  they had found names and addresses for many of the participants.

  37. Lauren Stratford + *
      c/o The Confidential Group
      Box 81795
      Bakersfield, CA  93390

      Wrote " Satan's Underground" in which she claims to have been forced to
      participate in Satanic human sacrifice.  Also claims that her 3 children
      were sacrificed in snuff films and rituals.

  38. Mike Warnke * +
      P O Box 1075
      Danville, KY  40422

      Author of"The Satan Seller" Mike seems to really know the difference
  between Satanists and Witches.  I even have a copy of a letter that states
  this in writing.  Opposed to Wicca on theological grounds.  Works with many
  police depts. on "occultic crime".

  39. Tom Wedge
      P O Box 428
      Bellefontaine, OH  43311
      (513) 592-2029

      Author of "The Satan Hunter".  Probation officer.  Served as an "expert
  witness" at the Sean Sellers trial.

  * audio tapes on file in archives
  + video tapes on file in archives