July, 1986
This  is a verbatim transcript from a photo-copy that some person gave  me. 
He  said that part of this document or related documents were published  in 
serial  form in the late 1970's in some kind of men's magazine  (Penthouse, 
Ramparts,  After Dark?,  I can't remember,  but I know it wasn't Playboy as 
that  would have stuck in my mind).   I got this in 1984.  Punctuation  and 
grammer  errors are included (there are plenty of punctuation errors and  I 
think  this guy's horrible use of commas and parentheses is rubbing off  on 
me).   There are four sequential .TXT files that I typed up to so that they 
can be digitally transmitted:   GEMSTON1.TXT,  GEMSTON2.TXT, (both of these 
are   in   archive  GEMARC1.ARC-using  arc  5.00)  and   GEMSTON3.TXT   and 
GEMSTON4.TXT,  (these are in GEMARC2.ARC) all about 16K long.  That's all I 
know about any of this.  



The gemstone file was written in many segments over a period of years by an 
American  man  named  Bruce Roberts.   Parts of the file were  released  to 
certain  Americans beginning in 1969.   The number of handwritten pages  is 
well over a thousand,  of which I have read about four hundred.   I do  not 
have  the  time  of  the research facilities to varify  the  entire  story.  
Perhaps others can help.

Since  the  scope  of the work is so large,  and the  events  described  so 
complex  and  interlocking,  it  may be more easily  understood  with  this 
skeleton  outline of the gemstone thesis.   Individual papers can  then  be 
read with greater comprehension.

1932:   Onassis,  a  Greek  drug pusher and ship owner who made  his  first 
million  selling  "Turkish  tobacco" (Opium) in  Argentina,  worked  out  a 
profitable  deal  with  Joseph Kennedy,  Eugene Meyer,  and  Meyer  Lansky.  
Onassis  was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph  Kennedy.   Also 
involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.

1934:   Onassis,  Rockefeller  and the Seven Sisters (major oil  companies) 
signed  an agreement,  outlined an oil cartel memo:  Beat the Arabs out  of 
their oil, ship it on Onassis's ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to 
get rich.  All this was done.

Roberts,  studying  journalism and physics at the University  of  Wisconsin 
learned  these things via personal contacts.   His special interest was  in 
crystallography  -- and  the  creation of synthetic  rubies,  the  original 
Gemstone experiment.

1936-1940:   Eugene Meyer buys the Washington Post,  to get our news Media; 
other Mafia buy other papers,  broadcasting,  T.V., etc. News censorship of 
all major news goes into effect.

1941-1945:   World  War  II;  very  profitable  for  Onassis,  Rockefeller, 
Kennedys,  Roosevelts, I.G. Parben, etc. Onassis selling oil, arms and dope 
to both sides went through the war without losing a single ship or man.

1949:   Onassis buys U.S. surplus "Liberty Ships" in questionable (illegal) 
purchase.  Lawyer Burke Marshall helps him.

1956:  Howard Hughes, Texas millionaire, is meanwhile buying his way toward 
his own personal gain.   He buys senators,  governors, etc. He finally buys 
his last politician: newly elected V.P. Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar 
non-repayable loan to Nixon's brother Donald. 

Early 1957:  V.P. Nixon repays the favor by having IRS Treasury grants tax-
free  status (refused twice before) to "Hughes  Medical  Foundation",  sole 
owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel 
or laundry, for whatever Hughes wanted to do.  U.S. Government also shelved 
anti-trust suits against Hughes' T.W.A., etc.

March 1957:   Onassis carried out a carefully planned event:  He has Hughes 
kidnapped  from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel,  using Hughes' own 
men  (Chester Davis,  born Cesare in Sisily,  et al).   Hughes" men  either 
quit,  get fired,  or stay on in the new Onassis organization.   A few days 
later,  Mayor  Cannon  of  Nevada  (now senator  Cannon)  arranges  a  fake 
"marriage" to Jean Peters,  to explain Hughes' battered and  brain  damaged 
in  the scuffle,  is taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas,  where 
the entire top floor has been rented for thirty days and later dragged  off 
to  a cell on Onassis's island,  Skorpios.   Onassis now has a much  larger 
power  base in the U.S.  (the Hughes empire),  as well as control over V.P. 
Nixon  and other Hughes purchased politicians.   L.  Wayne Rector  "Hughes" 
double since 1955, becomes "Hughes".

September, 1957:  Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to U.S. 
Mafia  head  his  grab of Hughes and his adoption of Hughes game  plan  for 
acquiring power:  buying U.S.  senators,  congressmen, governors, judges to 
take control legally of the U.S.  government.   Onassis's radio message  to 
Appalachia  from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted  (reluctantly) 
by  FBI's  J.  Edgar  Hoover,  on  the basis of a tip-off  from  some  Army 
Intelligence guys who wern't in on the plan.

Also in 1957: Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his 
yacht,  introduced John and reminds Onassis of an old Mafia  promise:   the 
presidency for a Kennedy.  Onassis agrees.

1958:   Hordes  of  Mafia-selected,  purchased and supported "grass  roots" 
candidates sweep into office.

1959:   Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista,  thereby  destroying 
cozy  and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer  Lansky. 
Castro scoops up 6$ million in Mafia casino receipts.   Onassis is furious, 
V.P.  Nixon  becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, 
using CIA Hunt,  McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops (Cuban 
freedom-fighters) Martinez,  Consalez,  etc., as well as winners like Frank 
Sturgis (Fiorini).

1959:   Stirring  election battle between Kennedy and  Nixon.   Either  way 
Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates.

1960:   JFK elected.   American people happy.  Rose Kennedy happy.  Onassis 
happy.  Mafia estatic.

Roberts  brings  his  synthetic rubies--the original  gemstones  to  Hughes 
Aircraft in Los Angeles.  They steal his rubies -- the basis for Laser beam 
research,  laser bombs, etc., because of the optical quality of the rubies.  
One  of the eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved  in 
the Gemstone experiment was the Golden Triangle area.    Roberts was maried 
to  the daughter of the former French consul in Indochina.   In that  area, 
Onassis's  involvements  in the Golden Triangle dope trade was  no  secret.  
Roberts  investigation revealed the Onassis-Hughes connection,  kidnap  and 
switch.   "Gemstones"--synthetic  rubies  and sapphires  with  accomplished 
"histories"--gemstone papers--were sold or given away to consulun offices--
in return for information.   A world-wide information network was gradually 
developed-a  trade of the intelligence activities of many countries.   This 
intelligence  network  is  the source for much of the  information  in  the 
Gemstone File.

January 1961:   Joseph Kennedy has a stroke,  ending his control over  John 
and  Bobby.   The  boys decide to rebel against  Onassis's  control.   Why?  
Inter-Mafia struggle?  Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to it's 
mythical integrity?
     They began committing Mafia no-no's:  Arrested Wally Bird owner or Air 
Thailand, who had been shipping Onassis's heroin out of the Golden Triangle 
(Laos,  Cambodia,  Vietnam),  under  contract  with  the CIA  (Air  Opium): 
arrested teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa, and put him in jail.  Declared the 73$ 
million in forged "Hughes" land liens, deposited with San Francisco Bank of 
America,  as  "security" for the TWA judgement against Hughes,  to be  what 
they are: Forgeries.

April 1961:   CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco.   Hunt, McCord, CIA Battista's Cubans 
and  Mafia  angry about JFK's lack of enthusiasm.   Mafia Onassis  has  his 
right-hand man "Hughes'top aid" former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu  (nicknamed 
"IBM" for Iron Bob Maheu), hire and train a Mafia assassination team to get 
Castro.   The  team  of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy  (The 
Weasel) Prattiano, expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and 
others.  This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his 
"tips"  from  his  friend,  Frank (Fiorini)  Sturgis--also  on  the  Castro 
assassination  team.  The  team  tries  five  times  to  kill  Castro  with 
everything  from long-range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it.  
Castro survives.

1963:    Members  of  the  Castro  assassination  team  arrested  at   Lake 
Pontechartrain,  La.  by  Bobby Kennedy's justice boys.   Angered,  Onassis 
stops  trying  to kill Castro.   He changes target and goes for  the  head:  
JFK,  who,  according to Onassis,  "welched" on a Mafia deal.   JFK sets up 
"Group of 40" to fight Onassis.

August 1963:   Two murders had to occur before the murder of JFK, or people 
who would understand the situation and might squawk:

Senator  Estes  Kefauver;    whose  crimes  commission investigations   had 
uncovered  the 1932 deal between Onassis,  Kennedy,  Eugene Meyer,  Lansky, 
Roosevelt, et al.  Kefauver planned a speech on the senate floor denouncing 
Mafia operations;  instead,  he ate a piece of apple pie laced with  sodium 
morphate  (used  in rat poison),  and had a sodium-morphate-induced  "heart 
attack" on the Senate floor.

Phillip  Graham:   Editor  of the Washington  Post.   Phillip  had  married 
Katherine Meyer,  Eugene Meyer's daughter, who had inherited the Washington 
Post  and  allied media empire.   Graham put together  the  Kennedy-Johnson 
ticket and was Kennedy's friend in the struggle with Onassis.  According to 
Gemstone,  Katherine Meyer Graham bribed some psychiatrists to certify that 
Phil  was insane.   He was allowed out of the nuthouse for the weekend  and 
died of a shotgun wound in the head in the Graham home in Washington; death 
ruled "suicide".

November 1,  1963:  The hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia 
style: a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam.  Diem and 
Nhu got theirs,  as scheduled.   Onassis had invited Jackie for a cruise on 
the Christina,  where she was when JFK got tipped off that big "O"  planned 
to  wipe him out.   JFK called Jackie on the yacht,  from the White  House, 
hysterical:  "Get  off  that yacht if you have to swim"' and cancelled  his 
appearance  at  a  football  stadium  in  Chicago,   where  this  CIA-Mafia 
assassination  team  was  poised for the kill.   Jackie  stayed  on  board, 
descended the gangplank a few days later on Onassis's arm,  in  Turkey,  to 
impress  the Bey,  Mustapha.   Madame Nhu,  in the U.S.  bitterly  remarked 
whatever has happened in Vietnam.

One  of  the assassination teams was picked up in Chicago with a rifle  and 
quickly  released by the police.   Three weeks later the Mafia's  alternate 
and   carefully  arranged  execution  plan  went  into  effect:   JFK   was 
assassinated in Dallas.   A witness who recognised pictures of some of  the 
people  arrested  in  Dealey Plaza as having been in  Chicago  three  weeks 
earlier told Black Panthers Hampton and Clark.

The  JFK murder:  Onassis-Hughes' man Robert Maheu reassigned the Mafia-CIA 
Castro  assassination  team to the murder of JFK adding  Eugene  Brading  a 
third  Mafia hitman from the Denver Mafia Amaldones "family".   Two  months 
earlier  Brading  on  parole  after a series of crimes applied  for  a  new 
driver's  license explaining to the California DMV that he had  decided  to 
change  his  name to Jim Brading.   Brading got his California  parole  the 
first  time to look things over and the second time when JFK was  scheduled 
for his Dallas trip.

Lee  Harvey Oswald CIA with carefully planned links to both the ultra right 
and  to  the Communists was designated as the patsy.   He was  supposed  to 
shoot Governor Connally and he did.

Each of the four shooters,  Oswald,  Brading,  Frattiano and Roselli had  a 
timer  and a back up man.   Back up men were supposed to pick up the  spent 
shells  and  get rid of the guns.   Timers would give the signal to  shoot.  
Hunt and McCord were there to help.  Sturgis was in Miami.

Frattiano  shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex  building  across 
the  street  from the Texas School Book Depository.   He apparently used  a 
handgun-he is an excellent shot with a pistol.   Frattiano and his  back-up 
man were "arrested",  driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car 
and  released (without being booked).   The Dallas police office is in  the 
Dal-Tex building.

Roselli  shot  Kennedy once hitting the right side of his head and  blowing 
his  brains out with a rifle from behind a fence in the grassy knoll  area.  
Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the 
sewer line away from Dealey Plaza.

The  third point of the triangulated ambush was supplied by Eugene  Brading 
shooting from Kennedy's left fram a small pagoda at Dealy Plaza across  the 
street  from  the  grassy knoll.   (Brading missed  because  Roselli's  and 
Frattiano shot had just hit Kennedy in the head from the right and the rear 
nearly  simultaneously).   Brading's shot hit the curb and ricocheted  off.  
Brading was photographed on the scene stuffing his gun under his coat.   He 
wore  a  big leather hat,  its hatband marked with large  conspicuous  X's.  
(Police  had been instructed to let anyone with an X-marked hatband through 
the  police  lines.   Some may have been told they  were  Secret  Service).  
After his shot,  Brading ditched his gun with his back-up man and walked up 
the  street  toward the Dal-Tex building.   Sheriff rushed up  to  Brading, 
assuming  he was "Secret Service" and told him he had just seen a man  come 
out  of the Book Depository and jumped into a station wagon.   Brading  was 
uninterested.   Brading  walked into the Dal-Tex building to "make a  phone 
call".   There  he was arrested by another deputy sheriff,  showed his "Jim 
Braden" driver's license and was released without being booked.

Oswald shot Connally twice from the Texas School Book Depository.  He split 
from the front door.  His back-up man was supposed to take the rifle out of 
the building (or so Oswald thought); instead he "hid" it behind some boxes, 
where it would be found later.

Three  men dressed as tramps picked up the spent shells from Dealey  Plaza.  
One was Howard Hunt.   Then they drifted over to an empty boxcar sitting on 
the  railway  spur behind the grassey knoll area,  and  waited.   A  Dallas 
police  officer ordered two Dallas cops to "go over to the boxcar and  pick 
up  the  tramps".   The three 'trmps' paraded around Dealey  Plaza  to  the 
Police Department in the Dal-Tex Building.   They were held there until the 
alarm  went out to pick up Oswald;  then they were released,  without being 
booked.   In all, ten men were arrested immediately after the shooting; all 
were  released  soon  after;  none were booked;  not  a  word  about  their 
existance is mentioned in the Warren Report.