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April 18,  1971:  Howard Hughes, a human vegetable as the result of serious 
brain  damage during his 1957 hustle,  plus fourteen years of heroin,  grew 
sicker and sicker.   A final overdose of heroin did him in.  His coffin was 
lowered  into  the  sea from a rocky headland off the  coast  of  Skorpios.  
Present at the funeral were: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Teddy Kennedy, Francis 
L.  Dale,  Director of CREEP,  and a South Vietnamese cardinal named  Thue.  
Onassis  allowed some pictures to be taken from a distance;  he himself did 
not appear.  The pictures were published in Midnight, a Canadian tabloid.
     Albanian  frogmen,  tipped off,  were waiting under the  water.   They 
siezed  the coffin and took the corpse off to Yugoslavia,  then  to  China, 
Russia  and then perhaps to Boston in a foot locker.   The corpse's  dental 
work was compared to Hughes very own dental records and they matched.  News 
of  Hughes death,  the U.S.  take-over by Onassis and the facts surrounding 
the murders of JFK,  RFK,  Martin Luther King,  Mary Jo Kopechne,  and many 
more  and the subsequent cover-ups (involving still more murders) had  been 
circulating  around  the globe for several years.   Any country  with  this 
information  can blackmail the U.S> Mafia government,  which has no  choice 
but to pay up.   The alternative is to be exposed as a bunch of  treasonous 
murderers.   This  is  why  China-hating,  red-hating Nixon was  forced  to 
recognize China (which he now claims as his greatest accomplishment).   And 
this  is also why the USSR walks off with such good deals  in  U.S.  loans, 
grains  and whatever elst it wants.   All they have to do is mention  those 
magic  words  - 'Hughes,  JFK,  RFK,  MLK,  Mary Jo - and  the  U.S.  Mafia 
government crawls into a hole.   Information once leaked can't be unleaked.  
The  only way to end the delema is through a nuclear war and that  wouldn't 
be one-sided.   The other way would be to throw the Mafia out of the United 
States.   Starting at the top with Ford, Rockefeller and Kissinger.  Super-
patriots  please  note:  No one,  not all of the radicals  and  subversives 
hounded  by the US domestic intelligence put together has done one fraction 
of the damage done to US economy,  morality,  power and prestige as by  the 
theives at the top.
     On the day that Hughes was buried,  Clifford Irving's wife presented a 
publisher's  check  mode  out to "H.  Hughes" to Onassis'  Swiss  Bank  for 
payment.  Onassis paid off cheaply at the price.
     Gemstone  papers  rolling  around the world here and abroad  kept  the 
situation hot.   Everyone was nervous.   Rockefeller gave Kissinger $50,000 
for  Carlson and Brisson to write their 'expose' The Alioto Mafia  Web  for 
LOOK magazine.   Their mission:  find out everything that was public record 
about  Alioto's  connection with the JFK murder.   There was a  pay-off  to 
Frattiano, listed in D&B.  They were to explain it any way that didn't lead 
back  to Dallas.   The idea was to get Alioto to quietly go away but  still 
keep the lid on everything.  

May,  1971:   Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford married Starvon Niarchos,  her 
former brother-in-law until he killed her sister, Eugenie.

May,  1971:  "Folk  Hero" Daniel Ellsberg,  a well-known hawk from the Rand 
Corporation,  who  had designed the missile ring around the "Iron  Curtain" 
countries  (how many missiles to aim at which cities) was told  to  release 
the  faked-up "Pentagon Papers" to help distract people from  Hughes,  JFK, 
RFK, MLK etc.  The papers were carefully designed by Ellsberg and his boss, 
Rand Chief and new World Bank Chief Bob (Body Count) McNamara,  to make the 
Vietnamese  War  look  like "just one of those incredibly  dumb  mistakes".  
This helped to cover up the real purpose of the war: continued control, for 
Onassis and his friends of the Golden Triangle dope  trade:  Vietnam,  Laos 
and Cambodia; and for Onassis and the oil people of Eastern oil sources, to 
say nothing of control over huge Federal sums,  which could be siphoned off 
in  profitable  arms  contracts,  or conveniently 'disappear'  in  the  war 
     McNamara's  'World  Bank' handing-out of American money  to  'starving 
nations'  actually set up huge private bank accounts for various  dictators 
in the Onassis-controlled Swiss bank.  The money could be used as needed to 
support  and extend Mafia operations.   Example:  $8 billion in World  Bank 
funds  for  'starving  Ethiopians'  wound up in  Emperor  Haile  Selassie's 
personal  accounts  in the Swiss bank.   This would make  him  the  richest 
individual in the world,  but other dictators have Swiss bank accounts too.  
Perhaps  they  are even larger.   The money drained from America and  other 
captive Mafia nations feeds a greed that can never be satisfied.

Rand Corp.,  one of our major 'think tanks' has another goody in store  for 
the  public:   "Project Star" - Rand's cover-up fallback version of the JFK 
murder  held  in  reserve  should  public  restlessness  over  the   Warren 
Commission Report cover-up ever threaten to get out of hand.  That ought to 
confuse the people for at least another twelve years, and by that time most 
of us will be dead anyway....

NOTE IN PASSING:   The dope trade routes are:  Golden Triangle to Taiwan to 
San Francisco.  Heroin from the Golden Triangle was sometimes smuggled into 
San  Francisco in the bodies of American GIs who died in battle in Vietnam.  
One  body  can hold up to 40 pounds of heroin,  crammed in where  the  guts 
would be.
     Some  dope  gets pressed into dinner plates and  painted  with  pretty 
patterns.   One dope bust in S.F. alone yielded $6 billion in herion 'china 
plates' - the largest dope bust in history.   It was quickly and completely 
hushed  up  by the S.F.-Mafia press.   The dope sat in the S.F.P.D.  for  a 
while, then was removed by FBI men and probably sent on its way to American 
veins.   All this dope processing and shipping is controlled and supervised 
by  the  Mafia  for  the Mafia.   Dope arrests and  murders  are  aimed  at 
independant  pushers and maverick peddlers and smugglers who are  competing 
with  or holding out on the Mafia.   While Nixon was conducting  his  noisy 
campaign  against  dope  smuggling accross the  Mexican  border,  his  dope 
officer in charge of protecting the Mafia dope trade was E. Howard Hunt!
     Lots  of  heroin gets processed in a Pepsi Cola factory in  Laos.   So 
far, it hasn't produced a single bottle of Pepsi Cola.
     Some  dope gets processed in heroin factories in Marseilles.  (See the 
French Connection).
     Still  more dope comes from South America --- cocaine and new  heroin.  
US aid went to build a highway accross Paraguay.   Useless for the  natives 
who have no cars.   (They use it for sunbathing in the day), it becomes the 
longest  landing  strip  in  the world and  serves  airplanes  loaded  with 
cocaine.   It  is  financed  by  US  tax  money  for  the  benifit  of  the 
international Mafia dope pushers.
     And then there is opium from Turkish morphine.   This was the starting 
point of Onassis' fortune.

     In case one is still wondering whether the Mafia can actually get away 
with such things,  consider the benifits derived from controlling the stock 
market,  the  courts,  the police,  etc.   In one swindle alone;  the  1070 
acquisition  by "Hughes" of "Air West",  which involved swindling Air  West 
stockholders of $45 million.  Recently indicted for this swindle by the SEC 
in  a  civil suit were "Howard Hughes" and Jimmy (the  Greek)  Snyder,  not 
usually associated with the Hughes crowd, and others.

June  1971:   Ney  York Times began publishing the  Pentagon  Papers,  Rand 
Corp's prepared cover-up of the real reasons for the Vietnamese war.  
     Nixon had gotten a copy of the first Gemstone Papers circulated in the 
U.S.  back  in 1969.   He was now wondering how much information Democratic 
Chairman Larry O'Brien had about Hughes,  Onassis,  JFK, RFK, etc. and more 
specifically how much of the dirt the Democrats planned to use.
     Nixon set up the "plumbers unit" to stop security  leaks,  investigate 
other security matters.   Erlichman,  Krogh, Liddy, Hunt, Young, etc.  Hunt 
as  "White  House consultant" supposedly worked for the Mullen Corp.  a  CIA 
cover.   Mullen's  head client was "Howard Hughes" Robert Bennett  was  the 
head of the Mullen Corp.

June 28, 1971:  Ellsberg indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers.

September  3,  1971:   The  Watergate team broke into  Ellsberg's  docter's 
(Fielding's)  office to get Ellsberg's psychiatric records.   Team  members 
CIA Hunt and Liddy,  Cuban "Freedom fighters" De Denio,  Martinez,  Bernard 
Barker.  All except Liddy had worked together back at the Bay of Pigs.

Question:   Why  the intense battle between Mafia forces?   Answer:   While 
Onassis  was  the  recognized  crowned  head  of  the  Mafia,  intense,  no 
holdsbarred  scuffling  for  the lucrative second  spot  (control  of  U.S. 
Presidency,  government and so on) was permissible and encouraged under the 
Mafia  code of rules.   The only stipulation:  Outsiders mustn't know about 
it.   "Hughes"  contributed  liberally and equally to both  Democratic  and 
Republican parties for the 1972 election.   The winner would get even  more 
for "Hughes".

September  23,   1971:   E.  Howard  Hunt  spliced  up  the  phoney  cables 
implicating JFK's administration in the Diem assassination.

October,  1971:   Look magazine apologized to Alioto for their Alioto Mafia 
Web  article and folded.   The sticking point:  thy couldn't prove Alioto's 
Mafia Nut Tree meeting back in 1963 re: the JKF murder.

November, 1971:   Alioto re-elected S.F. mayor.

December,  1971:   Robets  applied  for a "Gemstone" visi from the  Russian 
Consulate on a tapped phone.   Phone was tapped by Hal Lipset, S.F. private 
investigator,  who  worked  for  Katherine Meyer  Graham  and  others,  and 
routinely monitored Consulate phone calls.

January,  1972:   The  Watergate team showed up at the San Francisco  Drift 
Inn,  a CIA-FBI safe-house hangout bar,  where Roberts conducted a  nightly 
Gemstone  rap  for the benifit of any CIA or FBI or anyone who wandered  in 
for  a beer.   James McCord,  Martinez,  Bernard Barker,  Garcia and  Frank 
Sturgis showed up - along with a San Francisco dentist named Fuller.  James 
McCord  remarked:  "Sand and Arab oil with hydrogen heat makes glass  brick 
threat  of war to Arab nations".   The event,  like the other nightly raps, 
was taped by the Drift Inn bartender,  Al Stern,  who was paid to do so  by 
his old friend, Katherine Graham, but told his other friend, Roberts, about 
it.  The bar was also wired for sound by Arabs, Russians and Chinese.

January 27,  1972:   Liddy and Dean met in Mitchell's office,  with Liddy's 
charts for his $1 million "plan" for spying,  kidnapping,  etc.   The plans 
included breaking into Hank Greenspun's Las Vegas office safe,  in hopes of 
recovering  Greenspun's file:  on the Hughes kidnapping and Onassis's Vegas 
operations,  which Greenspun had successfully used to blackmail Onassis out 
of $4 million or so.   A "Hughes" get away plane would stand by to take the 
White House burglers to Mexico.

February,  1972:   Liddy and Hunt traveled around a lot, using "Hughes Tool 
Co." calling cards, and aliases from Hunt's spy novels.

Liddy,  Hunt and other Watergaters dropped by for a beer at the Drift  Inn, 
where  they  were photographed on bar stools for Katherine  Graham.   These 
photos were later used in the Washington Post,  when Liddy, Hunt and others 
were  arrested  at  Watergate because CIA men like Liddy  and  Hunt  aren't 
usually photographed.
     Roberts  quoted to Liddy "the Chinese stock market in cars" the  price 
on  Onassis's head by the ear in retaliation for a few things  Onassis  had 
done;  on  Wayne  Rector,  the  Hughes  double;  Eugene  Wyman,  California 
Democratic  Party  Chairman  and Mafia JFK pay off bagman;  and  on  Lyndon 
Johnson "four bodies twisting in the breeze".

     Robert's quoting prices to Liddy at the Drift Inn made their deaths  a 
mortal  cinch.   Liddy's  like that and that's why the murdering  slob  was 
picked by the Mafia.
     "Gemstones"  rolling around the Drift Inn in February inspired Liddy's 
Gemstone plan that became Watergate.

February,  1972:  Francis L. Dale, head of CREEP and ITT Board of Directors 
member, pushed Magruder to push Liddy into Watergate.
     In a Mafia-style effort to shut Roberts up, his father was murdered by 
"plumbers"  team members Liz Dale (Francic L.  Dale's  ex-wife),  Martinez, 
Gonzalez,  Barker; in Hahnemann's hospital, S.F. where Mr. Roberts had been 
take  after swallowing a sodium morphate "pill" slipped into  his  medicine 
bottle  at  home by Watergate locksmith (Miami's "Missing  Link"  locksmith 
shop)  Gonzales.   The pill didn't kill him.   He had a weak digestion  and 
vomitted enough of the sodium morphate up (it burned his lips and tongue on 
the  way  out)  but  he had emphyxema and went to  the  hospital.   In  the 
hospital,  "nurse"  Liz  Dale and "doctor" Martinez assisted him  to  sniff 
a  quadruple-strength can of aerosol medicine enough to kill him  the  next 
     The  day before,  Tisseront,  head of the College of Cardinals at  the 
Vatican,  was  pushed out of a Vatican window.   Tisseront had followed the 
career  of the present Pope,  Montini (whose mother was  Jewish).   Montini 
sodium-morphate  murdered Pope Pius XI;  was banished from Rome for  it  by 
Pius  XII;  became Pope in 1963.   Tisseront wrote it all down;  called the 
Pope "The Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz", and the fulfillment of the Fatima 
3  Phophecy:  that  "The anti-Christ shall rise to become the head  of  the 
Church".   Tisseront  also  wrote about all the suppressed secrets  of  the 
Roman Catholic Church: i.e. that Jesus Christ was an Arab, born April 16, 6 
B.C.  at  the  rare  conjunction of Saturn  and  Jupiter.   Arab  (Persian) 
astronomers  (the Magi) came to Bethlehem to look for their king,  an  Arab 
baby and found him in a stable,  because the Jews wouldn't let Arabs Joseph 
and Mary into their nice clean inns,  even then.  When Jesus overturned the 
tables of the money lenders at the Temple, the Jews had the Romans nail him 
to a cross.   He died on the cross when the Roman soldiers stuck a spear in 
his side,  pulled out his liver, and ate it.  Tacitus, the Roman historian, 
described it all in a chunk of history deleted by the Church.   Nero burned 
Rome  but that didn't stop the spreading of Moses' teachings by  the  early 
Christians, (Arabs).  So the Romans decided to adopt the religion, clean it 
up,  make Christ a Jew and Mary a virgin,  and work out a chruch state deal 
to  fool the people in the name of God and country that had been  operating 
ever  since.   Around  311  A.D.  at the Council of  Nicasa  the  Christian 
Orthodoxy  was established;  a dissenting bishop had his hands chopped off; 
another bishop was assigned to round up all the old copies of the Bible and 
destroy  them in favor of the "revised" de-Arabized  version.   Cleaned  up 
Mathew,  Mark  Luke  and John were declared "it",  the other  Gospels  were 
declared Apocryphal,  and heretical.   Roman Emperor Constantine became the 
first "Christian" emperor.
     Later  during  the  holy  crusades the Bible was  again  rewritten  to 
include Jesus' warning against the "yellow race".

"27 Gemstones,  with histories,  to 27 countries brought Red China into the 
U.N. and threw Taiwan out.

April,  1972:  Money pours into CREEP: "Gulf Resources and Chemicals Corp., 
Houston,  Texas"  countributes $100,000;  illegal laundered through Mexico, 
comes back through Liedtke of Pennzoil Corp.,  Houston.  Robert Vesco gives 
Maurice Stans $200,000 "campaign contributions",  etc.   Liddy gives McCord 
$76,000.  McCord buys $58,000 worth of bugging equipment, cameras, etc.